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  1. Hello, I am in Johnson City. I am looking for a group in the area. Do you know of any?

  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. Ive decided to go back to school, health field. I dropped to one class because this is so hard. Not feeling well is horrible you dont know how your gonna feel from one day to the next
  4. I can never understand this!! What is there deal, why cant they just take it from the arm we say!! Gosh just thinking about it makes me angry. My dr has been really patient with me. She sees me every two weeks to check on me. When she gives me my blood work paper, I can go to whom...
  5. I believe there are three together T3 free T4 free and TSH. The strange thing is every two weeks I have been tested and this is the first for hyper. Another wierd thing is they started taking blood from the other arm because the vein was more productive meaning the flow was better. I wonder if...
  6. hello, Yes I did talk to my dr. about B12. Last Wednesday she took blood work because she said she couldnt give shot until she seen what my level were. Monday she called and said my blood work is in and I have an overactive thyroid. So yesterday I went for more blood work. I May have to go to...
  7. What about those b-complex? Is b12 in there? I am going to ask today for a b12 shot I hope this boosts my energy. Does the complex give you energy? How long does it take to feel the relief? Let me know if Im getting on your nerves by talking to much.
  8. Hello, Im only 44 and doing daily chores just makes me wanna scream. Everyday I clean the horse stahls and this usually takes 1 and half hours, but lately takes me 3hrs. Then I feel exhausted, so you are not alone. I have so many people think this all is my nerves. I try not to snap even though...
  9. I constantly have days where I can't remember the word I want to use. My husband and kids say they are getting tired of figuring out what I want to say. Of course they laugh about it then. It does get frustrating. I also have not been diagnosed, but have damaged villi in the small intestine...