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  1. For 6 yrs Ive suffered from acid reflux which was labeled as gerd at the time. Shortly after I started getting muscle twitches all throughout body non stop, and stabbing stinging pains in my small joints that would migrate around. Four yrs ago I was dx with pancreatitis as I had upper left stabbing pain. I am now labeled as chronic pancreatitis but in a mild form as I get these odd upper left quick stabbing pains still. The drs have dx me with this based on mild elevated lipase and my pain location, though all 7 scans Ive had over the yrs show no inflammation to my pancreas (which in early stages sometimes is not seen though usually some changes are seen). 6 of these scans have been EUS-the best at viewing the pancreas. My "pancreatitis" apparently isnt typical pain. Ill get mabye a couple months with out pain, then a flare for a couple wks where the stabbing pain may be once per day or every other hr. Feels like a brief charlie horse about 1.5 inches under my breast. It doesnt bore straight into my back though sometimes I do get stab pains in my back soley. This past flare has been the longest since it started- 2 months. This time Ive had loose bowels with it, though gettng better. I have had signs of malabsorption in the past. I went for another opinion at UCSF-the dr said my pancresa looked great and its not that (though again I know panc is a tricky disease). He biospied me for celiac. Ive had labs however in the past, including from an outside opinion (cost $800) and it was negative. Im hoping it is celiac as its better than CP which I cant control and I could die of yrs down the road. I kinda doubt its celiac however-do any of my symptoms sound like it? I dont get belly "aches". Thanks
  2. k2626


    Do any of you experience very loose joints, and joint grinding> Had a massage today and my shoulders were popping in and out and grinding to the point the therapist mentioned it
  3. Glad you are feeling better!! If it comes up again, try an antacid and if that doesnt help go get your amalyse and lipase drawn..
  4. Yes, I have had what was dxd as gerd for about 4 yrs....with me, I get stabbing chest pains as what I imagine a heart attack to feel like. I did think it was my heart at first and after that cleared my dr at the time put me on aciphex for acid/gerd and it helped, though I was on the meds for almost 2 yrs verses the 8 wks they recommend! I dont know if it was celiac causing it or underlying pancreas issues at the time. The esophogeul spasms do hurt and are scary, I always wonder when I have heart like pains how I will know one day if it IS my heart or the spasms. The pancreas pains I get are like quick squeezing pains in my epigastric area-left side. That only scares me because my dad died of pancreatic cancer so anything dealign with the pancreas I want NOTHING to do with. I would imagine I should have my gene test back by Monday, that will make it two wks. I am going to be so disappointed if that is not the cause behind my stomach and other very odd neuro issues.
  5. Alisha-I have been dx as having flares of chronic pancreatitis...I have never had an acute attack (thank God). I get upper left stabs of pain about an inch and half under my breast. My drs have been dumbfounded as my scans have all been clear (thank God again as dad died of pancreatic cancer) The new GI I consulted with is the one that said he is 95% sure its due to possible celiac disease, which he feels would also account for my yrs of GERD and also neuropathy issues (stabbing joint pains, electrical stabbing pains, muscle twitching all over etc) Results pending! Isnt it interesting how when you consult different drs they all say something else?
  6. I have read that diarreha is widely common with celiac. I am still waiting for my labs as many of you know as my GI thinks my symptoms of-gerd, stabbing joint pains, nueropathy, muscle twitching, nail abnormality and pancreas inflammation is due to celiac---however, I do not have diarreha, if anything I have the opposite problem once and away. I read that the gene test can take 2.5 wks to return so I am anxiously awaiting...hoping it comes back pos
  7. In my experience when I have had this pain its been my pancreas inflammation or GERD (causing esophogeul pains)
  8. k2626

    Endro Lab (Genetic Marker)

    Oh wow, thanks for this. I was beginning to think the lab was maybe negative and hence that is why my dr has not called. I am praying for a positive result so I have answers to all the oddities going on in my body
  9. How long does it take for these results to come in? I had my labs drawn last Monday and still have not heard? Does it usually take a wk at least?
  10. k2626

    Muscle Issues?

    Thank you all for this. I have had times where I have had hundreds of twitching all over, to just a few a day and more stabbing pains. My B12 is actually high because I take a good one, but have not checked for magnesium, is there a lab that can be drawn to look at that?
  11. Anyone with stabbing muscle pains and muscle twitching?
  12. I have had occular migraines for 10 yrs, I get them maybe once a yr. I see a little bright sprakley in my eye that over the course of 10 minutes explodes into 100% tunnel vision, its like looking at a kalidascope-and is terrifying, literally I cannot see. It lasts about 10 minutes then when the visual part is gone the headache sets in and I feel very out of it. When I first had one I thought it was a stroke.
  13. Hi guys, patiently awaiting my results. I was wondering if you can describe your joint pain to me. I have two different kinds, one that is like a stinging and deep pain that hits from a few seconds to minutes and mainly smaller joints like in my finger or toes, foot, sometimes ankle. Does anyone get these? It feels like a cross between a quick bee sting and deep bone pain. The other pain I get is loose joint pain, when my joints grind... All my symptoms seem to come in waves and with different degrees of severity. At its worst, I was getting hundreds of muscle twitching per day, as well as hundreds of joint cracks, and I had the stinging/zapping pains hopping around my joints all day. However, that was when I was undergoing serious stress.
  14. Very interesting. Well, I get my labs back by Monday and PRAY its celiac so I can have answers to all my symptoms. I am not deficent in B12 (actually mine is HIGH as I pound b12)-dont think magnesium has been checked but that would explain my muscle twitching and cramps. Oh please let me have this!!