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  1. I've been diagnosed with Celiac disease however I had never experienced a severe rash like this before. Both of my elbows have these itching bumps and they're spreading; I remember I was recently at a family party, someone offered me some alcoholic drinks and I clearly explained which drinks I am allow to drink however I was getting a little bit drunk and stopped minding the drinks being given to me. I think they gave me Vodka, Tequila and Rum. I was feeling gasy for a few days after the party but now I'm ok. Just an advice, besides getting a designated driver get also a designated drink advisor to speak on your behalf in "out-of-contro"l times. :D

  2. I don't know but I have also a "gut feeling" (ironic) that one person can have celiac and tropical sprue or whipple disease at the same time, though the chances would be pretty slim, it would be worth that every and each of these disease be ruled out by the GI doctor to be completley sure, also, pancreatic deficiency can cause the same malabsortion symtoms but I have read that one has to have a trypsin digestive and a secretin blood workup. Carbohydrite malabsortion can cause GI symptoms as well. Good luck to those having problems with the correct diagnosis.

  3. The other day I was reading an article regarding these three diseases that can be confused especially celiac and tropical sprue, all of them cause malabsortion and therefore similar symptoms, this is what I understood:

    Celiac sprue (disease): Positive antigladin, endomysial and transglutaminase antibodies, biopsy shows villi blunting, histology (villi) and symptoms improve with a gluten free diet.

    Tropical sprue: Negative antigladin, endomysial and transglutaminase antibodies, biospy shows villi blunting, histology (villi) and symptoms don't improve with a gluten free diet. The disease is though to be cause by an infectious agent wich can be treated with some antibiotics for 6 months. Maybe this could be the reason why some people have villi blunting, negative antibodies and their symptoms don't improve with the gluten free diet, in fact, they can be cured with a antibiotics.

    Whipple disease: Malbasortion syndrome caused by Tropheryma Whippleii wich obstucts lymphatics in the intestine which in turn cause malabsortion. I understand it doesn't present with villi blunting. It can be treated with antibiotics and can be cured. It doesn't improve with a gluten free diet.

    I hope it helps. :D

  4. Today it's cloudy and I'm jobless; though I've been looking for a job everywhere, I have left hundreds of application and I just can't find a job. I have too much spare time to think about a lot of things back in my life and it's to heavy; maybe there are other things I have to fix rather than just my disease. I just don't know wether putting in my application about celiac disease is hurting me, I mean this time everything goes for the fittest, maybe I'm too paranoid or thinking too much. I'm going to take a walk. Anyone feeling sad from time to time? What do you do to fix it?

  5. Hi,

    I'm posting this since I know many candies have gluten out there. There is a candy made of milk and sweet in Mexico who was made in the Mexican convents or nun's monasteries. This is a very sweet and delicious candy made of milk chunks, cinammon and sugar. Actually I'm having it right now, mmmmmm, it's too sweet so you have to eat just a small portion. You can find it in any traemark.

    See you

  6. When does the constant hunger go away? I have been gluten free for about 3 months now and still have to eat all through the day? Also, why do we get that constant hunger?

    My constant hunger has gone away, it took 4 months being COMPLETETLY gluten free. At first I thought I was having having another symptom but then I read it was quite normal since I was starting to absorb nutrents again. I am taking centrum pills. I used to be hungry an hour after having the big daily meals but that has gone away, in fact, I have less amount of food with every meal during the day; my family is impressed since I used to refill my plate everytime I ate.

  7. Hi, it's been a long time since I last posted here. I want to comment on some improvements I've had. Well, I started the diet based on the Endomysial antibodies, I couldn't afford the biopsy. I've been on diet for 4 months now and I have improved my health a lot, I feel like I'm a new person. Before the diet I had lactose intolerance, I couldn't drink milk or other milk product since I would get so bloated, gassy, I'd get abdominal cramps, diarrhea but now I can have milk without experiencing those symptoms, it's unbelievble, I remember drinking milk and feeling so bad but now that's the past, I never bought lactase pills because I wanted to experience the recovery. I have more energy, I run on a trademill and I couldn't make it further than half an hour but now I can run faster and run up to an hour and I'm feeling stronger everyday. I am feeling more positive, happier, especially RELAXED, it's like DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY, seriously, I used to be so anxious about everything. My DH has almost dissapeared thougn I experience it on the beard area. My legs neuropathies are being cured so is the fatigue.

    However, I still experience quite a few bowel movements everyday, they are not fatty any longer and the stool doesn't float anymore but it's been almost 4 months so I must keep waiting for that to go away. There is something I've been worrying lately because I have been having a browning over my fingers, they look like brown stains over the back and mostly at the end of my fingers, close to the fingernails, I have read it could be acanthosis nigricans or some vitamin deficiency; but acanthosis nigricans could be a sign of glucose intolerance, addison disease or even CANCER like lymphoma so have I read. So I'm worry about that. Well, I'll keep posting more regularly.

    I wish you luck and a fast recovery to everyone, and God bless you just like I have been blessed. See you.

  8. I can't afford the endoscopy and biopsy so I'm starting the gluten free diet based on my lab results (positive EMA); I'm afraid of getting cancer such as lymphoma and others. I've been improving very much but I know it'll take time to fully recover. Maybe I'll get a challinge test in the future. I'll keep coming to tell you my experience with the diet (actually I'll do it in the experience part of the forum). :lol:


    And also I want to add a love his father and the holly spirit. This is one of the things I want to do aslo, I WANT TO ATTEND MASS EVERY SUNDAY, my symptoms somtimes refrain me from going to church. I'm a catholic, I think I won't have to comute (I don't know whether this is the right way to say in English), the bread is made with gluten, that's something the catholic church has to fix.

  10. I know this is a gross topic, but how can you tell if there is fat in your stool? All I ever read is pale and smelly. Or greasy. And what is "foul smelling", doesn't all poop smell bad???! haha.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    Yes it is pale a smelly, and also kind of sticks to the toilet. Also you may see oil in the surface of the water. I remember eating Wendy's hamburgers, they semell delicious, don't they? Well I also smelled it in the feces inside the toilet since this ijust became undigested food. I mean, I ate it and just flushed it without being digested. The semll will be sometimes so bad due to bacteria action. Poop smells bad, but celiac poos stinks so badly. Sorry for being gross.

  11. Entire generations suffered from this disease, I tend to imagine that they poisoned themselves without even noticing it. One doesn't drink gasoline, plastic, etc, because we all know the consequences. I mean, just imagine for how long our ancestors suffered, entire generations, millions of people. If wheat, barly or rye hadn't been introduced into Europe and America I think things would have been better. I think this disease had a great impact in societies back then, I don't know, this is my thought.

  12. Anyone have this symptom? There is very little information out there regarding this symptom (not just as it is associated with celiac), unless you are a horse (I'm serious). When exercising I do not sweat and get additional symptoms consistent with heat stroke, etc. I make sure to drink plenty of fluids and am sure it is not related to being dehydrated...I have been on a strict gluten-free diet for over a year so intestines should be healed enough to absorb water, right???

    I plan to change to a doctor in the area that is Celiac herself and finally be able to ask these questions and not feel like I am a hypochondriac. The official word for this is Anhidrosis...anyone else notice this

    Hi, I don't know how old you are but anhidrosis happened to me during my teenage years, I also worried about that and I remember having digestive symptoms also. In fact, some of my family memebers say they have experienced the same. I remember going to the gym and also I had symtoms of heat stroke, I remember one day I almost faint in the restroom, I was shaking till they cool me down. I haven't had the intestinal biopsy but I have antiendomysial antibodies present in my blood.

  13. Thank you so much for everyone's kind words and advices; this is my world today, this forum is the place where I can get so much support, I also want to be helping people once my life takes form again. I'm still with the psycological effects of this ailment. I know there's so much hope, but, as I said before, sometimes one accumulates so much pressure that one finally bursts. I'm feeling better. I'm wishing everyone a happy 2009, this is the year where all of us will see very postive changes in our health, life, future, etc, I really hope so. I will keep in contact. :)

  14. This how I've been feeling for the past 4 months. I can't go to bed early, I always go to bed between 3 to 4 am, I don't want to go early. I haven't been able to find a job though I'm trying right now. I haven't had the biopsy but I'm improving with the diet though I know I will have to go back to eating gluten so that the biopsy comes out positive. These months have been so difficult, I feel sad about having lost my job, there are memories, that come into my head, of times when I was being affected by this problem and I didn't know what I was going through. Like flashbacks when I had to say NO to invitations, good times, girfriends, trips, parties, projects, family reunions, etc; oh God I feel so bad remembering how much pain and suffering I was having for so many years, I miss my teenage years, my twenties, I've could have done a lot of things, I was feeling terrible, I swear. I did finish my career, that is a big plus, but it's like the world I'm around doesn't understand what I have gone through and the way I am right now, my habits, everything is the result of living undiagnosed, and now I just can't accept it, I have lost years, oh God I feel so sad. All my friends lived their youth pretty well, I did not. I'm alone but still hoping. I know I'm not depressed it's just that too many things happened in a short period of time. My job loss, celiac disease (positive antiobdies), my flashbacks of so many things that were not done the way I would have liked to, my fight with the world to make them understand this is something important, and try to change my diet habits, it's too much, I'm sarcastic kind of bittered sometimes, I know there is so much hope and things will get better but, right now, I'm just trying to make my way out of this hole, it isn't easy. I will keep coming here for relief. I just needed to write. :(

  15. Gina don't give up, I know how it feels not to know what one has but you have to keep on trying. It took me half my life in order to know what I had. I started to beleive that I was even hypochondriac or something, Doctors really thought I was a freak, their faces expressed that. You seem to have high levels of fat in your stool, seek for the causes of such high levels, maybe your pancreas is not secreting enzymes, maybe your gallbladder is not working properly, maybe you have an other disease that resembles celiac disease or you have celiac disease (tropical sprue, inflamatory bowel disease, etc), find a Doctor that doesn't have a lot of work so he can give you plenty of time listening to you. Don't give up, we all are here to help, even the times when you find there's nothing else to do.

  16. Mother: Asturian ancestry (Northern Spain) and Portuguese ancestry. She is white, blue eyes and strawberry hair.

    Father: Spain ancestry and Native American (Aztec). My father is browned-skinned with brown hair but his family is a mix of aztec apparience people and red-hair white people.

    I have green-hazel eyes, fair skin and freckles all over my face, chest, back, arms. I was blonde as a kid but my hair now is brown.

  17. Well I just read it affects primary the upper small intestine, does it mean the rest of the small intestine isn't damaged?

    Just take a look at this celiac disease article: The diangostic criteria developed by the European Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology and nutrition requires only clinical improvement with the diet................ keep reading here:


    However, I guess the diangosis crteria is differen in the US, the article may be wrong in that part since I haven't found something that confirms what they state about the European Society.


  18. Hi everyone,

    As some of you know I recently tested positive for celiac disease by blood workup. I want to undergo a biopsy of the Dermatitis Herpetiformis for celiac disease instead of duodenal biopsy. However, I have this observation to point out. Let's say I decide to go for duodenal biopsy (gut biopsy) and it turns out to be negative, can I really be sure I don't have celiac disease because the biospy came back negative?? Well, I don't think so. We all know that celiac disease affects the small intestine which is about 7 meters long (incredible, isn't it?) and the biopsy takes different samples from ONLY the duodenum which is just a small porcentage of the small intestine length. I know endoscopes can't go any further than the duodenum. I've read the small intestine is formed by the duodenum (26 cm), yeyunum (2.5 meters), and ileoum (3.5 meters) (source wikipedia), so the rest majority of the small intestine (which is also affected by celiac disease) can be unexoplored or be more damaged than the duodenum. They test for positivity and even stage just from the duodenum samples. Just imagine someone who has a negative blood antibody test and a negative duodenum biopsy, is it valid? Well the rest of the gut can be affected and the duodenum respected. Doctors might say "you have a small degree of damage" just by taking into account the duodenal biopsy, but in fact there could be more damage in the rest of the small intestine and the disease fall into a more severe stage. I don't really know whether celiac disease only affects the duodenum, because if it only does, then my observation will be discarded but I don't think it only affects the duodenum since the severity of the symtoms can't be explained by just sayng that the duodenum damage provokes them. I guess someone who has duodenitis my get some celiac symtoms, my sister has had duodenitis but no celiac disease symptoms.

    It may also demostrate why some persons who have a negative blood work up and just negative DUODENAL biopsy might sill benefit from gluten free diet since some other parts of the samll intestine, rather than just the duodenum, might be affected. I don't know more reseach should be sought. :huh:

  19. By the way I apologize for my English, I'm a Mexican with northern European roots (Asturias Spain and Basque which most of them come from celitc origins), maybe the prevalence is hidden in Hispanics since Hispanics have a lot of celltic heritage from the northen part of Spain. My mother is a strawberry bonde, blue eyes and fair skin and so is my father

  20. Hi everyone. I guess I'm posting to get some encouragement...

    I have pretty classic symptoms of celiac, and a huge part of me wants to go to the doctor and get it diagnosed...

    but I'm a med student, and I don't want to be "that girl" that goes to the doctor saying "I think I have X disease," especially since I don't know how it would be received in general by my doc. As med students, we often fear that we are overreacting to our symptoms - and a lot of the time we are (every headache could be a brain tumor), and with something that many doctors think is rare, I can imagine that I might be brushed off as having "med student syndrome."

    It's really embarrassing as a med student to go to the doc and possibly know more about it than they do - you really run the risk of looking like a complete jerk in a way a regular patient might not.

    I know this all sounds kinda silly but I'm really worried about going in and saying something.

    I'm worried about going to the doc, and just being told i have IBS or something, or the doc not wanting to order the tests. I know that if i saw a patient with my presentation, I would certainly have a strong clinical suspicion that it could be celiac, but I don't know how my doc will respond. I'm worried that the tests might come up negative, and then looking like I, in fact, am that crazy hypochondriac med student.

    Plus, I have the normal anxiety about possibly having to change all my eating habits.

    I'm just scared to make an appointment. :(

    MD2B, follow your instincts you might be right. You will rely on them once you become a Doctor. I'm sure you will order your patients a lot of test that might come negative and positive, but you know the steps and protocols demand you to follow those guidelines. Go ahead and test yourself you might be right. I, as a patient, prefer to spend money to find out what I have rather than having a Doctor being so doubtful to order a test, don't become one of them and break the habit for the sake of you and your future patients. :)

  21. Hi folks, any help here would be so greatly appreciated. Here is my story, about 6 years ago I experienced some massive stress and shortly there after had some extremely unpleasent stomach problems mostly nausea, strange yellowish foul smelling stool, tiredness and weight loss but also on several occasions a reaction that included shortness of breath followed by extreme vomiting. This lead me to the doctor and a 2 month long stomach condition that was later written off as stress induced IBS after having every test in the book. However at one point I was told I had tested positive for Celiac, this was later dropped after my Gastro Dr took a biopsy and said test results weren't strong. I've been better since but never really the same. For a short time I was on the gluten free diet but after feeling better I stopped it since my gastro doc said don't worry about it.

    Well here I am today feeling really really tired with weight loss and having some similar stomach movements as before, all after a massive stress issue. I've had a CT scan which showed nothing and all other tests seem fine except for a Epstein Bar positive that looks to be long past its infectious period. So anyway I asked my doc about that Celiac test from years before and she gave me the results which I never looked at before. Needless to say it looks like I need to look more into this.



    I am really puzzled by this IGG 90 score, thats a strong positive from what I'm reading here on the test results. From what I've read this 90 should be pretty definitive that I have an intolerance to gluten or at the least a strong allergy to it. Can anyone enlighten me with thoughts. I've read that some people only experience their gluten intolerance after stress, is this possible?


    Dan, I don't know whether you might have celiac disease or not. There is a normal range for gliadin antibodies and if your results are higher than that, then you should get an IgA antibody and antiendomysium AB. This goes like this: if you are found to have normal IgA blood antibodies levels, and then, the antiendomysial antobody comes negative your might not have celiac disease but if it does result in a positive level you are celiac. I have read that antiendomysial antibody is the most specific test (high specificity means no other disease can show positive antiendomysial antibodies, so it is almost unique for celiac disease) however, the sensibility is quite low (sensibility is the power of the test to dectect the disease) since you might have IgA deficiency. I hope this helps you.