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  1. By just telling someone I meet about my diet needs and avoidances they seem to freak out and walk out the door! Lol. Does anybody have the same experience?
  2. I know it can't be related to cinammon because I've had some desserts containing it and I didn't experience any problem. Today I still feel bad and my feces are a mess again. I really take care of the food I'm eating so I know it is not a cross contamination on my side.
  3. "People stand to lose everythig over mere suggestions" What are you talking about? Do you think they will punish people for suggesting that there's a possiblity of cross contamination? I mean, Do you think they will say "Well man, we were trying to help but you spoiled everything with your complaints...
  4. Look there is a possibility that they """""MIGHT""""" be having a cross contamination. No one wants to sue them, no one wants accuse them falsely, it's just a SUGGESTION. That's right it's my right not to eat them therefore I won't eat them. I wish there could be more companies making gluten free...
  5. I have had peanuts before but I never experienced any problems; I also checked the ingredients on the side of the Chex box and I didn't find anything that I could also be sensitive to. I suggest they might be having problems with their machines using them for gluten free and non gluten free products...
  6. Could it be possible a product isn't gluten free after announcing it as such? It's not the milk I'm sure of that.
  7. I have had Betty Crockeer cakes and I had no problems, however, Chex gluten free products are causing me abdominal cramps and my feces are really bad, I just wonder whether chex is really gluten free. I drink regular milk now, I had issues before like gas, diarrhea, bloating but after being gluten...
  8. I am a very grown up person and I haven't been in any serious relationship, in fact, I haven't had any girlfriend. I have to confess I have dated women for two or three days but I have always been afraid of keeping a relationship for a long period. I was diagnosed 6 months ago, but before the diagnosis...
  9. Hi, I have also noticed small shaped, oval, tiny things that resemble jalapenos seeds or rice crispies. I have been noticing them 10 years back. I even had my stool examined but they couldn't find any parasite or ova, so the doctor gave me a trial of antiparasite medication but after that I just...