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  1. Our whole family is dairy free and always has been (except husband who quit a few years ago for different health reasons). I was always allergic to it growing up (could have just been the gluten factor), so I've always used substitutes like soy milk or rice milk, or made my own oat milk. Now since...
  2. "I say this because your problem might not be the garlic powder, which means you need to keep looking. Have you called the company?" We got the garlic powder at a Farmer's Market that deals with international products. All it says is Dekalb Farmer's Market and the price and weight (its a bulk...
  3. Baby was on gluten-free for 3 weeks. Saw MAJOR improvement of appetite, better sleeping, MUCH better attitude, and got a very thin layer of fat back onto her body. Constipation improved slightly. Then she got glutened by a piece of bread snatched off the table from my husbands leftover dinner. ...