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Symptoms from childhood - ear problems, nightmares, lethargy, fatigue, aching joints, rashes, socially withdrawn, frequent nausea, constipation, low mood, no concentration, daydreamer.

Symptoms at 16 took a sudden nosedive - summer of stomach pain, cramps, nausea, diahorrea, constipation, panic attacks, major fatigue and weakness, depression and anxiety. Bedridden for two weeks, didn't leave the house for months. Doctors diagnose IBS, given antidepressant 'Motival' (now taken off the market!) Recovered but barely.

Symptoms in late teens early 20s - Anxiety and panic attacks lingered as a result of ongoing illness and lack of diagnoses. Consulted doctors many times, all clueless, perscribed more antidepressants. Sent for councelling. Aged 17 started a graphic design course, left due to fatigue, anxiety, constant stomach problems. Started a photography course aged 20... ditto. Became depressed, very angry and frustrated at not being able to live my life and being unable to resolve my dibilitating health problems. Started self harming.

Early 20s - Met a magnificent man and fell in love! Stopped self harming. Pregnant march 2005. Pregnacy was long and uncomfortable but fairly normal. In labour for 43 hours, lost 1.5 pints of blood, lots of stitches. Beautiful baby Oscar was born a healthy 7.15lbs. Massively anemic following birth.

2007, aged 22 - Health spiraled downwards. All aforementioned problems became tenfold. Bloated from head to toe! Back and forth to useless doctor after useless doctor who diagnosed IBS, stress, imagination, anxiety... blah blah blah. Became severely lactose intolerant early 2008, dermatitis herpetiformis over both legs and arms. Found the possibility of coeliac disease though my own research... like a lightbulb above my head! 'Gluten light' and dairy free spring 2008.

Spring/summer 2008, aged 23 -Blood tests negative, but found through this site many others with similar stories. Endoscopy showed inflammation: gastritis, duodenitis, nodualation of the duodenum and a small ulcer. Biopsy apparently 'normal'. Lost all faith in the medical system, going it alone.

Gluten free since August 2008. Slowly leaning and certainly improving! Feeling positive about the future and making plans. Realised I am irritating my system with too many carbs. Going 'carb light'! Considering removing soya milk to see if catarrh improves.

My own diagnoses = I have coeliac disease. I believe I have the early to middle stages and so no major villi damage, but intestinal damage, DH and other immune system damage.

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