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  1. ** Follow Up **

    In case there was anyone who was following this thread (I'm not saying that there definitely was, haha), my doc put me on a corticosteroid nasal spray (Flonase), and I bought over-the-counter Mucinex and nasal saline spray. I'm not cured, but it does seem slowly but surely that I'm getting better. I'm still congested and have a bit of the runny nose, but it's not nearly as bothersome as it was before (able to breathe again while I'm eating, my voice sounds almost normal again, don't have as difficult of a time breathing thru my nose). Doctor said that I didn't have an infection but something known as "vasomotor rhinitis." Not sure how common this is in Celiac, but if you're having these s/x than I would suggest trying what I have if it's suitable for you.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. I'll chime in here too - definite sinus issues with gluten & dairy.

    Sometimes I feel like I'm wearing a lone ranger mask - a little too tight. I get puffy & dark under my eyes and I swear the vision in my right eye is affected (maybe just makes my astigmatism worse). I get wicked sinus headaches on gluten - sometimes so bad Tylenol is useless, only advil gets it (and that's hard on my stomach).

    It is a rarer celiac symptom but I have come across others that have it.

    I'm sorry about all the sinus pressure and headaches you experience. I tend to get a lot of headaches too, but I don't think it's related to my sinuses; its mostly in the frontal area of my forehead. Just usually a lot of throbbing, pain, and/or pressure. I could even deal with mild congestion if the runny nose wasn't so bad. I count my blessings that I miss out on most of the classical stomach symptoms with Celiac, but I really hate these symptoms too.

  3. If condition is related to your gluten intollerance and if you remain gluten-free it will go away. You may have a seasonal alergy as well. Good luck!

    I've never had allergies, and really am hoping that there's just something I'm missing when I eat certain foods. I'm going to start a food diary; i.e., list all ingredients, list how I've felt after eating, etc. The antibiotics are finally starting to kick in, but nothing has completely gone away.

    Thanks so much for your help :-)

  4. I have this and have been diagnosed by an ENT as having chronic allergic rhinitis. I don't believe that it's a symptom of Celiac, but my doctor said that they tend to see these kinds of things with their Celiac patients.

    I have problems with runny nose, eustachian tube issues, watery/itchy eyes. Probably a separate issue, but I also have a few food intolerances in addition to gluten. I take Claritin and Nasacort AQ, but it never really goes away. Years ago, I was given lots of antibiotics for it and now I regret having taken them since they really did no good.

    Thanks for the reply JerseyAngel. I'll have to look into this; I was really hoping this was just from an infection, but when I think back, I do think how often I was congested with the constant runny nose. I suppose it became most problematic starting around the beginning of this year.

    It's frustrating, because with antibiotics, my nasals are a lot more clear, but my family claims that they can still hear the congestion. I get the idea that some of my family members think I just have the flu and I'm not doing anything about, but that's not the case at all! It's actually really frustrating, but that's a whole different story.

    Getting back on topic, would you say that the Claritin and Nasacort AQ gave more relief as far as the runny nose goes? Or clearing congestion?

  5. Getting frustrated here! Since before Thanksgiving I've been chronically congested and carrying a box of kleenex around with me due to the runny nose. I was then on Zithromax, which contains 5 pills. I was beginning to feel better, but by the 4th or 5th pill my symptoms re-occurred. I thought it was something I ate "illegally", as I put it, and waited for the problem to resolve on its own. When it didn't, I got another prescription of Zithromax a few days ago. The same thing happened; the first 3 pills helped my congestion, but now it's coming back all over again!!

    Can someone help me figure out what's going on? I just want to get better so I can breathe and talk normally...

  6. I know it's been a while since this forum was brought up, but I did get the blood results back. Surprisingly, everything was normal with a slight deficiency in my Vitamin D. I did read that it may be associated with some cognitive impairment (brain fog, memory loss), but that doesn't explain my mood swings or just generally feeling tired a lot of the time.

    Do you think that it would really be that much of a harm to try the B12 supplement even though my levels are supposedly normal? I'd just try the sublingual tabs, not going in for shots every month. It might make a difference, or it might not. But even though my labs are "normal", I've always had trouble with on-and-off anemia.

  7. Has anyone on here taken Celexa, an SSRI antidepressant? I can't be too sure about this, but I get some of the gluten-related symptoms: my right forefinger swells up and I have the sniffles/runny nose. I do admit that the sniffles have pretty much gone away (and it IS a known side effect, I looked it up), but my swollen finger worries me.

    Ironically, I mentally feel fine. Perhaps just because it's the med naturally doing its thing? I really have been less anxious, don't get as nervous, and it does help some of the brain fog. But I feel like I still get the crazy "highs" in moods, although do not feel as low any longer.

    So, I don't know what to distinguish right now. I guess I just want to hear about your experience with either this SSRI in particular, or any others you've been on. And if you know of a gluten-free SSRI, that would be great...


    **EDIT: P.S. I don't know why the topic name didn't come up in all caps...how confusing to read...**

  8. I haven't been active on this forum in a while, but I have read all of the responses -- thank you. I finally got an appt to see my PCP and I told her about my intermittent brain fog, inability to concentrate/focus, and the bad mood swings. She didn't even bring up ADHD; she ordered blood tests to check on my thyroid, CBC, iron level, B12, etc. I'm going in tomorrow morning and just hoping for the best. Maybe these lab tests can finally tell me something, and I can start to work on getting better...

    The blood sugar topic IS a very good point. In fact, I think I was around 13-14 when I stopped taking lunches to school (all I would take is juice or water) because food tired me out and I wanted to concentrate/stay awake in class. When I was a little older and wiser, I did start taking food to eat for lunch, but they were fruits, small snacks, etc. Never a meal that included carbohydrates or a lot of sugar.

    The SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) is something I've always wanted to do more research on. I have to take a look at the sites. Maybe when my head will cooperate with me more I'll be able to. In the meanwhile, I have to save what cognitive ability I have left for my volumes of reading/studying for my nursing courses.

    But again, thank you!! I'll post on how everything goes in case other members may be curious.

    - LadyCyclist

  9. Yes, Three Rivers Endo Group in Moon Twp & also Cranberry Twp. Dr. Stanley is good.412-262-1000. The nurse is a celiac.

    Where are you located? The support group in Butler has people attending from S Hills,N.Hills & etc.

    This is only the third seminar so it is fairly new...I'm a mentor for celiac in this area.




    When is the next celiac support meeting? I really want to try to go. No guarantees that I can b/c this semester (I'm in school) is crazy for me, but I really want to try to go!!

    Also, what are some topics that are discussed at the seminar? Or is there a website I can take a look at?



  10. Has celiac/food allergies been a problem for anyone who is dating or looking for significant other? I feel like this condition is going to ruin all my chance for finding the type of woman i want. I was just dating someone for 4 months and she seemed perfectly fine with my sensitivities and in fact even bought gluten free food for me when i stayed at her place - she was great, but unfortunately i didnt see a future with her and had to call it quits..also, to be honest I have been feeling very insecure & uncomfortable with myself lately. maybe its because im on a very restricted diet now...watching out for gluten and also trying to kill candida has turned me into something of a recluse.

    ---I feel like its just not a good time to be dating since im not projecting positive energy and confidence. maybe the right woman will bring it out of me, but i think out of all my paranoia and anxieties the one that weighs the most is the inability to attract as a result of my condition. i also feel like a woman who finds out i have celiac will instantly cross me off her list as a potential husband out of fear of having kids with the same problem. maybe this is all silly & im over thinking as i usually do. im such a fool ;-)

    I can relate very well to your situation. I have my own set of insecurities, anxieties, etc. and sometimes I don't know if it's just from trying to get everything in my diet straightened out, or if it's really just me. Most of my friends are either in serious relationships or are engaged, and it sort of makes me feel out of the loop. I really do want to be with someone, but I keep telling myself I'm not ready for the same reasons you do.

    The one thing I never try to do is let my Celiac Disease drag me down. If I can feel the brain fog I'm getting, I just flat out tell people that I'm having a bad day. People can judge however they wish (a "ditz", someone who "doesn't get it", etc.) but it doesn't matter to me because they're not walking in my shoes. I'm aware of my own capabilities and am doing the best that I can. And if my anyone (especially a significant other) can't understand that, then that person isn't worth my time and energy. I'll save that for the people who have been so understanding and supportive with my disease. But thankfully, I haven't had a problem with anyone I've dated in not accepting my situation.

    I still have a social life with my friends, but finding that "special someone" is a whole other issue. I do believe that special person exists, but I just don't know WHEN I'm going to be able to find him. I think those kind of things always happen unexpectedly :-)

  11. Hi guys,

    I would like to know if some of you had to deal with candida overgrow because gluten intolerance. I believe I have intestinal candidiasis. I see mucus in my stool and small white fingers which look like candida. I don't know if mucus in stool could be a symptom of gluten intolerance or candida overgrow. Please, let me know what you know about it.



    I guess you could have candida overgrowth if you have other symptoms, but mucus in your stool could be indicative of ulcerative colitis or IBS, which are also gastrointestinal disorders. Could also be C.Diff...are you having troubles with a lot of D and digestion just in general?

    Check out this site: http://ibdcrohns.about.com/od/relatedcondi.../mucusstool.htm

    Definitely go see your doc, and feel better soon!

  12. Hey everyone,

    Just want to say again that I love coming on this forum...feel like I learn something new every time I visit here, and I've been visiting this site a lot more lately. I've realized a lot of things about myself, but there's also puzzle pieces I'm still trying to put together here.

    One of my bigger concerns right now is that I am almost positive that I have ADHD (family and close friends have also recommended that I get tested for it and get it ruled out, and I score nearly a 100% on all those self-evaluation quizzes online). So I'm very tempted to visit my PCP and get a prescription for a med that will help me focus more (and settle down a bit).

    But I've also heard about the B12 supplements...how that will help individuals who are "borderline low". It's hard b/c I fee like I have those symptoms too (yes, I am eating gluten-free). I've seen a lot of posts from various members on this forum about the usefulness of B12 vitamins in ultimately resolving brain fog, inability to concentrate, etc.

    So, here's my question: Do the B12 vitamins help with a brain fog that's constant? Because I actually don't have that constant feeling; I feel that for me it's more intermittent and that it happens sometimes when I don't always expect it. I"m beginning to learn what my triggers are, but I just can't pick up on a set pattern of WHEN it's exactly going to happen. Would a B12 supplement be useful for someone who only has intermittent, unexpected brain fog? Or would taking a long-term medication be better for my body? The gluten-free diet isn't enough; I have so many other intolerances too, and I really can't afford to be getting brain fog episodes at this time in my life anymore.

    And would the B12 be enough to calm down my racing thoughts or jumping up every 2 minutes to do/get something that crosses my mind just to forget the purpose of what I was doing...? UGH!! I've always had a hard time focusing and concentrating but I've never been one to be really anxious/jumpy/have bad mood swings until recently.

    Sorry for the long post, and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!!

    ~ LadyC

  13. Recently had to waste some time because my "baby" just turned 16 and wanted to go to the teen club in the strip. Checked online and discovered the Firehouse Lounge had gluten-free offerings. I called and talked to someone and they assured me of several offerings that they had that were gluten-free.

    Well, you know how you get that inkling that the person on the other end really doesn't know what they are talking about? Right?

    Well....I was wrong. Great gluten-free food and even gluten-free beer (unfortunately I got the last bottle, but oh, well).

    Really strange for me and husband (40 somethings) hanging out in a club at midnight! But, we had fun! He wanted to try some dance moves from classes that we had taken--but hey, remember they only had one beer left. Maybe next time!!! :P

    Thanks for the post! I'll have to check this out!

  14. Hey everyone! I'm a college student who's pretty much busy during the lunch hour for all 5 days of the week this semester! I'm trying to get some ideas what to bring for myself to eat for lunch if there is a) no microwave, or b ) NONE of the following ingredients: gluten (of course), yeast, dairy, caesin, tomatos, bananas, or chocolate. I refuse to waste money buying the ENER-G bread products because they taste like cardboard (the ones without yeast in them, anyway).

    Anyone have ideas?

  15. Curious question...are there any individuals working a very demanding work environment (or going to school to work) that are at the same time trying to recover from celiac disease (as well as other intolerances)? I would really just like to sound off some thoughts and meet other nurses with this condition.

    I'm a nursing student myself (graduating in May 2010), and some days I feel like I have such a hard time trying to stay focused with the brain fog, or dealing with the constant fatigued feeling, headaches, etc. And no, I am not eating gluten...I feel like I'm still recovering, but of course most of us know that the days of recovering (shall we call it a "gluten detox" on our bodies?) are some of the hardest. I know that I'm physically present in class and clinicals, but at the same time it feels like I'm delusional. While I'm sitting there looking "fine" to other classmates, I'm a train wreck on the inside trying to fight against my body so that I can just learn the material that I need to. It takes me forever to study (which I hate, but I do what I have to), and on top of that I have other personal family issues that I'm trying to work out. On the "bad" days, on top of feeling crappy I put up with feeling like a complete ditz when my closest friends keep asking me, "are you okay?" or seem to have trouble following my train of thought. I'm soooo scared about graduating and "going out into the real world" in just 8 months from now. It's not that I'm nervous about not knowing the material...I'm more nervous about how long my body is going to play games with me! Some days I'm fine, and many others I'm not; hopefully that's just part of the recovery process. Just praying that I'll be "fully recovered" by the time I graduate!! It's only been a full week ago since I seriously started evaluating EVERY SINGLE thing I've been eating or drinking, and knowing that it's gluten, caesin, yeast, and egg free.

    So that's my story. I'm not looking for advice or suggestions; I just wanted to be open and honest about how things are going with me. I want to hear about your situation and how you're coping with being in recovery on top of working in the profession, going to school, etc. Vent any frustrations (if you have any). For those of us in the field of healthcare, we can mutually agree that we decided to work/go to school at least for the partial degree of interacting and helping others with their own ailments. For some of us, maybe our diagnosis and own battle with our bodies has encouraged us to hold a greater appreciation for others who are sick or suffering (it has for me, anyway).

    Anyway, if you're interested in sharing anything or just talking about things that you KNOW others wouldn't understand (unless they've been where we've been), I invite you to just sound off. It would be so interesting for me to hear anything you say...and comforting to know that I'm not alone in this (which I feel like I sometimes am).

    ~ LadyC

  16. Looking at everything that I ate in my nutrient book made me realize that I still cannot eat cabbage because of the Iodine in it, which stimulates my thyroid, although I haven't got an overactive thyroid, I have when it comes to certain foods, so for the next 2 days my head felt like cotton wool.

    Cotton wool as in the mental/"brain" fog?? Because I feel like I still get the headachy, brain fogs whenever I eat gluten-free and yeast-free food. Annoying as all get out!

  17. I'm in Pittsburgh!

    There will be a celiac awareness day at a Pirates game at PNC Park in late September--I think it's posted on the home page of this forum.

    MSG is not gluten, btw. I have had very good luck with Thai restaurants in general.

    Wow, I always thought MSG was gluten...

    I might go to that Celiac Awareness Day at the Pirates' game. Haven't been to a baseball game in forever, and I have friends who might go with me...

  18. After having four consecutive good days, and feeling like I was on top of the world for possibly learning of a solution, that just mentally really set me back. Now today, I feel so achy from head to toe. Some of it could be from the bad attack yesterday and all the tensing up, but I have gone through tons of attacks, and never felt this way the next day. I feel fatigued and even just typing this post seems like work,and even my fingers (along with my entire body) just ache, with occasional shooting pains in certain joints. It's strange. I'm guessing this may be related to the withdrawals, and I suppose as you move on in your diet, any of the built up gluten in your body starts leeching out. Am I correct in this assumption?

    I would say that's a good assumption Nell. I think that your body is still working very hard to get all of the gluten that's built up out, but your mind of course notices the carbs, sugar, etc. that's now missing from your diet. I, too, go through the stage after immediately eating gluten in which I feel on top of the world -- nothing's wrong, I feel great about myself and the decisions I make, etc. But then that "high" feeling (as I call it) diminishes within a day or day and half. Then, for a good week or so, I feel very tired, "out of it", get cravings, have trouble concentrating, experience panic attacks/anxiety/depression, snappy (mostly towards loved ones :( ),and achy. Usually, the more time that passes for me, the less severe (or noticeable) the symptoms are for me. I promise you that you'll make it during this difficult time if you just stick to your diet. It does get better. Unfortunately, I don't know if it'll only take a week for you or not, but your body will let you know...

    I would try taking gluten-free iron supplements (you're probably anemic, meaning that your red blood cell count is low, and could be contributing to your fatigue) to help with that "dragged out" feeling. Try to exercise (even if it's just walking) if you feel up to doing it to alleviate that achy feeling. I know I'm missing a lot of other things you should be doing (sorry), but sometimes just taking a look around some of the forums here will give you some good information. Or just ask your doctor or a nutritionist...

    I hope I helped you...feel better soon!