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  1. mindwiped

    Kitty Litter?

    Oh, I know they all track some, but when the litter bits are a full 20 feet away, past the litter mats I have to help stop tracking, it bothers me some. Thanks for your recommendation, I've seen the info about it, but it's always good to ask someone else who actually has cats about what they use.
  2. Does anyone here know of a natural (I really don't care for clay) clumping litter that's gluten-free? OK, I know that S'wheat's scoop is out, for obvious reasons, and my kitties really don't like the pine litters (like Feline Pine). I'm currently trying Arm and Hammer's corn based more natural litter, but idk if it's the right choice for my house. It seems to track a lot and the clumping isn't very firm. I have four indoor only kitties, and everyone is happier with clumping litter, the other stuff frustrated all of us, and the odor control was nonexistent. Sorry if this seems to ramble, I'm struggling with a migraine, and I know not everything I'm saying verbally isn't always clear, let alone what I'm typing. Thanks for your ideas!
  3. I saw the Asian chicken recipe, but I figured it was normally gluten-free, and didn't realize until now that this was a reformulation. It could be a good thing, but since Mrs. Leeper's seems so incredibly salty, IDK how I'll do with Hamburger Helper again
  4. Somewhat similar to a scone, but they tend to be only savory, not sweet. If you're still curious, google "Southern Buttermilk Biscuit" and see what you think, realizing that this is the gluten version.
  5. As long as you check the herbal teas for gluteny ingredients, they should be gluten-free and caffeine free. I know celestial seasonings is great about marking the boxes gluten-free when the blend is safe. Peppermint tea, fruity herbal teas, I've found them very yummy.
  6. mindwiped

    Advice On Cruising?

    Dh and I did Norwegian Cruise Line this summer and we both did fine. I'm off dairy and he's gluten-free, so when we'd go and sit at the nice sit down restaurant for dinner the matire d would bring out the next day's menu for lunch and dinner and we'd order both then, so they had plenty of time to fix them and substitute if needed. We didn't do the buffet line much except breakfasts the first and last day, but we made it the entire week without dh getting sick. Just make sure to call and confirm that they know they're getting a traveler with multiple food allergies, and if needed, bring up the previous trip so that they understand how serious this is. And if you resort to your epi pen, I'd be screaming for the cruise line to fly me home on their dime, due to them poisoning you
  7. It's been awhile, wanted to see if I'd helped and if you'd gotten your question answered.
  8. You could also ask for a wine spritzer. Here in the states they mix wine and club soda to make a fizzy, low alcohol, drink that sounds a lot like the wine cooler you were asking for. Just be prepared to answer white or red.
  9. Check your Tums...there was one type we'd had in the house that had wheat in it. I hope it's not the type you're taking.
  10. You might list a location. As far as I know, there are no RX gluten-free items in the US, but many British and Australian celiacs do receive them. Hopefully the site will show, but here is a web page of British celiac's and they would have more info about prescriptions: http://members2.boardhost.com/glutenfree/
  11. As I understand it, you have symptoms due to the damage that gluten causes you. Intestinal villi and damaged nerve endings do not heal as quickly as your system vacates the gluten. Also, someone on here once posted about the psychological addiction that one can have to gluten. Personally, eating out at lunch would be given up, as even when they act like they understand, they don't always. Give yourself a month or two truly gluten free, without eating out, and see if things are improving. The neuro symptoms won't be perfect, as it takes a LONG time for nerves to heal, if they can at all, but a solid month should allow your intestinal villi to heal, and the GI symptoms to subside some. Also, if you're now to the disease, you might try lo/no dairy. The part of the villi that absorb dairy is the part that gluten destroys, so if it can't get digested, sometimes the dairy just causes trouble. Also, write down exactly what all symptoms you are struggling with, in as much detail as you can, and review the list in a month. If there are things that were on the list that are no longer giving you trouble, there's a visible sign of healing.
  12. I'm not the OP, but my DH LOVES these cinnamon rolls! He's told me they're the closest thing to gluteny cinnamon rolls he's tasted since going on the diet. HTH
  13. Truthfully the numbers I've always been told to watch the closest are the TSH #'s. The 'normal' rage they have listed is outdated, the newest range says that normal should be between 0.3 and 3.0, which both of your TSH #'s were. The fact that your regular body temp went up while gluten-free is a good sign! That means that you maybe self correcting with the gluten-free diet. I found a very technical link, published by doctors, that has good info if you need to take some with you to your next appt. Hypothyroid eMedicine
  14. mindwiped


    If they're plain pure pistachios, yes. Be sure to read the label, some nut packagers use flour for some stupid reason on the line. Usually the salted roasted ones that are still in the shell are OK, but always check, just in case.
  15. mindwiped

    Embarrassing Question

    I hate to throw another autoimmune condition at you, but your bloodwork and cysts sound like PCOS. You might read up about it, and see what your doctor thinks. This wouldn't rule out celiacs, but a lot of cysters also have trouble with carbs and grains, and a low card diet helps treat the symptoms of PCOS. A good site is soulcysters(dot)net. I wrote it out so that the spam warning bot won't take the site away. Good Luck!