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  1. So how long did it take for your thyroid to start functioning well enough for you to start functioning?? I am not functioning well at all right now and would soooo love to know that this was a temporary thing. Also as I said my Dr seems to be baffled about how to fix my thyroid if airborne gluten keeps impacting it so are you saying after a while your body stopped attacking it because of airborne gluten?? I am desperate for help right now but don't know who exactly can help me since my Dr seems shocked by my degree of sensitivity.
  2. Butterfl8, I just saw this post and realize it is a month old but wanted to tell you I am having the same kind of issue. If I am exposed to airborne gluten I have serious neurological issues and severe fatigue then the neuro symptoms pass after a few hours but I am left with severe fatigue and the next day I have severe hypothyroid type symptoms. I am beginning to suspect that an airborne exposure is causing my body to start attacking my thyroid now. My Dr is baffled but we cannot seem to regulate my thyroid and it is making me nuts!!
  3. I will be checking this out today!! What a great tip!!!
  4. Thank you all for the tips, advice and encouragement. I tried to find a shelter when I left him last week but all the shelters in florida are communal environments and because of my airborne issue I would be too sick to function in that setting so in effect the only safe place for me is my own home from a gluten perspective. I talked to several shelters all over the state and they really just couldn't accommodate my issues. So frustrating. So I had to come back home and act like everything is ok. I spoke with my Dr today and she is writing a letter for me and one for my son that speaks to our issues. Hopefully this letter is enough to get my husband to drop his insistence that this is not a real disease. He would then have to pay for a Dr who would dispute my Dr's findings and I don't think he wants to take it that far. He has done a pretty good job of poisoning the water with his family by telling them all along that this is my newest so-called medical issue. (I have been asking Drs to help me figure out what was wrong with me for 10 years and they all kept saying it was in my head and it appears my husband believed them all along and not me) Does anyone have tips or tricks for filing for disability. I think that really is an option for me considering my severe reactions but I would rather be able to make a good living if I can find a company who will work with my issues. But for right now I need to consider all my options and get things in the works since either getting approved for disability or finding a job will take a long time.
  5. Ravenwoodglass We are in a bit of the same boat. My husband has decided that this whole celiac thing is all in my head and there is nothing wrong with me or with my 3 yr old son who has been diagnosed as well. Yes, we were both diagnosed thru blood tests and he asserts that I interpreted the results the way I wanted and so did my Dr. He has made several statements in the last few months like a little bit won't hurt him and why do we have to worry about milk?(he has an autoimmune reaction to casein as well) And it has left me feeling like I just can't trust him to keep either of us safe. And as sensitive as I am he refuses to adhere to my no gluten zone for our home which I feel like is the only safe place for me in this world at times. He has become increasingly volatile and we had a tremendous argument last week where he swore he would prove I was crrazy and take my son from me. So I have spoken to a lawyer and am proceeding with the divorce paperwork. So great for me but what the heck am I going to do to support my son?! I really appreciate your tips and ideas and those are exactly the kind of ideas I was looking for. And I welcome any more ideas that others may have as well. And to the other who have responded, thank you for assuring me that so many others have severe reactions too. Maybe not exactly the same but that at least I know there are others who are just as sensitive.
  6. So I am super sensitive and in fact have severe neurological symptoms if I inhale gluten. I know some of you have mentioned you have had similar reactions from inhaled gluten and I need to know does it get better after you heal? Will I always react so severely and to nothing at all? I find myself in a position that I need to go back to work but I really can't be in an office setting so I am wondering how I could get a potential employer to make accommodations for me to be a virtual employee and what I should say about whether this is permanent or something that might get better over time? I was diagnosed 1 1/2 years ago and finally following an even stricter version of SCD I am beginning to feel good again and finally able to function. But my world is still pretty limited because anywhere I go in public I have to be careful of gluten and I first get a blinding headache that tells me I am being exposed and must leave immediately. If I leave the area my head begins to clear but if I linger too long I become very ill. Before anyone replies that inhaling gluten can't possibly cause these symptoms please restrain yourself. Not believing my reaction does not add any value to my question or my situation. And I am glad for those of you who can't imagine this reaction because it means you don't have this kind of an issue. I want to hear from the folks who also have issues with inhaled gluten causing severe neurological issues like blinding headache, problems with cognition, memory, language then motor skills culminating in an overwhelming need to sleep as if drugged (and GI symptoms set in within 12-24 hrs). And I guess I need some tips on how I can live with this type of reaction and still make a living for my son and I.
  7. labbott

    B12 And Celiacs

    yes, b12 deficiency is very common for us. I had to take sublingual methlycobalamin in order to get my levels up. Just taking sublingual cyanocobalmin didn't help me.
  8. labbott

    When Will I Feel Better?

    I doubt this will make you feel any better but I have been at this gluten-free diet for 5 months and am still sick. I have a few good days now and again though so I suppose that is progress. The first 3 weeks of gluten-free I felt like a million bucks then all of a sudden I was very sick. My hubby says if you have a problem with wheat and you remove it shouldn't you be getting better not worse. Nobody else really gets it. Apparently for many of us once we go gluten-free we end up with leaky gut. In basic terms there are gates in our intestines that determine what nutrients go into the bloodstream and also keeps toxins and (Bad) bacteria in the intestines to remove as waste. After we go gluten-free those gates stop working. And everything hits our bloodstream. Soy, dairy, eggs, corn, oranges, shellfish, peanuts are the other big allergens and when those things hit our bloodstream our bodies react and makes us sick. So that is why so many of us have to give up all of these things after being gluten-free for a while. And most of us also have a dairy intolerance as someone else explained because of the damage in our intestines. Not everyone gets leaky gut so don't despair but do start keeping a journal of what you are eating and how you feel 30 mins after the meal. If you find you are reacting to something, remove it. I know. Going gluten-free is hard enough so removing all this other stuff is too much to ask. But I finally realized if I want to feel better I have to give my body only what makes it feel good-fruits, vegetables, meats, legumes and rice. Some people can't eat the legumes and rice. And some people can't eat tomatoes, peppers or squash either. So I just better be thankful for the things I can still stomach!! Some things to double check- do others in your house eat gluten? Even a crumb on the counter can make you sick. Do you have animals? If they eat food with gluten then lick you or lick themselve then rub on your couch then for some people having it touch their skin is enough to make them sick. My dog had to go gluten-free too. My husband was beside himself over that one. But my dog has lost 10lbs and is acting like a puppy again and she had been acting old and frail. Check and recheck your supplements. Many contain soy and dairy. One of mine had orange flavoring too. So look for gluten but also start looking at the other things that may cause you to have problems too. There are threads under other related disorders on leaky gut. I am still a novice but many others really have the details you may need. Hang in there. You aren't the only one struggling. That is why most of us are here. Our gluten-free lifestyles are challenging and we need others to talk to about the struggles we each face.
  9. labbott

    I Work In A Bakery

    Bakingbarb, I think it is great you are still able to bake gluten items for friends and family. Most people wouldn't dream of it for fear of cross contamination. I personally am newly diagnosed and am EXTREMELY sensitive to gluten right now. One of threads on the forum talked about how sensitive some people are and one woman said she can't walk down the bread aisle without getting a headache. Being so new to all this I thought well that is just ridiculous but it turns out she wasn't ridiculous at all. If my husband even opens a loaf of wheat bread with me in the room I get a screaming headache. I went to visit a friend and she fed her kids gluten waffles and I ended up with a migraine and I am not prone to migraines. So I tested this and turns out I get a head ache in the bread aisle now too. Holy cow!! Using expletives just thinking about it. So from what I have gleaned from some of the other threads on the subject of sensitivity is while you are newly healing you may be EXTREMELY sensitive. And yes, airborne wheat can make you sick and wheat dust can stay in the air for up to 2 days. Complete healing can take 1-2 years at which point I may not be so sensitive. And I have to believe it will get better. I can't go visit friends or family right now because I just get sick being anywhere near gluten. So to Lori I think you do need to protect yourself at the very least. Even if you aren't experiencing symptoms you still may be ingesting wheat and damaging your intestines. When I first went gluten-free I was still able to cook gluten foods for my husband but after about 2 months I would just feel awful even if I touched a piece of bread then at about 4 months I noticed how severe my reaction was just being in the room with a bag of bread. So be on the lookout for your reaction to gluten to change the further you get down the gluten-free path. I would protect yourself for now. And if you are really sure you have a problem with gluten you may need to look at adding some gluten-free items to your bakery. You would have to learn all about cross-contamination and how to avoid it but that would allow you to stay involved in the day to day and not have to revamp your whole business and still keep yourself healthy. There is a bakery in Tampa that manages both gluten and gluten-free breads and the celiacs I have talked to all say it is safe and they have never had a problem so I know it is possible to make both types in one location. It would allow you to test your market then too to see what the demand would be in your area. Check with all the health food stores in your area and I bet they would love to have fresh gluten-free bread to sell. Even if they have to keep it in their freezer it is still fresh and locally made. And most autism families are Gluten-free Casein-free now too so the number of american families who are striving to be gluten-free is on the rise. Good luck to you Lori. I have a headache just thinking about your job!
  10. I had major health issues and was finally dxd with celiacs. After I was laid off I had to find my own insurance and was also denied coverage because of my history. (of course if the stupid Drs had listened to me we could have avoided my whole history but whatever) Anyhoo, it is standard to deny coverage with anyone who looks like they are high risk. But if you have had continuous coverage they have to offer you a high risk policy. They don't volunteer that info though. You have to ask for it. Even though they are required by law to offer it they won't tell you about it unless you ask. Contact your state's insurance regluation group and they can tell you what you need to know so you can talk inteligently with the insurance company. Then when they tell you to fill out apps and they will review you have to follow up with them. Every day. There is a time limit of I think 45 days. So if you go more than 45 days without coverage then they don't have to offer you a policy. The insurance industry is criminal.
  11. Yes the hernias can definitely be related to celiacs. If you have undiagnosed celiacs and you are eating gluten your intestines become inflamed and distended. Add to that the nutritional deficiencies that can cause muscle weakness and our intestines are literally like a folded up balloon looking for any weakness to just pop out of. So it is definitely related. I have had really serious problems with hernias as well. They can't use mesh in me because my body overreacted to the mesh and I ended up with a nasty infection inside my abdomen. What a mess! But it sounds like your body is ok with the mesh so be thankful for that at least right?!