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  1. Hi All,


    I have been Gluten-free for a year+. I am 10w3d PG and am sick as a dog! I am having a hard time finding a saltine substitute. The mere thought of crackers makes me want to puke. All food is having this reaction on me. The idea of food preparation; the smell of pretty much anything has caused me to run to the bathroom.

    When I was PG with #1, I just ate saltines or other bland foods from a package of sorts. I can't seem to do this with #2. DH tries to help, But he's not very good at gluten-free food-prep.

    I can't stand eggs, peanut butter, (Ugh - every thing about PB makes me ill) most (if not all) gluten-free breads...

    Any ideas of simple, quick foods would be soooo appreciated.

    I have spent most of my days trying not to vomit or cry.


  2. Hi All,

    Count me in! I need some motivation and I suppose if I have someone to answer to (this post), that might be the motivation I need.

    I am newly dx (positive blood, awaiting biospy, but gluten-free) and have been starving! Not really starving, seems like I don't feel as full as I used to so I am eating more. I have always needed to lose a few lbs.

    These are my resolutions:

    - My goal is 25lbs by Christmas!

    - I am going to start going to the gym (that I already pay for) tomorrow and stick with it! At least three times/week!

    - I will check in weekly, if not more.

    Good luck all!

  3. How old is DD? How long ago was she Dx?

    I am certainly no expert, I can just tell you about my experiences. My DS is 25 months. He was Dx just 4 weeks ago. Prior to Dx, he was eating next to nothing, fruits and veggies were the least of our problems. After 9 days being gluten-free, he got an appetite and really started to thrive. I still have problems with fruits and veggies, but he is willing to experiment a little bit more with various foods (including the F&V). Once she starts to feel better, chances are good that she will begin to try newer things. Just don't give up on offering. That was one of the mistakes we made pre-Dx. We figured, why waste the foods, if he wasn't going to eat it anyway? She'll surprise you....

    Let her eat pasta and gluten-free waffles, etc., until she starts to feel better. Include proteins, Ham, Turkey, are some of DS's favorites. After a little while, introduce other items. It is almost like introducing foods to your infant for the first time. Take baby steps. I even considered going back to baby foods for him, but it didn't have to.

    Good luck. You can learn alot from this forum.

  4. The reason we freeze the crumbs is to preserve their freshness longer. They could be used fresh. We lightly coat in flour, then egg, then the crumbs. We don't bother to defrost them. They do quickly enough on their own. For prepping ahead for many things, we just put the breaded product, uncooked on a parchment lined baking sheet into the freezer, then remove and place in containers or freezer bags after they firm up. Then when we want to eat, we put straight into the fryer from the freezer.

    This all works for pan frying too but for pan frying I often gently defrost in the microwave first.

    Thank you! I will give 'er a whirl.... Sorry I hijacked your thread, cymrudenver! :-)

  5. ...

    Process a loaf of Ener-G tapioca bread into not too fine crumbs (like panko or slightly larger) and freeze in a ziplock baggie to use as breading. The result after deep frying is a light crisp crumb. Don't like the bread to eat but it makes great breadcrumbs and stuffing cubes for Thanksgiving. ...

    This is a great tip! I have a loaf of bread in my fridge that I fear is going to go to waste.

    Dumb question alert!

    How do you use it for deep frying? Do you coat chicken with egg and then crumbs and just drop in the fryer? I am VERY new to deep frying. (Have only made one batch of FF in my life!)


  6. I knew my son was getting better because of his dramatic weight gain. He has gained 7 pounds in almost 4 months. Before he was dx he only gained one pound from March 2007-March 2008 (and the doctor did not think this was abnormal).

    WOW!! You must have been thrilled! I know that DS is feeling better because he is eating... tons! Whereas on gluten he ate so little it made me ill just thinking about it. I just fear we are not doing enough for him...

  7. It sounds to me like there's another food intolerance showing up. I'd cut out all dairy to see if that's the culprit. Both my daughter and I had to go entirely dairy-free for a couple of months after diagnosis.

    By cutting out all dairy, do you mean all milk, cheese, yogurt, etc? Or do you mean any breads or such that is made with milk? (Sorry for the ignorance, I haven't spoken to the nutritionist - soonest appt I could get is still two weeks away...)

  8. Although, I completely agree that you don't need a diagnosis to know that being off gluten makes you feel better, there is another side to a Dx.

    My son (25 mos) was recently diagnosed. I have not been (still waiting blood test results - both gene and

    antibodies). My main reason for having the tests was for knowledge. DH and myself are NOT currently gluten-free. We don't want to kill ourselves either, in case we do have a silent form of the disease. We are each being tested because we have nieces and nephews and sisters and brothers that we love and want them to be prepared for the potential. If I have it (or am a carrier) and DS doesn't, his sister and her children do not worry as much about the potential. The reverse is also true. We are just trying to watch out for those we love.

    I don't want anyone that I love to go thru terrible intestinal cancers and threats of starving to death due to malnutrition, if it is avoidable with a simple test.

    If we do have another child, I will have the genetic test done as early as the doctors allow!

  9. DS (25mos old) has been gluten-free since June 28. After 9 days of gluten-free, we noticed a HUGE improvement in his appetite! (Thank goodness!) And his features have started to fill out. He doesn't look sickly anymore. But he his bowel movements have changed. Prior to going gluten-free, he had one BM/day. It was hardly ever solid, but it was just once/day (on the rare occasion, twice.) Well, since about last Wed/Thursday (1.5 weeks into the gluten-free diet) he has been having 3 or 4 BMs a day. Very loose & foul smelling. (Always was pretty foul, though - LOL!) Since he has had loose stools for so long, I can't say whether this is new. But the number of times he goes is definitely new. He hadn't gone more than 2x in one day since he was an infant!

    We are already on low-lactose foods/drinks (lactaid milk, lactose free ice cream) as well.

    So, is this normal? Or is there something that I might be missing? Or is this par for the course?

    Additionally, How do you know if your kid is actually getting better? The appetite is obvious to us, and the lack of vomitting, but other than that, we aren't sure how to know if just cutting out gluten and lactose is enough. He had only told us a couple of times that his belly hurt. So, it has been our best guess...

  10. Hello, my 2-yr old was just diagnosed as well. It has been less than a week and I am finding it much more difficult than I thought it would be. But from the seasoned gluten-free folks, they say it gets easier. DS has been such a picker eater lately, that I, too, am having real troubles finding meal ideas. DH and I both work as well, so I get very little 'playtime' with DS because I have to spend an hour or so after work preping meals.

    I am mostly concerned about inadvertantly contaminating something since the house is not yet gluten-free. The tips from Darn210 and ShayFL are great. I have been trying to keep a binder of the various info I find online for easy reference. It has been less than a week and I have almost filled the binder!

  11. I'm a Laura, too! Am new here. I don't yet know if I have Celiac, but my two year old son was diagnosed last week. I am struggling with our lifestyle changes, those that have already come and those going forward.

    Nice to meet other Lauras!

  12. Thank you kbtoyssni & Sarah.

    I am still working on taking the necessary precautions in the house. Never thought about the couch or chairs from eating in another room.

    ugh! There are so many things to take into consideration...

    It is so hard to tell how my boy is doing. He doesn't really complain about belly aches or anything until just before he throws up, which in an of itself is why I am so concerned about cross contamination. He can't really tell me what's up with him. I hate the idea that I may be inadvertantly poisoning him.... And he still isn't eating much of anything. Another issue I have right now is that he is teething so he is putting his hands in his mouth all the time. He is a little sensitive and gets angry when I wash his hands for 'no reason'...

    I would LOVE some of your kids' favorite recipes! My staples just a week ago are all out, now.

    I have looked in four different markets for the Lays Stax chips and haven't been able to find them. Would they be in with the regular chips and pringles-type things or do I have to go to whole foods or similar for those. I would LOVE to be able to give him some real chips that are safe!

    Since DS's diagnosis, DH and myself have inquired about being tested. I am having my blood drawn on Monday. DH is a little further behind me with that. I am 100% willing to go gluten free even without the tests, but DH is another story. I have done considerably more research, and try to explain how the most minute amounts of gluten could have terrible effects, but still he thinks that having things like chips in the house isn't going to hurt him... BUT, DS wants everything daddy has! :-(

    Regarding labeling, Kraft is very good about the labels. If a Kraft product does not list a gluten containing item on the list of ingredients, and the label reads similar to "made on equipment that also manufactures products containing tree nuts, milk". Can I assume that wheat, oats etc., products were not manufactured on the same line?

    I really need that dietician to call me!!

    And lotion! I thought about toothpaste, mouthwash, lipstick, even playdoh, but didn't think about lotions! Thank you!!

    Sorry - this is a little scattered. My mind is going a mile/minute.

  13. Hi All,

    I am very new to the world of Celiac. My 2-year old son was diagnosed less than a week ago. I am still trying to wrap my arms around this lifestyle change for DH, DS and myself.

    I have yet to speak to a dietician, because they are booked. And have been reading as much as I can about every aspect of the disease. Because, as we all know, I will do anything in the world to keep DS safe and healthy.

    I have a bunch of questions and will try to limit them or at least put them in the right places on this forum.

    I have read a bunch of posts about being about to use or eat regular everyday products. But I fear cross-contamination from the manufacturer. I avoid anything that states produced in a facility that also produces wheat, etc. Is this something that I should be less concerned about? I have read that Kraft labeling is superb because they will clearly state "contains: wheat..." But if it is produced in a faciltiy that also produces wheat products, should I be concerned?

    Also, I have read that CC in the house is much more prevalent than from a manu. So, do I need to replace all my utensils, pot/pans? I plan on replacing all baking sheets & toaster anyway - but hadn't thought about the pots/pans.

    What else do I need to do to clean up the CC risks at home?

    Maybe there is a better location for these questions, but I haven't explored enough of this site...