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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. my plan is to talk to my brother, if i can ever get him alone.. because she doesnt cook, she does whats easiest NOT best time and time again (not that she doesn't love her kids, shes just irresponcible and self-absorbed) and saddly i live very far away from home. he has SUCH bad symptoms, that i know he will do whatever it takes to be healthy again, and he takes things like developing diabetes, cancer, thyroid problems, etc very seriously, sense his grandma died of stomach cancer and our grandpa has diabetes (both sides of the family seem to be celiac) my only fear, is that she and other adults may try to give this little boy things containing or contaminated with gluten out of laziness.. and i'm too far away to keep an eye on this! maybe say something like.. "eating gluten/dairy an adult offers you when your hungry, is like a thirsty person drinking sea water, it will only make you MORE starved/sick, even if it LOOKS like food." they wont talk to me much about his testing, they just give me the vuege crap "its all in the normal range - he has no diseases, infections, etc" because they are STILL not used to the confirmation that i was never a hypochondria- but i have talked my mom into getting him a saliva test, and wheat allergy test, and i am insisting they bring me along.
  3. what if the child is keeping a food diary that proves his symptoms occur every time he eats gluten, combined with doctors' opinion, and having at least 1 if not multiple first degree relatives with celiac, enough evidence to be considered relatively equal to a positive test? at the very least, the food diary proves gluten makes him incredibly ill, whether or not that's considered proof of celiac, isn't it still considered abuse, neglect, negligence?
  4. my brother was tested for celiac.. and it came back negative in both blood and endoscopy. they still think he has it, because i do, our symptoms nearly match, and they tested him for everything else under the sun. he was only been having symptoms for 5 months (though debilitating symptoms) when he got tested, and had been semi-gluten-free for two months before the test. partly because it was negative, our mother thinks its okay to give him gluten in small amounts, with the stated reasoning, "everyone dies sometime, anyway." first - isn't that child abuse or neglect somehow?? feeding your kid what you suspect will not only make him so sick he can't even move, short-term, but long-term lead to an early slow painful death? just becuase its easier! second, she is obsessed with the doctors saying he has "excess stomach acid." whenever his stomach has spells of pain after eating gluten, they tell him to take stomach acid reducing medicine.. and that medicine makes him dizzy, but shortens the pains. everyone is a little worried about him taking medicine that makes him feel so dizzy though, they are afraid to take him off it because he keeps getting stomach pains, because she keeps giving him gluten! can celiac cause excess stomach acid, and is there anything i can do to stop her from glutening my brother?
  5. generic Allegra is the one and only allergy medicine that works for me - that alone was not enough to dissolve my gluten-worries, so when i first got diagnosed i had my pharmacist make a call, and she said it was gluten-free.
  6. what are "Stax Plain"? if you mean lays.. as i mentioned, i have a severe soy allergy and those chips would make me very sick. they also contain some of those nasty big/non-food words that send up a red flag for anyone with a sensitive stomach. isn't there anything healthy, soy free, dairy free, and gluten free in potato chip form? not corn chips.. i think i have some kind of vitamin deficiency from celiac, because i crave potato products.
  7. ehg, well that stinks. the only other gluten-free chips i know of are kettle brand, are those safe?
  8. there was an episode of the US sitcom "friends" where monica, a chef, took a job trying to make recipes for and market a product actually called "mockolate" .. after she spent all week cooking with it and serving it to her roommates, it was rejected by the FDA because it caused awful side effects in large doses. Funny coincidence.
  9. these bars are labeled gluten-free and generally praised by parents of kids with all sorts of allergies.. but i think theyre giving me a "soy reaction" or maybe even glutening me! i was pretty much fine, until i added three things to my diet - utz chips (on occasion), onions & glaric (on occasion) and Kettle Valley snack leathers (daily!) i was also eating some corn products and rice products, so i took those out of my diet days ago, and i have actually gotten worse, rather than better, and i ate MORE snack bars than before. it lists "natural flavor" and "natural color" which set off allarms.. but i can only find is praise online. does anyone else have complaints??
  10. i used to have paper-thin hair, i couldnt keep the ends of it strait, it was greasy if i didnt wash it every day with strong shampoo AND blowdry it on high, now its fuller, shiney, and i only need to scrub it 2/3 days! my hair has always grown so fast, i wouldn't notice a speed difference, though.
  11. i was diagnosed with insomnia when i was 9, it was at its worst when i was 12-14, then again when i was first on the gluten diet i still get it now, if i get glutened by accident, for the next week or so, i just stay up till morning it seems. it does seem like some sort of "cleansing" "brain wired" reaction, sense i have an adrenal imbalance. i always just assumed it was like my body going into overdrive to heal itself.
  12. i am on month number 5! i dont know it counts, sense i made many mistakes. my home is now 100% gluten-free, but i am still afraid to eat almost anywhere, but i will go to Outback, and i will buy coffee of two safe brands if it appears bread-protected and regularly cleaned. but, i celebrate today! it feels like i am finally past that awful "trail and error" stage where you have to figure out which foods are safe, which are dangerous, which brands are liars, how to avoid CC, learning gluten is in more than just food, and how to identify when you were glutened. my biggest mistake was believing anything that claimed to be 100% tea leaves, beef, coffee, etc, was safe by default. i now believe this is almost never true, and will stick to 1800 numbers and gluten-free labels. i am now to the stage where, with my handy food-log diary, i am doing "controlled experiments" with different foods, to see what i react to and how. i will be trying nutmeg, soy, cooked onions, orange juice, corn, eggs, fish, and eventually non-low-acid coffee and rice! i recently added potatoes and green onions back to my diet, and before that, tomatoes, both used to make me ill and now do not! a great sign. i finally feel free, rather than trapped by the looming thought of "all food is dangerous."
  13. two problems there - i cant cook, and he is close to a chef. he knows the difference between gluten-free and regular everything, because he cooks gluten-free food for me. he knows it can taste good, he just REFUSES to try being totally gluten free. he says he will "maybe cut back slowly" but never drop it. if he doesnt drop gluten, how can i ever convince him that his weird symptoms only happen when he eats gluten? and why on earth does anyone care THAT much about eating gluten? he offered to make a deal with me - he will stop eating one of four of his favorite gluten foods (subs, the only thing that give him a noticeable stomach ache) if i let him cook with dairy in our gluten-free-dairy-free kitchen. i dont know what to do, sense i am so allergic to milk, it would be a huge hassle to deal with, and he wont even agree to cut all gluten out.
  14. my brother throws up from celiac easily! i only did once, that i know of, but it was from wheat crackers. my brother throws up from all sorts of things.. the celiac effected his stomach to the point that he cant even eat watery fruit without having queasiness. I read it was very common, when i posted a similar thread, and most of all, it seems to be tied to personal mentality. there are people who just prefer throwing up to feeling bad for hours, and then there are people who would feel bad for a week before letting themselves vomit. most people fall in the middle. i really really hate vomit, and my brother can deal with it if hes that nausius. i can say, at least, it makes most celiacs ive met nauseous at the very least.
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