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  1. This is great news! I went to the RR here a couple of years ago and actually left without ordering. The waiter and manager were not terribly accommodating and it appeared that I could maybe eat a grilled burger, a piece of lettuce and tomato and drink the iced tea. Decided to go across the street to Chilis where they did have options. Can some of you please tell me what you like to order at RR?

    We have found that not all Red Robins are the same. After living South of Seattle and having pleasant experiences at all the RR's in the South end, it was very surprising to discover how bad some of the RR's were North of Seattle after we moved. (Especially the Burlington, WA Red Robin. We have tried them several times now over the past few years and will no longer dine there .... too many negatives to list!)

    I am also allergic to beef, dairy, mushrooms & pineapple, so that eliminates many options on the RR menu. I have really enjoyed the California Chicken Burger (minus the cheese & bun in the past) and will continue to order it now that they have the gluten-free bun. The only "problem" I had was the burger was so thick that even after squishing it, I had to take 2 bites to make it all the way through it - biting into the top half first and after eating that, biting into the lower half.

  2. Just had the gluten-free bun at the Seattle Red Robin located on Pier 55. It tasted incredible and the staff did a great job offering it and explaining how RR is starting to offer the gluten-free bun at more and more RR locations. (We had no idea this was available!) They were even willing to take the time to show the ingredient list and made sure to explain the precautions they took to not contaminate it when they served the burger.

    Having recently learned about Udi's bread and how wonderful it is, I'm not surprised to learn on this forum that the Red Robin buns are made by Udi.

    I don't post often on this list, but felt the need to share the good news about the Seattle Red Robin. I hope the other locations & States start offering it too!

  3. 1. Worst so far for me was practically anything made by Road's End Organics - especially their Chreese items.

    2. Ener-G english muffins.

    3. Ancient Harvest Quinoa pasta shells - it was way too gritty for my taste.


    1. Glutino Flax Seed bread (toasted with jam on it!)

    2. Almost all of Pamela's cookies and cakes

    3. Kinnikinnick "KinniKritters" Animals Cookies

    4. Ener-g Plain Donut holes