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I am a senior in college and I love school. I play alto and soprano saxophones and the bassoon. I am quite an excellent tap dancer. I have two bunnies, Ben and Puffs, who always cheer me up.

I've been a type one diabetic for over 13 years. I've always thought I was lactose intolerant (like many women on my mother's side of the family -- or do they have celiac too?) but with my positive antibody blood tests for Celiac I may not be (or, at least, milk isn't the only culprit). As far as symptoms, I've had lots of gas and diarrhea, been fatigued for over two years (negative results on thyroid tests), had irregular liver function tests, enamel issues, and a geographic tongue. The same time I started to get fatigued, I began to gain weight and became very irritable.

I am hoping I do not have celiac disease, but if I do, I will be happy that with changes to my diet, I will finally be able to feel good again.

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