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  1. What should I use when converting a recipe if it calls for cake flour? Thanks!
  2. You can still have Chic Fil A...they have gluten-free choices
  3. cmom

    Benefits Of Living Gluten-Free

    Being able to go places where the bathroom is more than 7 ft away; enjoying life as a whole again without as much fear; using imodium rarely instead of daily; feeling good again (which I didn't for years); also learning how to cook in new ways. That's just the beginning....
  4. cmom

    Social Implications

    :ph34r:I also have those dreams where I eat a huge amount of gluten food (seem to forget about celiac at the time) and then realize in horror what I have done. What a relief to wake up!
  5. cmom

    Went To Emergency Room

    You are so lucky, not b/c of the ER trip, but b/c the dr was celiac savvy. Most of the doctors I have dealt with don't think gluten is the cause of anything unless it's strictly gastro. Even my gastro's office told me that sinus problems and/or headaches don't have anything to do with celiac.
  6. cmom

    Out Of Body Sensation

    Yes, Sue, the part about causing osteoporosis is true. I have confirmed osteopenia due to not absorbing calcium caused by damaged intestines. I have not had a recent bone scan, but hope that things have improved since being gluten-free.
  7. That's what I'm thinking, also.
  8. I understand all that, Peter. However, my gripe is that the Great Value labels have gone from gluten free to "may contain wheat, etc." On the canned and frozen products I have checked, it does not say "naturally gluten free" even. I often will try products that say "manufactured in a facility that also...." but will not consume those that say "may contain". Maybe it's the same thing, but I have stopped buying the products because of this change.
  9. cmom

    A Bit Stressed Today

    or....they might see how well you handle/assert yourself and how much self-control you have...could be a postive employee attribute
  10. I'm not sure what is going on with WalMart and its Great Value products. It was so nice when many of their products had the words "gluten free" on them. Now, however, the past few weeks I have noticed that the labels have been changed on virtually all of them. Now the statement says, "May contain wheat". I have found this on virtually everything from canned and frozen corn, potato chips, etc. I have yet to find a Great Value product that says gluten-free on it now. This may be a CYA statement, but is very frustrating!
  11. cmom

    Navigating The Holidays

    A friend of mine at work last week was excited about making a gluten-free carrot cake for me to share (she has made gluten-free dishes so I can partake before). She was telling me what she put in it (she likes to be sure). When she was listing the ingredients, one of them was barley. I had to tell her I couldn't eat it. She was so glad I did..she had totally forgotten that barley wasn't gluten-free. She said I'm so glad I didn't give you any! Now that's a caring person!
  12. Hope everyone had a great Turkey Day.....have been wondering...whatever happened to ReadingRacer22 and KaitiUSA? They crossed my mind for some reason and was just wondering if anyone knew.
  13. Wow, that is awesome! Not a chance of that happening where I am...they love their doughnuts...There are a couple of people who do try to see that I have something at a pitch-in though
  14. cmom

    Wild Dreams

    I have dreamed of eating a whole pizza or a hamburger with the bun and then realizing I shouldn't have and wondering how and when I am going to be sick. It is such a relief when I wake up and know that I really didn't do it!