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  1. Wow. My older daughter, who is eating gluten-free these days, came to celebrate Father's Day last Sunday. We cooked our traditional pancake breakfast and she brought with her Walmart's Great Value Gluten-free Pancake and Waffle Mix. It was...
  2. Many posts refer to dealing with the frustration at how uninformed the medical community is to Celiac Disease, gluten-intolerance, and malabsorbtion issues. I thought I would post just one of my experiences with the issue. Nine months...
  3. I would like to re-affirm any motion carried forward on this forum that Celiac is not so rare afterall. I believe most Celiacs can attest to the lack of understanding and underrecognition of Celiac Sprue in the U.S. medical community...
  4. As discussed in other posts, Celiac Disease is probably the most underdiagnosed and misdiagnosed conditions in the U.S. Outside the U.S., especially Europe are much more advanced in their understanding and earlier diagnosis of the disease...
  5. Travis_Hiland

    What Would You Do?

    I second all those who think this "professional" is a poor excuse for a doctor. I have absolutely no respect for the medical profession in general, but do withhold and then freely give my admiration and love for those select few who practice...