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  1. I read on a gluten free foods/gluten containing foods website that "starch" is bad but that potatoes are gluten free. Thought that was strange because potatoes are very starchy, ya know? I've recently found out that I'm gluten intolerant, so I've been carefully testing tiny bits of foods at a time and have been learning a lot about what I can actually eat. I was having such terrible reations to foods and have worstened over the last year. This is possibly because I ruptured two disks last August and Celiac disease can start manifesting quickly after an injury ( so I've read) when you've had slight symtoms for years and didn't realize it yet. :blink:

    Anyway..my reactions include ( and in sequence) very sleepy tired feeling, ruptured disc area pain and shoulder pain followed by serious weakness and fatigue and further joint and muscle pain. Then dizzyness and buzzing in the ears, disorientation, and overall "ill" feeling ( Yuck!!) Then foot neuralgia and terrible irritability. Even noises are "grating" Plus major gas! Geeze!!!

    After discovering gluten intolerance symptoms on the net ( following a lot of research into all food intolerances and symptoms- and also being blood tested for everthing being normal resulting in mystified doctors) I began to carefully introduce (without a doubt -type) gluten free foods after about two weeks of no solid foods at all. ( I was a mess) My suspicions were confirmed and I was able to eat solid food again! Hurray..I was starving!!!

    I have been pretty successful at this ( I ,of course, have a Gastroenterologist appointment in a couple of weeks from an ER referral) But I have made a few mistakes so far....non-dairy creamer from a cappachino machine at the 7-11 ( stupid of me) hamburger ( who knew? Butcher said they put MSG in it all the time) Juice from "concentrate" They never list what is in the "concentrate" those snakes!( whatever that had in it!)...but yesterday...fresh potatoes??? What's up with that? I also had a boiled egg, but have been fine with a boiled egg before. This was the first time I introduced potato again, though. Now I'm confused. It was a full blown reaction too. And I thought all veggies were OK.

    I had had the fruit juice from "concentrate" reaction that same morning. Can an earlier reaction in the day "stir it up" again later even if the food you eat in the evening is gluten free???

    I'm still really new to all this and am still learning and making mistakes. So what happened?? This one has me really confused. :unsure: