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I have Celiac Disease and Hepatitis C. So far the Hepatitis has not progressed past stage one...knock on wood. The Celiac Disease was not diagnosed until I was put on Inferreron / Rivoviron treatment for the Hepatitis which I had to be taken off of due to the celiac which became full blown.

Up until then the main symptoms I had was Dermatitis Herpetiformis and migraine like headaches in my 30's which got more frequent and lasted longer as I got older; and I always had a bloated stomach until I was put on a celiac diet.

Now I have a new skin problem which is also related to the immune system called granuloma annulare. The dermatologists don't have a cure only steroid cream which can thin your skin. Not a good thing on aging skin!!

I wonder how these symptoms all connect???????

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