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Diag 3/2008 via blood work and positive biopsy

  1. Yes, let us know. Do you like Maudie's? I was in Austin a couple of years ago and ate there a few times. They have gluten-free chips that come in a sealed bag so no chance of cc.
  2. Can anyone recommend a gluten free lip balm with a physical sunscreen? Also, a physical sunscreen for the face for dry skin? Thanks Jenny
  3. I've also heard it could be because of the thyroid. If you decide to get checked, ask them to check the Free T4 and Free T3 instead of just a TSH. For me, my TSH was slightly elevated, but my T3 was really low and the T4 low as well. Some doctors will only check your TSH level which doesn't...
  4. I think everyone is going to react differently. I will not eat anything that says made on shared equipment with wheat. I will eat if it says made in a facility that also processes wheat. It's a personal choice.
  5. I don't believe Corn Chex is gluten free. Rice Chex is. Make sure to check the box as it will actually say gluten free on it. I eat Cocoa Pebbles too. Fruity Pebbles are also gluten free. There are about 3 different EnviroKids cereals that are gluten free. Do you like beans? Most of...