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  1. Just out of curiosity, what do doctors do in the case of a patient not coming to receive test results when the tests show the patient has cancer?

    This was my initial reaction too. The patient eventually does get sick enough to return to their doctor, as my husband did. Woulda, coulda, shoulda......but you would think my husband's gastroenterologist would be professional enough to want to prevent further damage that untreated celiac spure does cause.

    Thank you all for your feedback. It has helped to diffuse my anger and confusion somewhat. I'll put the energy into helping my husband become gluten free. Thank you.


  2. Kinda depends on how much energy you want to invest in this. You could drop it, and just tell all your friends that you wouldn't recommend him. You could write a letter to his boss(es) and complain that you shouldn't have to pay an additional office visit fee to get test results (include something about 'would have made an appointment if anything wasn't clear'). You could complain to (state board? someone local and who has something to say about physicians) that this doctor withheld health information and you want to report him.

    My guess would be that only the first one will actually achieve anything, but the second two might make you feel better (and wouldn't be a bad thing to do in any case).

    Two years does seem kinda long to have withheld information.

    Thanks for the reply. In two years my husband has lost a lot of weight (presently 139 lbs), now has to have Vitamin B-12 injections, a bone density scan, has lost teeth, etc. etc. And to think maybe this could have been prevented or avoided altogether if a more conscientous physician would have advised my husband of this disease two years ago rather than thinking of the billable hours another office visit would produce.

  3. My husband cancelled a follow up appointment with his doctor after having an endoscopy in August 2006. He went back to this doctor on July 21, 2008 and was told the endoscopy showed he has celiac sprue. The doctor told my husband, "See if you had kept your appointment [8/2006] you would have found out you have celiac sprue!!!!! The doctor said it is the patient's "responsibility" to find out test results by keeping appointments. The lab report was never forwarded to my husband's GP.

    What would you do?