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  1. So far it's just been a mere week that I have known about the celiac. I find it very triggering to have to restrict and I have worked hard to put some weight on and keep it on. Honestly, I'm afraid this might send me into a tailspin. But the more information I find on the subject the better I night be able to get a hold of this before it again gets out of control. Well, it already is out of control I guess - I just am too heavy and I think I need to lose weight. But I always think that. It's interesting to hear from other people as well.

  2. I think it is the other way around. Celiac can lead to anorexia.

    Probably so for most people, that's why I have found limited research on it. I can see how it could lead to anorexia because you are so limited and eating just isn't enjoyable if you are eating wheat products and doin't know you are allergic to them. I don't think my Celiac led to my anorexia though. Although I feel uncomfortable after eating, it is most psychological. There were some physical symptoms too, though, so it's possible either way I guess.

  3. Just wondering if anyone else is having the same experience. I have anorexia and celiac, and am wondering how the two might be related. Just wonder if the anorexia triggered the celiac, for instance. I'm sure they are related somehow, but I haven't seen much research on the topic. I have googled it and found some case studies. I started a gluten free diet in the past week and feel a lot better already. I can tell that I may have eaten something with gluten in it last night at a neighbor's house as I am having some symptoms this morning. It's amazing how much difference the diet mnakes! I was living on whey protein before I knew. No wonder I felt so bad all the time. My dad has it too, and I know it is hereditary. But maybe it was triggered by the ED?

  4. This happens to me ALL the time - my arm, leg, or even entire body will spasm. They have diagnosed it as restless legs syndrome, but now I am wondering if it might be celiac related. MAybe with the continuance of a gluten free diet I will see some changes. Since I was just diagnosed a week ago, it's too soon to tell. I tried ALL of the medicines for restless legs syndrome and none seemed to help at all. Probably because the underlying cause is the celiac. I'm glad I found this site.

  5. I went to a sleep therapy specialist MD who is very well known in the area here and very good. I went back in January. Just found out that I have Celiac as of a week ago. I think this may change the whole treatment plan. With my intestines being as damaged as they are, I am not properly absorbing medicine, along with the vitamin deficiencies. As they heal, I have a feeling my sleep problems may correct themselves. Which would be a miracle, because I have had these sleep disorders since I was 14. Also, I have had anorexia since I was 14. I bet there is some relation there too. I have tried every sleeping pill and restless leg syndrome pill that I know of, and they all help for maybe a night and then there is no more affect.

    I feel like they are ready to give up on me since we did the whole 24 hour sleep/nap study in January and weren't getting anywhere. I haven't talked to the doctor there yet about Celiac, but I will on Monday. I have been doing other things related to health, like telling my other doctors, nutritionist, therapist... I never knew why I wasn't absorbing medications and had to be on superhigh doses to even get a small affect. I'm sure that Celiac is why. As I heal, possibly I might be able to change some of the dosages of my drugs.

    Right now though I am reading this section and seeing that a lot of Celiacs have problems with sleep. I didn't know I was Celiac, so could not have known there was a connection. It makes sense though.

    Anyone have really SEVERE sleep problems who has noticed a huge change in their ability to sleep? I would love to hear some view points. Thanks!