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  1. My daughter was diagnosed about 9 weeks ago. In the first three weeks she gained 3 pounds and another 1.5 pounds in the following 4 weeks. She also grew 1/2 inch since then. She rebounded quickly once we went Gluten free and got past the constipation. She was not diagnosed with EE so I am not sure what additional difficulties that could pose. I think I recall seeing some other posts in the past concerning this. You should try to do some seraches on this site; you will probably find additional useful information. Best of luck; I know how difficult this can be.

  2. We are having a similar problem with my MIL. She'll say "one cookie won't hurt". It's so frustuating. We went to the Children's hospital of MA website and found some literature to print out to give them which also has a section on how to tell your family about the importance of treating Celiac. We haven't done this yet but will soon especially since we use her for babysitting at times. Good luck and stay persistant.

  3. Yes, that is what my daughter is taking. It takes a couple of days for it all to work itself out. I was really freaked out especially because not only was she losing weight but she was also doing the no walking thing. We had to carry her everywhere and if we put her down she would scream. She also wouldn't talk anymore. It only took a few days before we were seeing a change and now she is like all toddlers. The food is hard but I found some bread she likes so I make a lot of french toast. I add ground flax seed and pureed vegetables to the eggs to increase the nutrition. Keep searching on this site you will get a lot of good advice.

  4. This sounds exactly like my daughter about 6 weeks ago. She is 22 months with the same symptoms, ended up in the hospital, had the enimas and suppositories and they diagnosed her with Celiac. She wouldn't eat either and her behavior was so clingy and lethargic. The Doctor put her on a stool softener which she is still taking which I had a hard time giving her. We had no issues with lactose so I put it in milk and yogurt which worked well. Within a week she was eating normally and within three weeks she gained 3 pounds. She only eats french toast, watermelon and broccoli but it's at least something. As everyone on this site told me; it does take a few weeks but they do re-bound. I would talk to your Dr. about the stool softener so that you don't run the risk of continued constipation. Let me know if you have other questions; this is exactly what we just went through. Good luck.

  5. My daughter has been a bit shy and is really learning to interact with different people and kids at day care. Plus, they have structured learning objectives. This can be more difficult with a nanny. Also, the nanny that my daughter loves does not have a degree and has no nanny experience; she has about 4 years experience in a day care facility. My daughter is beginning (now that she is feeling better) to enjoy day care however it is a long day and I'm concerned while she is still too young to understand that she will get cross contaminated no matter how much the teacher's try.

    I just nervous about making the right decision.

  6. I also have given up on the mixes. Tried a lot of them when I was first diagnosed, and didn't love any.

    So here's my favorite gluten-free website, and they have GREAT bread recipes. I keep a large tupperware of both the flour mixes they use in my kitchen to help throw things together more quickly. I also keep lots of muffin liners handy :) I make a lot of bitesized "mini" muffins too. I listed the recipes you can find below, and put a * next to the ones I have tried, and LOVED!


    Recipes - Breads

    Making Gluten Free Bread, Tips and Hints

    Garlic Bread Spread

    Gluten Free Hearty Brown Bread

    *Gluten Free Basic Muffin Mix

    *Gluten Free Betsy's Lemon Raspberry Muffins

    Gluten Free Cinnamon or Orange Pull Aparts

    *Gluten Free Blueberry Tea Bread

    *Gluten Free Streusel Topped Apple Muffins

    Gluten Free Featherlight Biscuits

    *Gluten Free Bread Sticks

    Gluten Free Scones

    Gluten Free True Yeast Bread

    *Gluten Free Rolls

    *Gluten Free Cornbread

    Gluten Free Tortillas

    *Gluten Free Stuffing (have never made this one, but tasted it at their cooking class)

    *Gluten Free Banana Bread

    Anyway, hope this helps. All the ones I've tried freeze wonderfully also :)

    I tried just the basic muffin mix so far and they were great! Thank you so much. I will be trying many others soon.

  7. My todder was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with Celiac. She has a huge distended belly. She has been on the diet almost 2 weeks and she has shown a significant improvement in her behavior and eating. She has gained some weight however her belly is still really big. I was wonderng what others experiences have been. I guess I was expecting her belly to get back to normal by now.