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  1. I just found some also at stop and shop in Amesbury, MA (about half hr. south of Kittery) but maybe if there is a stop and shop near you they would carry it also.
  2. Dover Natural Foods & Cafe - Dover, NH, 03820 - Citysearch Rated 4.0 out of 5.0 1 review Apr 1, 2009 ... Dover Natural Foods & Cafe in Dover. Come to Citysearch
  3. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  4. Sorry if this has been asked before, but nothing came up for me in search. I wonder if anyone knows the glycemic index or even estimated glycemic index of the tapioca/rice products such as Kinnikinnick english muffins Joan's Great Bakes bagels Gillian's pizza dough or related products. Are they as 'bad' as their wheat-based counterparts w/r/t the glycemic index/glycemic load? Thanks.
  5. So I'm sitting here eating a Kinnikinnick plain bagel (taste much better toasted, which I did) and my gripe is that all their products seem to taste very similar. It's like they tweak each recipe a smidge (for their breads anyway) and call one thing a 'bagel' another 'bread' another 'english muffin' etc. I am fine w/ the taste of their items and prefer it to most other brands, but it just seems a little lame for them to all taste so close together. My favorite of theirs is actually the 'tray buns' I find them most like real bread, and they are only 80 calories each which is a plus.
  6. I was prescribed miralax which helps me 'evacuate' fully and helps my belly remain flat (I too was asked when I was 'due' when I had gluten). Also, limiting raw fruits and vegetables, especially more than one meal/day, and taking digestive enzymes were helpful.
  7. Again I have only tried the donuts recently (not the older recipe) and liked them. Maybe if I tried the older ones I wouldn't by comparison. I agree they are super pricy. My favorite donuts are the maple and the cinnamon sugar.
  8. I never had the old kinnikinnick bagels, but I have had the new ones and Joan's Great Bakes (http://gfgreatbakes.com/) are the most delicious bagels (or any bread product for that matter) gluten-free item I've tried. The nutritionals aren't posted online but they are similar to the Kinnikinnick bagels. I think it's close to 270 cal and 4g fat per good sized bagel.
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