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  1. I spoke with a Director of Compliance at Bush Bros and he did guarantee me that all Bush's best flavors other than the Chili line is gluten free. He said his MFS is corn based. What a relief. Fair is fair so I felt very compelled to make this update and happily admit that I was wrong. I can...
  2. WHAT!? You have to be kidding! Modified Food Stach = FLOUR (as in wheat). I have heard about wheat being a "top 8 allergen" and some legal requirements to list allergens (as of recent legislation) but I have been warned that "modified food starch," at least as of now, meets that requirement because...
  3. I got the exact same, verbatim response from a Ms. Kenna Hess, Customer Relations Coordinator in June 2008. Now go read the labels of Bush's Best Honey flavored beans along with the Boston Baked Beans flavor. You'll clearly note MODIFIED FOOD STARCH (not corn starch) as an ingredient. No corn...
  4. Yeah, does anyone have an answer??? I googled with no luck.
  5. Peter, When was your last EDG? Are you going by reactions alone? My goal, in this topic, is to learn what I can on my above noted products. Talking anything legal is like a virus in itself. I'll only say that guarantee or not, if their labels don't disclose gluten containing ingredients...
  6. I elected to give Kraft a chance becasuse they will state, in writing, that if their products contain a gluten source (wheat, rye, etc.), it will be clearly labeled on the product. Now, if they got with their attorneys and found that it's safe for them to work around stating "GLUTEN-FREE" and not...
  7. I'm trying to get confirmation on the following products: 1. Old El Paso Stand 'n Stuff Corn Taco Shells (contains hydrogenated oils), 2. Isopure Zero Carb protein powders (manufactured in a facility that processes wheat. Anyone use this stuff?) 3. Vitamin World brand vitamins (These...