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  1. Hi. I am extremely interested in the medicine you mentioned, but when I called my doctor about getting it, she asked for a phone number for the pharmaceutical company (looked it up on web , but saw no phone number) and also needs to know if it is salve, etc. Is there any site or info you can give me regarding this medicine, as I would so love to have some relief. thanks martha
  2. Hi. I have been gluten-free for about a year. The rash is HORRID. No biopsy was done right, and no doctor has known what to do---though I have spent lots trying. For the first time, reading these blogs, I have hope of somehow finding the answer. I don't know anyone else either who has this rash, so it is nice to have this place to learn and share. Thanks to all of you out there trying to find the 'cure' with me. I would love to wear a shorter skirt, or deck pants, or---beyond my imagination right now---a swimsuit. Thanks again. Am going to try the med. suggested that my doctor will have to check out and call the company direct. stay warm. martha
  3. I am just starting at this --trying to eliminate gluten and lactose. I have some info, but can't seem to get complete info on drugs (RX and OTC) re. inactive ingredients (which may have gluten or lactose). Seems every time I turn around, I find another thing I thought was OK, but isn't. Someone said soy is bad. Is this true?? All soy, or just soy milk?? Any info on drug lists and food lists would be very helpful. Or any other hints on getting started, as my Dr. seems to know very little!! thanks martha
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