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  1. You'll need an endoscopy and/or blood test to detect celiac. They'll do biopsies and look for damage. Pretty sure they cannot see celiac with a colonoscopy.
  2. pewpewlasers

    Not Good

    The doctor doesn't know that I can't eat or drink. But they fit me in as soon as they could. I haven't been able to eat anything since Saturday. That was the last real meal I had, and it was gluten free pizza. I paid for it so bad afterwards too. The pain was terrible. Since Saturday I've had one banana, a few bites of rice here and there and yesterday just a little bit of applesauce and chicken broth. I was starving and just broke down and dealt with the pain from just that little bit of food last night. I drank a cup of water last night as well and my stomach got painfully bloated. I'm lossing weight pretty fast, but I'm sure I can hold out until tomorrow afternoon when I see the doc.
  3. pewpewlasers

    Not Good

    Got my insurance back today! Good thing too. Got my gastro appointment scheduled for Thursday. The biopsy from my endoscopy three weeks ago came back abnormal. No signs of celiac (no shocker there, I've been on a gluten free diet for so long now). I have a hiatal hernia though. I wonder if he'll put me on a gluten challenge now or just do the colonoscopy for Crohn's first. I've been trying the banana, rice, and applesauce diet but my body wants nothing to do with food. I eat and my stomach becomes painfully bloated and my intestines start protesting. I'm trying to drink water but the pains come back. I seem okay when I'm not eating, the minute I eat something, my whole abdomen starts to hurt. Stomach, intestines, sides and all. Even my back was hurting after a few bites of rice yesterday. I've lost five pounds this week because of all this crap that's going on. I can't wait until I can tolerate something. I feel so tired and weak. I appreciate all the advice and support. This is a really hard time for me.
  4. pewpewlasers

    Not Good

    The only meds I got was the one that made me sleep during the procedure and then liquid gas meds for after. I had terrible gas pains after the procedure that the gas drops did not help. I've been thinking of seeing an allergist to help and find what foods are bothering me because it seems to vary. Some foods just give me headaches, some make my stomach feel like I'm being stabbed over and over, and some affect my bowels more. During my er visit I had a horrible reaction to the anti-nausea medicine they gave me. I think it was Compazine. They gave me benedryl at the same time, but within five minutes I couldn't keep my eyes straight and I started getting really fidgity, loopy, extreme dry mouth, couldn't think straight, slurring speech, felt like I was freezing cold and overall extremely uncomfortable. It scared the crap out of me. Then with the iodine during the ct scan I started to have a reaction. Not as severe as the Compazine but I started sneezing and my sinuses got stuffed up suddenly and my throat and tounge started itching. Overall it was just another miserable experiance to add to my list. I'm going to start my basic diet today of rice, bananas, and applesauce. My bowels are still going crazy and I can't see the doc until I get my insurance back. I asked to do a cash pay but they said I can't because I am waiting for state health insurance and for some reason can't accept cash from me with my application is pending. This is the most frustrating experience of my life. The state is giving me hell for my insurance all because they got a piece of returned mail and cancelled my coverage and have made me jump through so many hoops to try and get it back. In the meantime, I am sick and scared. Evenmore so after my ct scan and the remarks of the er doc. Question for everyone if you happen to know. I haven't been able to find much information on bowel retention, but I was curious if having bowel retention puts me at risk for a bowel obstruction.
  5. pewpewlasers

    Not Good

    No, but the er doc I saw said that I should try it. I think it's a good idea. I have a problem with eating large meals. (Larger than a few bites at a time) I've had a huge loss of appetite recently, more so after I had the endoscopy. Maybe I will start tomorrow and see how it goes.
  6. pewpewlasers

    Not Good

    The problem is, is that after being gluten free for over a year I started having symptoms unrelated to eating gluten. I know when I've been glutened because it hurts in my stomach. Now I have really bad pains in my lower abdominal area and other unpleasant symptoms. My GI doc did the endoscopy to check to see if there was any damage but I told him I have been gluten free for a long time and I honestly think he is looking in the wrong place. Having this ct scan confirmed that something is going on in my bowels and I need a colonoscopy. At least the ct scan wasn't another dead end. I don't know the results of the endoscopy biopsies yet but my stomach looked good except one of the valves isn't working the way it should. ( He didn't tell me if it was the upper or lower sphincter) I didn't expect them to find anything with the endoscopy because I've been gluten free. There's something else going on and from what I've been told it doesn't sound fun. I'm still sticking with the gluten-free diet unless my doc tells me otherwise (with good reason of course). I don't want anymore symptoms on top of what I have now.
  7. I saw the ER doc last night after calling my Mom crying that I had an "accident" for the first time. Boy, I am still embaressed about that. She insisted that I go to the hospital because of my other symptoms and that my insurance is giving me a hard time and I'm in the process of getting it reinstated. So...that means that I can't see the GI right now. I had to cancel my follow up appointment from my endoscopy. Anyways, bad new is is that they think I have Crohn's and my cat scan showed some problems. A kidney tube is diated with no signs of stones, I have bowel retention which they said is really not good since I don't have any constipation. I just get regular poops and D. They said there was something else but I was pretty out of it and don't remember. I am pretty nervous because Crohn's has been mentioned to be before and the doc even counseled me about it. He said I need the colonoscopy to confirm but he said he is pretty sure it's crohn's or colitis. I guess that would explain these flare ups I get that have nothing to do with eating gluten or my stomach, just my bowels. I'm worried and scared and afraid I am going to poop myself again. My bowels sound like people walking in a creaky old house and it's embarassing that people can hear it. Ugh, it feels like its never ending.
  8. It really depends on the person and the food. There have been times that I knew right after I ate that I was glutened because I would break out in a sweat, feel like passing out, and having to run to the bathroom. Other times it has taken a couple hours and sometimes the symptoms are more severe and they vary anything from a migraine to feeling like my stomach was in a knife fight. I wish it was easier!
  9. I would ask your doctor about an endoscopy. Have they told you why they haven't done one yet to rule out celiac?
  10. pewpewlasers

    Endoscopy Tomorrow

    Everything went great. I even got pictures. The doc didn't talk much to me afterwards because I was pretty out of it. All I remember is him saying that everything looked normal except I had some sort of something that isn't working correctly. Maybe some sort of valve that isn't closing like it's supposed to or something. I wish I wasn't out of it so I could of talked about it! I guess I will hear all of it and the results from the biopsies on the 26th.
  11. That sounds like I lot of what I went through at his age but had no idea what was causing it. I was really spacey, like being in a constant brain fog. I had insomnia and I also had periods of sleep walking and talking. I remember a time when I was in a treatment center for severe depression when I was about 13-14 and I had the worst case of sleep walking. Apparently, I was throwing chairs in my room and yelling at my roommate. I remember waking up and I was standing in the doorway screaming at the nurses and was extremely confused at the situation. I don't know if sleep walking is related to gluten but I only had sleep walking episodes when I was a teenager and one when I was about 19-20. My Mom would tell me stories of my sleepwalking when I was a teenager and I either didn't remember anything and thought she was crazy or I thought I was dreaming. Luckily, I don't have sleep disturbances now because they can be pretty crazy. Did his pediatrician recommend seeing a gastroenterologist? I'd ask because all my symptoms were dismissed when I was kid and they never looked any further into what was causing my problems. Doctors seem overlook so much. If you really suspect that he has a gluten related problem, go see the gastro!
  12. My first endoscopy is tomorrow morning. My GI doc wants one even though I have been gluten free for over a year. I've had new symptoms I have never had before that seem to be unrelated to celiac. I'm a little nervous, I think just because any medical procedure when they put you to sleep is a little nerve wracking. One part of me hopes he finds something so this can all be over. At the same time if it comes back normal he said he might gluten challenge me. All the doctor visits and testing takes so long and it's scary to think of all the things that might be wrong. It also scares me to eat gluten again!
  13. I think I know what kind you are talking about. All the gluten free bread that is premade taste like crap too me. It tastes terrible and it's too expensive. However, I made "Gluten Free Pantry Favorite Sandwich Bread Mix" in my bread machine and it was really good! It came out moist and soft, just perfect for sandwiches. This is the only gluten free bread I have found to be tasty, but you do have to make it.
  14. If you have to, see another doctor. They should know you need to be eating gluten in order to see damage from having celiac disease. They shouldn't completely rule it out because of the results of your endoscopy after being gluten free for three years. I just saw a new GI and I am having my endoscopy this upcoming Tuesday. However, I have been gluten free for over a year now. He said he doesn't want to torture me and do a gluten challenge. He wants to see if there is damage or anything else since I am having problems unreleated to my celiac lately. If it comes back normal he said we will probably do a gluten challenge. At least he understands you need to be eating gluten! I'm sorry, but if your new GI can't understand that you need to be eating gluten to see damage, he/she is a retard and you need another doctor.
  15. I am so surprised how uninformed some doctors are. I saw a new pcp and she ordered a celiac blood panel and I haven't been eating gluten for over a year. I told her they wouldn't find anything because I need to be eating gluten.....yet she still ordered the test. I was pretty confused about that and I had to tell her about how the blood test worked.