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    My hubby is Gluten allergic. We have 4 kids, 2 dogs,1 horse and too many cats. I raise service and therapy dogs. We owna nd operate a web design company
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    North Centeral KS
  1. If you like Pamelas Gluten Free products, you can email the company and they will send you out coupons. What happens...
  2. I know there is a test for celiac, but my husband is gluten intolerance (tried gluten free for 6 months and then added...
  3. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  4. I have found a gluten free vitamen that is very good and has alfalfa that has no gluten..I called the nurtionlist at...
  5. I want to find some cologne for my hubby for Christmas. He stopped wearing any due to not knowing if the alchol in it...
  6. The tabasco flavoring has vinegar in it, it does not say distilled, so I would suspect that, the modified food startch...
  7. It could be hidden in the "natural flavorings" or the modified food starch may not have been corn
  8. I am confused about alcohol, like what is in vanilla flavoring. I have been avoided anything with flavoring and also...
  9. I found a gluten-free corn bread mix by Bobs red Mill that is relly good. the rest of my family eats it too.
  10. We also use bobs pizza crust, and add a bit of sugar to it. I let mine rise a lot longer, it is great. you can also roll...
  11. What dish soap is ok? My hubby is breaking out from Dawn. I am assuming we can't use anything with alcohol in it? i need...
  12. I am new here. Have I been doing this wrong by just going gluten free? what is the reasoning behind no dairy or soy the...
  13. I just read the thread and can relate to everyone. My hubby has gluten allergies,we have deteremined. He was gluten free...
  14. How does salt effect? my hubby has to eat gluten free but loves salty corn chips. does this make breakouts worse?
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