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  1. Glad you are feeling better!! If it comes up again, try an antacid and if that doesnt help go get your amalyse and lipase drawn..
  2. Yes, I have had what was dxd as gerd for about 4 yrs....with me, I get stabbing chest pains as what I imagine a heart attack to feel like. I did think it was my heart at first and after that cleared my dr at the time put me on aciphex for acid/gerd and it helped, though I was on the meds for almost...
  3. Alisha-I have been dx as having flares of chronic pancreatitis...I have never had an acute attack (thank God). I get upper left stabs of pain about an inch and half under my breast. My drs have been dumbfounded as my scans have all been clear (thank God again as dad died of pancreatic cancer) The...
  4. In my experience when I have had this pain its been my pancreas inflammation or GERD (causing esophogeul pains)