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    music, helping others, caring for the poor, saving innocent beings from bad situations, raising my wonderful kids, home schooling, loving my fantastic husband
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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I had the test done twice! The first time the gastric test came back normal. I kept telling my doctor something just wasn't right. He listened and did it again....sure enough he said that I did have gastroparesis. He said it can flare up and then calm itself until it's at the point of just flaring...
  3. I have what's called idiopathic gastroparesis. I don't have diabetes which is one of the "known" causes of gastroparesis. Idiopathic means they don't know why I have it. What it is: the stomach muscles don't work to help digest food and the food sits there for a long, long time. Fiber makes...
  4. I'll just add my two cents because I had the same issue and went to my GI doc with it. After showing him my food diary and everything I use for topical products I went for more testing. I was then diagnosed with Gastroparesis because I was throwing up so often and had constipation. Does...
  5. Sorry I've missed the discussion, I've been really sick and have lost 8 pounds in 7 days (not from the Celiac, but complicating issues of the gastroparesis). I guess I should state first that I view KRAFT as ALL of their underlying products/companies. They have a lot of companies that they...
  6. Thanks, I know that's their policy. I asked about the label reading and they did state that they will list the grains and such. I then asked them if anything was on the line with any gluten, or wheat, rye, etc. They said they had no clue and couldn't guarantee their products to be gluten free...
  7. Hey there, I'm new to the forum, but not new to Celiac and eating gluten free. I can tell you that any product by KRAFT is a hazard. They told me to not bother them with trivial issues like listing gluten. I've told all my friends to boycott them and all their affiliates (they have...