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  1. MOJ - Thanks for elaborating on that for me. That does make sense to me. I suppose my first stop should be my PCP, although I am concerned that I might get a 'wait and see' from her.

    I don't have an appointment with an endocrinologist yet - unfortunately, I have procrastinated on that and sort of talked myself out of it based on my PCP's attitude. <_<

    tweavmo - Thanks for chiming in. I'll try not to worry too much, but that's something I seem to be really good at - worrying. :rolleyes:

  2. OptimisticMom - RE: lymph nodes - You're right. I just looked up lymph nodes, and they're all over. So that might be what this is.

    SallyC - I've suspected thyroid issues for a while now, based on symptoms and family history. I really like my PCP, but when I questioned her about just going by the numbers, she got a little huffy and referred me to an endocrinologist (which is a good thing, but I could tell she didn't think I needed to see one). She's a great listener and is mostly open-minded, but I was discouraged with the "your thyroid numbers are fine". I may go looking for another doc that is willing to look at the whole picture rather than just numbers.

    MOJ - Maybe I'm dense, but why an ENT for this? I always associated ENT's with things like hearing problems, deviated septum's and tonsillectomies. They deal with things like this?

    I'm aware of the increased risk for lymphoma with Celiac disease - that's why I don't want to 'wait and see'. :unsure:

  3. Let me start off by saying that I have no idea if this is related to my Celiac, so this may not belong here.

    Yesterday I discovered a lump (feels like two smallish ones actually, but they move together when I push on it) on the left side of my neck. It's quite tender when I push/prod/poke, and if it's not two separate ones, it's about the the width of two fingers (long) and one finger width wide.

    My first thought was lymph node, but I'm not sure it's in the right place for that (can you tell it's been a long time since I've had enlarged lymph nodes?) I've been tested for thyroid issues based on symptoms (ones that I still have) but of course the numbers came back within range (there were never any thyroid anti-body tests run, though). I'm not sure this lump is in the right place for thyroid though.....

    Ok, so I'm rambling. Who do I go see? My PCP? (My PCP is the one that said thyroid was fine based on numbers alone.)

    I've had a visit to a rheumatologist and an endocrinologist on my to do list for a while now - do I go to see one of them?

    I've got enough weird things going on that I don't think I want to take a 'wait and see' approach with this......

    Thanks in advance!

  4. No answers for you, just empathy. I suffer the same thing. I live in Texas, it's still a balmy 80-something degrees outside at 11pm, and I'm wearing jeans, socks, a tshirt and a sweatshirt - and I'm still COLD.

    I get too hot at night and wake up in a pool of sweat, and of course the instant I step out of bed I'm freezing again.

    I've had nights where I had to get up to change my shirt (usually a tank top) and lay an extra layer between me and the sweat dampened sheets. Otherwise I lay there and shiver because the sheets are damp.

    You are definitely not alone. :(

  5. Just wanted to put the word out to anyone in the North Dallas area that there is a new informal support group.

    It's called "Gluten Free Frisco" and at this point it's just a message board with two members, but I'm hoping it will grow into something much bigger.

    If you are in the North Dallas area, please feel free to register and participate! (Or even if you aren't in the area, but I"m really hoping to grow into a group that gathers every so often for lunch/dinner/whatever and/or some other type of organized functions.)

    Also if you know anyone in the North Dallas area that is looking for local support/friendships with other people living a gluten free life style, please tell them about this.

    Gluten Free Frisco Website

    Thanks, and hope to see some people join up!

  6. Thanks purple!

    I'm glad I didn't try the corn starch then! ;)

    I went ahead and made them using polenta that I obliterated with my food processor. Interesting texture, that.

    The flatbread turned out decent, as long as it was consumed while still warm. (With hummus - YUM!) I let one cool off and then reheated it, and it was less than impressive. Also pretty crumbly, so not ideal for any kind of a wrap - I tried to fold/roll one and it broke into several pieces.

    I googled gluten free flatbread for quite some time before settling on the recipe I did. I used to make home made flour tortillas, and this recipe was very similar to those.

    I have a few more recipes I want to try though. So thanks for posting that link! I might just add that one to my "Try It" list. :)

    I might just try these again after picking up some corn meal.

  7. I just found these yesterday too (well, my husband pointed them out)!! MAN OH MAN ARE THEY GOOOOD! :D

    I had a huge bowl of them for a mid morning snack!

    I think I'll start checking Super Target for these things first, as they seem to get them before the regular grocery stores.

    Still haven't found the Betty Crocker gluten-free stuff yet though. <_<

  8. I wanted to relay my experience with Boston's Gourmet Pizza in McKinney, Texas - it was truly awesome!

    After reading a post on another message board that mentioned they had a gluten free pizza crust, I was dying to try it but was super worried about CC.

    I called and talk to a gal that knew they offered gluten-free crusts, but didn't really know much more; like is it prepared away from the regular crust? is it baked on a dedicated pan? in the same oven as the regular pizzas? I asked for a manager and was put on hold for about 5 min. When she came back she said the manager was busy (boo!) but that she had gone and talked to the cook (yay! for taking initiative!). He said the gluten-free pizzas were baked on dedicated pans. No info about prep, so I was a little scared but was really craving pizza. So we placed a GOOD TO GO order (curbside pickup).

    Probably not the smartest move on my part, but hey, I did it.

    Five minutes after I got off the phone with this gal, she called me back to tell me she was misinformed about the sizes, and that the gluten-free only came in the small. She just wanted to make sure my order was right, and she didn't want to make me sick, she said. :) Sweet girl. So we fixed the order (hubby had regular pizza) and headed that way for pickup.

    When we got there, she brought the pizzas out and said "The gluten one is on top." I said, "so mine is the bottom one then?" and she said "No, look, I labeled it gluten free for you." Bless her heart. Her terminology was wrong but her heart was in the right place!

    I'm happy to report that I came home, ate over half of my gluten-free pizza (got the Sicilian - YUM) and DID NOT get sick!!!

    Hooray for gluten-free pizza that I don't have to make myself! :)

  9. One thing that has not improved for me since being gluten-free is my memory. :(

    I just remembered that I need some toaster bags, and I need them by TUESDAY (as in three days from now).

    Does anyone have any ideas of where I might try locally to purchase (Dallas/North Dallas)? I've just done a fairly exhaustive Google search and didn't come up with much other than manufacturer's websites, eBay and Amazon. I did a search here and someone had mentioned that they found them at an ACE hardware, but I looked on their website and didn't find them. I even emailed Laura's Bistro in Plano (gluten-free restaurant, they carry some products) and am waiting on a reply from them.

    Am I S.O.L? Am I going to end up lugging my own toaster to this luncheon?

    *Note to self: More B12. More B12. More B12.

  10. Woolygimp - I just wanted to chime and tell you taht you are not alone. You've pretty much described me with the dry eyes, dry mouth, and dry skin - except for me, I'm dry from head to toe, and my sinuses are extremely dry as well. I'm 34 years old and have more days than not where I look and feel like a shriveled up dried out raisin. :(

    I haven't had any IV drips since this all started though, so I don't know if that would improve my symptoms. I do notice that water does NOTHING for me, and drinks like Gatorade or even OJ mixed with water seem to help a little bit.

    I'm just beginning the journey to figure out what it's from, and I've suspected Sjogren's, but my GI doc mentioned Bechet's. I did some reading and it didn't seem as though my symptoms fit Bechet's.

    I've also thought perhaps I might have a thyroid issue, and now I wonder about Addison's.......

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that someone else was going through what you are. I'd love it if you would keep me updated on your progress on this.

  11. I've never heard about false negatives on skin biopsies, and I don't know if it's 100%, but I think if it's not it's very close.

    Well, if they don't do the biopsies correctly to begin with, you will get negative results. They need to biopsy next to a lesion, not on the lesion/rash itself. If they biopsy on the lesion/rash itself, you'll get a 'negative' and a likely dx of 'psoriasis' or 'eczema'. :rolleyes:

  12. I'm not sure what recipe you used from here, but I maight've used the same one, and had the same results the first time I made them (crumbling).

    I have found that if you let them cool only a little bit before cutting them (as in you still need a hot pad to touch the tray), they're still pliable enough that you can cut them into bar shapes. You will still likely get quite a bit of "crumbs" in the tray when you remove the bars, but I just throw that in a baggie and throw it in the fridge, and that's the first "granola" I eat before starting in on the bars. :)

    Hope that helps some!

  13. I've been gluten-free since last August, and I still have fatigue, albeit not as bad as before and immediately after going gluten-free. I work full time, and I usually spend my first day off of the week doing nothing but lounging/napping/taking it easy, and then any errands/housework/etc on the second day off. Some weeks, I have to have both days as down time. If I don't, I am completely worthless the rest of the week. <_<

  14. I haven't been through there in a while (and never for an international flight) but it looks like Terminal D is where most international flights originate.

    Looking at the interactive map, you might have good luck with Blue Bamboo Xpress (japanese food, sushi), Cool River Cafe (steaks and seafood), or perhaps one of the BBQ places. Of course it would be wise to call ahead and ask questions. :)

    Here's the interactive map I was looking at.

    Are you flying in or out? (Or both?)

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