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  1. I work in a high end hair salon and lots of our clients gave cookies or chocolates that were not safe. I just said thank you and smiled, then put out a plate of these goodies on the front counter for clients and staff alike. Everyone enjoyed them, moaned about how fat they were getting and enjoyed not having to worry about overeating them for the first time ever. I honestly did not feel cheated. When the few chocolates came in that were safe for me, the other girls I work with put them in the back and said, oh, we have to keep those for Sue....and didn't put them out for clients. So when I do want a sweet treat, there is something there for me. On Christmas eve, the boss ordered pizza for everyone....then realized, as he got me to make the call to order them, that I wouldn't be able to enjoy....asked if there was anything on their menu I could have and told me to order something for me as well.
  2. Thank you.....that's good to know. I've been drinking Second Cup, because they responded right away, but I prefer Timothys. Sue
  3. By flavoured coffee I don't mean those sweetened latte things....I'm talking a cup of regular black amaretto, or coconut....you know, regular coffee? I've written to them twice but not heard back. does anyone know if their flavoured coffees are safe?
  4. I suggested cooking at my place and having my family all come here, but I'm in a 2 bedroom apartment as opposed to my parent's house with a huge yard (and the weather was nice). I was also told theat they wouldn't want to eat me 'weird foods'. Ah well, I plan on doing the same thing at Christmas. Maybe if I do it often enough she'll realize I'm serious about it. After all, I'm the one who is going to end up suffering and in pain, so I don't see why it should have anything to do with my mother's happiness. I told her I was there to spend TIME with them, not to eat their food.
  5. Well, I posted in the Thanksgiving thread that I was just gonna bring my own food and try not to make a production about it, make sure I was first served so there would be no cross contamination.....well.... let's just say my mother didn't agree with me, and made sure to make a HUGE production out of it, rant about how hurt she was that I didn't trust her turkey (that was stuffed with bread stuffing but she assured me if I just ate the meat I'd be fine). I was ready to just walk out of there like I did on Canada Day when there was nothing safe for me to eat but the lettuce and potato chips, but my siblings told me to just enjoy my meal and let Mom be, obviously I couldn't please her. Last family gathering she got upset I wouldn't eat, this time I bring food to ensure I could eat along with everyone else and she still flipped. Ah well, now I only have to wait til Christmas to have another mom ordeal!
  6. I'm going to bring my own turkey breast and stuffing. I always do the cranberries anyway, and this year i've said I'll bring dessert, so I'm making a pumpkin swirl cheesecake. I figure there will be veggies to eat that are safe. I plan on bringing it straight to the kitchen and not even mentioning to anyone else that I'm doing it, my mum knows of course, but she's rather grateful after the Canada day fiasco where she bought all boxed meats and I couldn't have any of it so ended up going home rather hungry on nothing but lettuce and potato chips. I figure it's about the visiting, not the food. And I plan to enjoy myself.
  7. Thanks all for the ideas. I'm going to be in the neighbourhood of a different health food store today and will look there and see what they have. The ginger snaps are easy tofind, so if I can't get graham crackers I will use those. And yes, it IS a pumpkin cheesecake. LOL
  8. I'm supposed to be bringing a cheesecake to a Thanksgiving day celebration I'll be attending this coming weekend. I've gone over the recipe and realized it's all good and made with gluten-free ingredients with the exception of one important thing....the Graham cracker crust. Went to the health food store today to see if there was such a thing as a gluten-free graham cracker substitution and came up with a big nothing. So, now it leaves me with a dilema.....what ELSE can I use to make the crust. If I go with the graham cracker crust, then I'll be sitting there watching everyone else enjoy my cheesecake, except me!!! But there must be some kind of crust I can make???? HELP
  9. It's interesting this topic has come up. I just logged on to post a similar question. It's been about 2 weeks for me, my left knee has near doubled in size and walking is brutally painful. Doesn't help I have a job where I'm on my feet all day either. I'm pretty sure it's from a gluten exposure, I've never ever had knee problems in my life, I didn't have any trauma, but it started just as I was reacting with D from a gluten containing skin cream that I had been testing ... I wasn't aware it contained the gluten til I started getting sick, and within a day of coming off the cream, my knee started up. It's been 2 weeks now, and the other symptoms have gone away, but the knee just keeps on getting worse. So, If I'm not being exposed to the gluten any more, how long should I expect it to take til my swelling goes away and my knee goes back to normal? My regularly scheduled doctor's appointment is for the following week anyway, so if it doesn't go away on it's own, at least I can have her take a look.
  10. I got a HUGE container at my local health food store. It's EnerG brand and says its 227 g. considering most recipes only call for a small amount, I figure it should last a good long time.
  11. The creams I was using were facial skin moisturizer and an anti-wrinkle eye cream. If anyone has any suggestions it would be appreciated.
  12. Well I'm glad I didn't buy the $90 bottle then. And thank you all for your replies. This made me investigate a little further and I've also discovered my eye cream says 'wheat protein' in it's ingredient listing. Guess it's time to go shopping for a new beauty regime? I wonder if this is also why my knee has flared up this week as well.
  13. I've been suffering from gut issues all week. Bloated, crampy, and yes, the dreaded running to the bathroom WAY too often. Couldnt think of what might be causing it as I've not eaten any out of the ordinary foods lately, and everything has been prepared at home by me. Then this morning as I was getting ready for work and making sure to pack my Imodium, I realized I'd been sampling a new face cream....when I got to work I checked the ingredients list on this new cream, (I work in a salon and the sample was from our spa) and of course I discovered the cream contains oats and rye, so most likely gluten. Can what I'm putting on the outside be affecting my insides? I guess I'd just assumed it would make me itch or something?
  14. I was at Costco the other day and had to go thru about 4 different hot dog brands before finding one that didn't contain wheat as a filler. I don't know if this is just common in Canada, but I see more with then without.
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