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Rebecca's mom

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About Me

Youngest daughter (with Down syndrome) had "Silent" celiac disease; diagnosed in April, 2008 - rest of family tested negative on blood tests

After I went on gluten-free diet, realized that I am, at the very least, Gluten Sensitive (have not had genetic testing done) - will never go back on gluten, because the reaction is just not worth it -

Had rest of family genetically tested - none of them carry the celiac disease gene, but all of them have 2 gluten-sensitive genes; must mean that I am the carrier -

Wondering if the skin condition that I had (non-itchy lesions that wouldn't go away until gluten-free diet) might have been a form of DH

I am now doing personal research into a possible connection between undiagnosed maternal celiac disease and the incidence of Down syndrome births, given the high number of people with DS who also have celiac disease

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