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    I'm the "gluten free examiner Harrisburg". This is my page on examiner.com:
    Martial Arts: Kickboxing, Karate (Freestyle and Shotokan), Capoeira, Ju Jitsu
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I'm Stef, a German, who immigrated to the US end of 2003. I was diagnosed with celiac 07/21/2004, 5 days before my 28th birthday. I'm also an examiner (author) for gluten free in Harrisburg (PA) for examiner.com. This is my page: http://www.examiner.com/gluten-free-213-in-harrisburg/stephanie-gilbert . If you have a gluten free news story to make celiac or gluten free more public, let me know B)

  1. I mean, how do you proof, that there is pain with no or less than the limit antibodies?
  2. He can run a blood test. The kid would just be stung and go through the agony for nothing, cause he's not making enough antibodies. He hasn't done so the last two tests and neither did any of the other members of his family. It would just be the same old result to confirm the same result everyone...
  3. And how would I word that, when I call? "Can I schedule a consultation over the phone?" "Why do you need that?" "Cause I can't come to the actual appointment?" "Well, that's not our problem?"
  4. Dr. Fine's results are the only ones I have. Even though my son's doctor had slightly elevated blood tests done on him as a baby, apparently his doctor did not keep those, cause she didn't have it in her records, last time I asked. On top of what Dr. Fine found, I did all of my son's 4 diet challenges...
  5. I'm sorry, when I seem upset (and I am), but this entire thing seems so absurd and it IS. There is absolutely NO reason to go to a gastro without sub-qualifications to Pittsburgh, when we have at least a gazillion here.
  6. I've also received the note back from my boss this morning, that I won't get off under any circumstances, cause she doesn't have any additional drivers. I will notify HR and headquarters, but I doubt, that will help.
  7. I found everything out through a telephone call. And the doctor will receive copies of everything, including my phone number, my lawyers number, if I have to, and some other things I've written down. Let's just hope, she (it's a she) reads it thoroughly before the appointment, cause some doctors...
  8. Thanks for your concern. I AM very anxious. Anxiety is a by-product of the gluten inheritance line in our family. We all have that. My son is only 8 year old and I'm afraid, that his dad will keep talking over him and won't let him finish talking to the doctor, because he did that with me, as well...
  9. Also as a school bus driver I could go in the summer vacation, but don't want to wait that long, cause my son is in pain.
  10. So I went to google maps... the Children's Hospital of Philly is about 2 hours and 6 minutes from us. That would probably even be doable, if we get an appointment between 10am and 11.30am and it's guaranteed, that we're done till 11.30am and there's zero traffic jam. But hey... it's Philly, lol....
  11. While Philly is closer, I will not be able to make it there either, because they always have bad, bad traffic jams and I can't risk losing my job. I went to my boss today to let her know, what's going on. Despite my best efforts I will not be able to get off. The one in Maryland is the closest. I...
  12. So you think, I should just make an appointment there at the center in Maryland with any of his other team members? Or just an appointment and see, who we get? Also, while my ex got back to me with a time and date and which hospital, he did NOT specify the name of the doctor, as well as the address...
  13. I went over the first link you presented. I liked, what Dr. Fasano had to say, but I'm ESPECIALLY interested in what Dr. Marsh had to say. I will surely print that out. I know, Dr. Fasano is one of the celiac disease specialists, that is regarded as one of the #1's here in the US, possibly in the...
  14. I didn't know about the IgP tests. I think, the only thing, that was done on me in 2004 and on my son in 2009 was the Tissue Transglutaminase and the Gliadin, but I could be wrong. It's been so long. Well, me for my part, I am NOT going through the agony and being exposed to gluten again, because...
  15. Also I wanted to say, I'm aware of the prevalence in relatives. That's why I wrote down all of my relatives, who are/were affected. I also have to say, that my entire family apparently can not produce enough anti-bodies. My mother went through the blood test numerous times and I think, she had 5...