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    Last night I went grocery shopping. I have only been diagnosed for four weeks but I have been diligent in researching and reading every book written on celiac disease. I have tried to be optimistic and upbeat about the "challenge" of learning to live with a whole new lifestyle. But as I was going from aisle to aisle I found myself growing sadder and sadder. Not a conscious thing but just growing quiet and sad. I picked up the Jan 17th Woman's Day magazine to find the article about celiac disease and when I got home I nearly fell out of my chair when I read what the woman said about grieving for her old way of eating. I realized that is exactly what I was dealing with. I am honestly trying to embrace this new way of living and looking at it as saving my life and not a curse but I have to admit that at the same time I am grieving over not stopping at a fast food place for a quick burger or ordering pizza cause I am too busy and everyone is hungry. All of the conveniences and good tastes that I took for granted. I often say that rice flour and bean flours are an acquired taste and I am trying hard to acquire it!! :-) Has anyone else experienced this? If so, how long do you think it takes to adjust and let go of what is gone? I appreciate all the information and support that I get from this forum. Thank you and God bless you!!
  2. Have any of you had the ELISA food intolerance test that you do at home done? I have been sick at least once a week sometimes for two or three days in the last month. I have been gluten-free for 7 months and I am really very, very careful. Our house is totally gluten-free. I even buy gluten-free cereal and snacks for when my grandkids come to visit. I seldom eat anything that I haven't made from scratch in my own kitchen. I am quite sure that I have eliminated as many sources of contamination as are humanly possible. I am thinking that I must have an intolerance or allergy to something in addition to the gluten. The ELISA test looks like a good way to go but it is so expensive I wondered if anyone else has done it and if you found the results to be accurate and worth the investment. (I have not been able to work for the last six months because of all the sick days that I still have so money has definately become a serious consideration.)
  3. Is the FSA an option if I am self-employed? I am guessing if this is an arrangement with an employer that it is not. Although I do have a very nice employer now.
  4. I would like to find a cracker like the buttery Ritz type crackers. I have found a few rice crackers that are tasty but not exactly what I am looking for. Have you found a brand to buy or a recipe for anything like that? Thanks!
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    The only vinegars that you would need to avoid are malt vinegars or any vinegars that are made outside of the United States. Other countries do not have the same standards or restrictions that the US does so that is true of almost everything - if it comes from outside the US be very careful. Heinz is one brand that labels gluted so you can use Heinz vinegar and any of their products that contain vinegar (ketchup for example) without worry. The safety of vinegar used to be a pretty heated debate but scientists and nutritionists agree that the distilling process makes it gluten-free. (FYI, I am a fairly new Celiac so I have been spending a great deal of time researching the diet and two suggestions I have for anyone who is searching for definate answers concerning types of food is to stick with hospital and edu sites for your information. They are usually well researched and carefully thought out answers. Also - be sure to check the date of the information. One of the not so great things about searching on the internet is that you can still find info that was posted 5 years ago and it comes up on your screen as though it were hot off the presses. )
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    IMHO it is depressing to find out that for the rest of your life you will have to eat differently than most of your friends and family. Don't misunderstand me...I am relieved to know what is wrong and to know that by changing what I eat I can stop being so sick all the time!! It does cause other changes in our lives though and being depressed as we learn to cope with them is not unusual. We can no longer be as spontaneous about grabbing something to eat if we are out with friends. We can't go away over night without making specific plans concerning what there will be to eat and what we need to take with us. I am not saying that is the worse thing to have to deal with but it is nevertheless something we must learn to cope with. I have only been diagnosed for 39 days (but who's counting ) and am still learning a lot from people here. One thing I have done to make being spontaneous a little easier is that I keep a small box of goodies in my car that I can eat. I have so coconut macaroons, a small can of tuna and some crackers and some little creamers that do not require refrigeration. I am a big coffee drinker but can't always drink whatever creamer is available. These few things mean that I am able to join my friends socially if they decide to stop somewhere for a bite. There is usually something that I can have but if not I have my own. Learning little things like this to help us cope with whatever aspect of the diet we find requires the most adjustment does help deal with the depression. I personally think they will benefit you more than medication unless you are clically depressed which is another matter. I don't know if I have been any help but please don't be discouraged and give yourself time to learn the diet and to get used to it. If you feel like sitting down and crying because you can't go have pizza at Pizza Hut with your friends then do it!! I did. I think it helped! Then I learned how to make my own crust and make my own pizzas which are even better. Keep talking to us here too. We care and we understand.
  7. I have not gotten migraines from getting my nails done but I have gotten them many times from other strong smells (or bright lights or loud noises). The smells for the acrylic nails are very strong. Perhaps that is the cause.
  8. Hormel meat is either gluten free or the gluten is clearly labeled. That includes Oscar Meyer deli meats that are prepackaged. Yes the slicer gets contaminated from some of the meats and also the scale and the gloves that the workers are wearing. I ask them to change their gloves and put a clean sheet of wax paper on the scale and hope that the person ahead of me got a gluten-free meat. I try to eliminate any hidden gluten but at some point I think we have to just be realistic. I read soewhere unless we pick the grains ourselves or butcher the animals ourselves, we have to to acknowledge that we will never be able to eliminate gluten entirely but we can make ourselves crazy if we worry about it too much. I guess what I am saying is I try to do my best and trust God for the rest cause we just never really know where most of our food has been before we get it home.
  9. I remember a few years ago I was trying to get in contact with the Tic-Tac company for a project we were doing at school. I don't remember what the reason was but they were extemely difficult to track down. I am thinking that it was such a small company that they didn't have a web page or 800 number listed anywhere. I believe they are one of the few companies that make only that one product. I know that doesn't help with trying to find out whether or not they have gluten in them but maybe it explains why you can't find the info and no one else here knows either. Good luck!!
  10. Thanks for posting this. I am trying to keep track of all of my expenses for taxes and this is the very helpful.
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    Is there a proper way to tip a cook/chef? I like to tip the server generously who has communicated my special needs but I would also like to show my appreciation to the person who has prepared my meal. I don't know if I should leave extra money with the server for the cook or what? How do you handle this?
  12. Pardon my ignorance but what are digestive enzymes and what do they do?
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    Woman's Day

    I was very impressed. It is three full pages and is very informative. This must be take a Celiac to lunch month or something. All the magazines are writing about us. LOL
  14. "The Gluten Free Kitchen" by Roben Ryberg is also a very good book. My husband and I used to eat out at least 4 nights a week. That was our lifestyle. I am adjusting to cooking my own food and eating at home. It is a major challenge but I am excited about it because I am already feeling soooo much better. I need to add that this board is a real lifesaver! I love it. Thanks everyone for your knowledgeable support. It is great. The one thing I have learned very quickly is to not take other people's word for what I can and can't eat. I appreciate that frequently people post the website or book where they got their information so I can check it out for myself. My attitude is that I am not giving up one thing that I don't have to but I am also not putting anything in my mouth that will rob me of my health. That means doing a lot of research and playing private detective about everything I eat but it is worth it.
  15. I enjoyed the humor in Against the Grain too but I think it is important to not that it was published quite a while ago so some of the nutritional information offered is no longer accurate. I appreciated he down to earth approach for asking for what you need prepared the way you need it without apologizing for it. She is really good!! Sue gluten-free for 22 days (but who's counting??)
  16. Hi everyone I was diagnosed a week ago. I have been gluten-free for 5 days!! I am also hungry all the time which really makes little sense at this point because even eating gluten-free means that I have terrible cramps and diarrhea. I am trying to be optimistic that that will improve with time. I have been reading everything I can get my hands on about celiac and credit that with part of my hunger. I have been reading about foods every waking moment. I know that will eventually take less of my time but we do have to think more about it than other people so maybe being so food consious triggers the constant hunger. When I see a commercial and immediately start processing ingredients - if the food is rejected the next step is to start thinking of alternatives - either how could I modify that and make it acceptable or what could I have instead? That process, for me at least, is going on constantly. It is no wonder with our mind so wrapped around our diet that we are hungry all the time. I definately agree with those who have mentioned that our bodies are still craving good nutrition too. Have you found that small meals more frequently helps or do most of you eat three meals a day? I am thinking that smaller frequent meals might help keep the cravings under control and also help not to feel deprived or tempted to eat something that contains gluten. What do you think?