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    Just waking up and not being sick is my most recent interest !!
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    Madison Heights, Michigan
  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I am 4 months pregnant and have celiac disease, My dr hasnt said anything about me needing any extra care for having it , I was wondering if I should be worried or not . He said I will be fine with only prenatal vitamins ,I have heard you are supposed to take more then that can anyone please help me ? I dont know what to say to them when I go n there , I mean their the dr's right ?? Do they always know best? Im worried about my baby . Thank you for any help .
  3. My Gramma was on her death bed she has lost 60 pounds and now weights in at a whopping 97 pounds because she has been sick for 10 years , My aunt watched some tv show and heard about celiacs and she went out , bought the food , went to grammies and said YOU ARE TRYING THIS ! took ALL of her old food out of the house and 21 days later she is great and feeling good. I have been sick for about 2 years {with diareah} but only if I ate in the morning , as long as I ate at night I was fine. Recently it has gotten worst really really worse ! I have been to the emergency room twice this week they told me I have heartburn. They also told me I am pregnant. I have begged 4 different doctors to test me for celiacs disease and they all said i was too young to have it . I was crying yesterday because my stomach hurt so bad and I woke up today and said u know what im fricken trying this !! I have ate ALL day long all kinds of GLUTEN FREE STUFF and Im not sick havent been sick all day long. I cannot belive it ! I just had to tell someone !! How do you get a doctor to test for celiacs ?? Also what about my baby ? Do I need a special dr because I may have celiacs? None of the doctors I talked to have heard of it they just look at you like your the stupid one. Any answers or suggestions will help me , Thank you and PLEASE HELP! I dont really know much except I can eat yogurt , fruity pebbles and anything thats in grammies house !!! Thanks Melie !
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