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  1. So, I am surprised - today is DAY #1 Gluten Free, and up until dinner I had done pretty simple stuff - just your everyday regular gluten-free stuff, but by early evening I was starving because I ate significantly less b/c of the less-than-gluten-free-friendly environment I was in. So, I stopped at Kroger (who now has a pretty nice "market" section that contains gluten free, wheat free, and organic type foods) ~ and ofcourse, the un-glutened o'natural veggies and chicken found at any grocery store :)

    So I got creative - and made pasta and topped with chicken, fresh grilled veggies, and diced tomatoes with the juice (because I wasn't quite sure what else I could use to give it moisture) - then I topped it with some Cavenders seasoning (which is Gluten FREE - I was a bit thrown off by an ingredient called "Glutamate" ~ which is actually an amino acid, and unrelated to Gluten.)

    We'll call my concoction

    Jessica's gluten-free Special #1 (HAHA)

    Ancient Harvest Quinoa Gluten Free Pasta

    1 Chicken Kabob (Chicken Chunks, Yellow Pepper, Green Pepper Onion, & Tomato)

    Fresh Green Beans, Seasoned (cut into halves)

    1 small can chunk tomatos (with the juice)

    Cavenders Greek Seasoning to Taste

    1 TBS Olive Oil


    Put oil in pan, heat, and add chicken kabob ingredients and fresh green bean halves - cook thoroughly, then add chunk tomato/juice and simmer

    In seperate pot, boil water and add pasta - cook 6 to 9 minutes

    Drain pasta. Serve simmered ingredients over the pasta (top with Cavender's greek seasoning) :)

    Ok, so I am sure there is much I can do to improve this - because the pasta itself lacked flavor, but that's okay... all in all it was pretty good !!

  2. (( Hugs )) As you know, I'm in the same boat, so much support to you!

    Something else I forgot to mention is, that I personally have had great diagnostic results with is muscle testing through a naturopathic doctor. I have considered going back - but finances do not allow for that at the moment (I dont know of any alternative type medicine that is covered under insurance, especially Medicare - which is what i have.)

    Anyway, I used to see a naturopath about a year and a half ago, and I did general health testing (the one that I could afford, LoL!) and she mentioned several health ailments that I tested positive for, one of which was intestinal parisitism. Well, fast forward 1.5 years, and lo and behold I end up having intestinal parasites (that took all that time to actually, umm, show up) - crazy huh?

    There are several other things that swayed me into understanding the truth behind muscle testing - and while I can't say I am 100% faithful to it's accuracy, I also can say that any skepticism I had before has seriously been thwarted.

    With that being said, if it were me - you know what I'd do (considering we just talked on PM, LOL) ;)

    Hang in there, hon!

  3. So, I have been so hesitantabout going gluten free. I joined this forum a while ago, and have a plethora of diagnoses which include Diabetes II,Hashimotos,IBS,GERD,Dysphagia,Restless Leg Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, and the list goes on; I have tested positive for food sensitivity to Whole Milk, Egg, Wheat (non-glutenated), Soy, Yeast, Cocoa Bean, Mixed Nuts, & Shellfish.

    I had a colonoscopy over a week ago, and and my biopsies came back okay (which it's my understanding that doesn't mean much in ways of gluten intolerance.)

    Up until recently, I have been feeling so sick - not only GI wise, but many symptoms from which I am told stem from the autoimmune disorder(s) I have been diagnosed with. I am also told they will "even-out" once I get my thyroid under control, and if they don't, then they have to explore the other conditions such as Fibromyalgia, CFIDS, or Dysautonomia - medical mumbo jumbo if you ask me ~ I don't care what I have, I do care how I feel though!

    It goes without saying that feeling poorly physically, has certainly contributed to my feeling poorly emotionally, and I have been depressed. Now that I feel a bit better, I also feel a bit more about taking care of myself better (it could have to do with the fact that I have some energy back and I do not hurt so bad I'm confined to the couch.)

    So this morning I woke up, and decided today I was going to go Gluten Free, to see if I feel any better. I have heard so many positive things, and if anything it can't hurt me ... So why am I being so stubborn? I have been fighting it for a while now, but literally woke up this morning and said "why not?," and... so far, I have been successfully gluten free (and it's almost 5pm) - okay, so maybe that's not all that much to be gung ho about, but it makes me proud nonetheless. Ask me again in a few days, and I may feel differently :P

    I am also almost done with the book "Living Gluten Free For Dummies" by Danna Korn, and I have to say that it has been my personal cheerleader, and an excellent read on "gluten freedom," as Ms. Korn calls it (I highly suggest it!)

    So, here's to DAY #1 of being gluten-free .....

  4. I completely relate! I am not officially diagnosed with gluten intolerance, but I do have other food sensitivities and I have an autoimmune disorder that often goes hand in hand with Celiac/Gluten Sensitivity. Even being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, my diagnosis (medical) is not well supported, and is kind of poo-poo'd.

    I have not yet gone gluten free, and I totally understand the insecurity you talk about on this thread. For me, personally, I have a very big issue stemming from my past with being referred to as "dramatic," or somehow invalidated - especially by my parents - so the idea of feeling secure with self-diagnosing is, quite anxiety provoking :rolleyes:

    You are definitely not alone in your worries, and while I agree with what everyone else has said and have no real advice per se, to offer you, I can offer you my empathy and support.

  5. Hey Everyone, ok so I am a bit confused ! So I did a food sensitivity test that tested positive for the following IgG antibodies/food sensitivities: High Sensitivity to Whole Milk & Whole Eggs; Medium Sensitivity to Wheat (non-gluten) & Cocoa Bean; and Slight Intolerance to Gluten, Rice, Shell Fish, Nut mix, Soya Bean, & Yeast. So, What does this mean? Does that mean I shouldn't eat these things? Also, What is the difference between "allergy" and "sensitivity" ?

    I have also been hearing a lot about "leaky gut" syndrome. What is it, and is it common? The symptoms are so many of the symptoms that I have, but then again those symptoms are common to MANY things :blink:

    Is this something that a colonoscopy and biopsy would pick up on? (I had a colonoscopy the other day, and they did 3 biopsies)

    Thanks, guys :)

  6. Omg, LOL - that was great :D

    I had a colonoscopy on Tuesday, so that definitely gave me a good laugh. Unfortunately I had to do a few enema's(and didn't get to drink anything, which I would have rathered!) and they didn't give me enough of the verced (the twilight anesthesia) because I rememberparts of the procedure (soooo UNcool) but they did hook me up with a good cocktail, so I was feeling pretty good :rolleyes:

    p.s. JNBunnie1, I hear you about watching it on the screen, that part was kind of cool :P

  7. Teens can be cruel ! I am sorry for the comments, but really there are a few things to keep in mind.

    A) Eating disorders tend to be glamourized, so it's only natural for the society in which we live (unforunately) to making assumptions, especially for teenagers

    B) You can educate your friends about what eating disorders REALLY are, and what they are NOT (the facts/myths)

    C) You can also educate your friends, if you choose, about being Celiac or having food intolerances

    D) Lastly, you can just set a boundary, stand up and say you would appreciate it if they don't make those comments, because you are not Anorexic.

    Hang in there, I know that teens can be cruel ((Hugs))

  8. Hello, you sound similar to me and several others who have found our way to this board :rolleyes:

    I too have autoimmune issues: diagnosed with Hashimotos and possible Fibromyalgia (and still undergoing treatment/diagnoses)

    I have gone through the ringer with doctors for a couple of years now (and doctors not knowing about this disorder or that disease...)

    I so empathize with what you are going through, it certainly doesn't help when doctors bounce you around, yet you're the one who has to "live" [or try to] a normal functioning life (( Hugs ))

    Hang in there, so far this board has indeed been a lifesaver :)

  9. No, I haven't, but I'm very curious about this test. Where did you find it, and is it terribly expensive? (And do you think it is accurate?)

    I can see having varying degrees of reactivity to something, like some people are mildly allergic to nuts, and others have anaphylactic reactions. It's quite different from being pregnant!

    LoL, I was speaking metaphorically about the pregnancy thing (and not literally) :P

    As for the home IgG sensitivity test - I am not entirely sure what I think about it. I haven't paid enough attention to any patterns I've had (i.e., reactions) to each food; but I can say that I eat many of those foods, and the fact that I feel crappy most of the time, may be a little bit more than a coincidence. Oh, the place I ordered the test at was


    My gut (no pun intended) tells me that it is reliable, but then again, I can't say either way for sure. All I know is that, so far this has given me some answers that I have not been able to get up to this point. So I was curious as to what others thought :)

  10. I ordered a home IgG food Intolerance kit from a medical/home-health supplier, and I was shocked at the results. If I could I'd get the one that tested for more intolerances, but it was too $$$

    Anyway, the test I got tested for 21 foods: Gluten, Wheat (excluding Gluten), Oat (excluding Gluten), Rice, Whole Milk, Whole Egg, Shell Fish Mix (Shrimp, Crab, Prawn, Lobster, Muscle) Nut mix (Almond, Cashew, Hazelnut, Peanut) Soya Bean, Cocoa Bean, Mushroom, Yeast, Chicken, & Beef

    My results showed I had a High Intolerance to: Whole Milk & Whole Egg

    a Medium Intolerance:

    Cocoa Bean, Wheat (Non-Gluten)

    and a Slight Intolerance to:

    Gluten, Rice, Shell Fish, Nut mix, Soya Bean, Yeast

    I wonder though, is there a such thing as a "slight" intolerance? I mean, it's read by how dark/light the blue dot is, and if there is no blue dot, then there's no intolerance. That kind of sounds like how pregnancy tests are done - yet there is no "slightly" pregnant, lol :unsure:

    What are your thoughts? Have any of you ever taken one of these tests?

  11. Hey Everyone, so I had the procedure yesterday. They ended up doing a Colonoscopy instead of a Sigmoidoscopy, and they took biopsies of 3 areas. The doc said that everything appeared normal' but they wanted to do the biopsies to be sure. I feel pretty cruddy today now that the med cocktail they gave me, has worn off :(

    They said they results should be back in about a week.

    So, that's that ..

    Just wanted to update ;)

  12. I have the major itchies :blink:

    I have never had acne, and have always had good skin, but over the last year and a half or so, my skin has become a canvas of itchy, rash, small red pin size dots, or clear looking splotches that kind of look like dried glue in "dot" formation (haha if that makes any sense whatsoever!) Sometimes I itch so bad my skin peels off, or I get these horrible callous/scabby looking things on my fingers. Sometimes when I stop itching enough and my skin begins to clear up, the remnants are bluish/purple looking bruises, almost.

    Not sure if that is any help to you, but I wanted to atleast reply because I empathize!

  13. dLife recently had an article regarding Diabetes and Celiac. In the article it talked about the Gluten Free Restaurant Awareness Program. You can check out the what places offer gluten free dining in your area by typing in your zip code.

    There is also a brochure for restaurant owners, to make them more aware of the needs of gluten free choices. This is from GIG.

    Check out the website:



    Wow, very cool ! Thanks B)

  14. I definitely relate! I am not yet diagnosed, but am fairly certain I have sensitivity to Gluten (I do struggle with B)autoimmune disorders); Although I am not diagnosed gluten sensitive/celiac, nor have I ceased eating gluten, I can say that I have adapted the "well lets wait and see if I really NEED to stop eating Gluten" ~ and I find myself eating it "in the meantime" mostly out of comfort/depression, etc. (which actually is probably fueling the very problem in the first place!)

    I hear you, you are certainly not alone, hang in there!

  15. hi out there,

    I am a 26 year old female and i was just diagnosed with Celiac...I have been spending the week mourning the loss of cake and Chinese food, but really happy they finally figured out what was wrong with me. From reading so many of your posts it sounds like it was a long journey for most to finally figure out what was wrong as well. Anyways, as a new Celiac I was just hoping someone could tell me it gets easier to read food labels, and gets easier to figure out what I can and cannot eat. I am feeling SOOO overwhelmed at the moment and feel like I have so much to learn, and if I dont learn it fast I keep feeling bad. Anyways, how long does it take to really feel like you have a good grasp of what to eat, and it becomes almost second nature?

    Hello! I hear you about feeling overwhelmed [and I haven't even been diagnosed yet!]

    I am glad that found a diagnosis for you, and something that IS soooo manageable. Although an adjustment for sure, it's definitely doable :P

    I too want to second the book "Living Gluten Free For Dummies" by Danna Korn, as well as her other book "Wheat Free, Worry Free: The Art of Happy Healthy Gluten Free Living" - her website is http://www.glutenfreedom.net/

    Hang in there, this board will certainly help :)

  16. I just called the manager at Central Market to see if they would order the Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips, which even Whole Foods does not carry, here. He said that two weeks ago they expanded their gluten free selection of foods & created an 8 foot section of wheat free & gluten free foods!!!!! OMG, how exciting.

    I have not been in the store in about a month!!! It is all I can do to not drive over there this afternoon! :blink:

    He said that he would have the Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips for me by Friday!!!!

    Have I died & gone to Heaven???????

    Anybody else seeing changes in your area grocery stores????

    That's awesome! Do you know of anything on the far NW side of houston? Unfortunately Central Market is quite far from me *bleh*

    I am in Tomball/Spring/Klein/Woodlands-ish area :)

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