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  1. I'm sorry it has been such a long time since I've checked this. How are things going?
  2. I realize this post is ancient, but I'm replying because it came up when I searched for Gluten Free Makeup on Google. For anyone else who comes across this, it absolutely does matter what you put on your face whether it's near your mouth or not. Anything that gets into your eyes can be ingested. Small particles can be washed into your sinuses and down your throat via your tear ducts. That's why you can often taste shampoo after you've gotten it into your eyes. I strongly recommend avoiding shampoo, eye makeup, foundation and anything else with gluten or known allergens or things to which your are sensitive. Have a great day!
  3. Yes, illness can trigger Celiac Disease. Testing is great if something shows up, but where gluten is concerned, negative results don't necessarily mean gluten is safe for him. The biggest thing to me is that his Dad has had such a positive response to going gluten free. Since it's genetic, and it won't hurt him, I'd be inclined to eliminate gluten and see how it goes. Keep in mind that gluten sensitivity can often be accompanied by other food issues, especially dairy. [Editing to add that you might need to take other foods into consideration if he improves but his symptoms don't go away.]
  4. Hi Dawn, If it were me, knowing what I know now, I would start eliminating gluten and forget everyone else. My bloodwork and biopsy were negative. Thankfully, I have a doctor who could see that one of my tests was pretty high within the normal range and recommended I give gluten-free living a try for 6 months to see what happened. I went that route, and had actually gone that route a couple of days before the biopsy and had noticed a difference in that short amount of time. One very reliable test for those who are reacting to gluten is the elimination of it. Some people have celiac disease/GI and don't have symptoms, but the rest of us know how we feel with and without gluten. All of that to say that you are justified in jumping in with both feet and seeing how you feel. Stick with it for several months, though, as sometimes we have so much damage that it takes a while to notice a difference.
  5. Regarding the anxiety, I have found that ingesting dairy causes me to feel like there is a black cloud over me and I want to cry. It's horrible! I, too, was told that I had a nervous stomach. Funny how I'm not quite so "nervous" without gluten and dairy in my diet. I wouldn't worry too much about what the average MD says about this particular issue. Many of them have no idea what they're talking about. Thankfully, mine did. Stylo, I just want to clarify something: I'm going to the doctor tomorrow, but either way I am planning on going on the diet. I did atkins once and felt pretty good, but hated the lack of fruit and veggies. I've been eating meals without wheat and then eating ones with wheat and seeing how I feel, I notice that the stomach pains and the sickness come after a lot of wheat is consumed. If you have Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance, you need to avoid gluten, not just wheat. You probably know that and were using wheat because it's sometimes easier to say wheat when we're used to talking to the uninitiated , but I wanted to make sure you know that there's a big difference between gluten and wheat alone when it comes to your body's ability to heal. I wish you both much success in your journeys to better health!
  6. I have been loosely diagnosed gluten intolerant. All of my tests for Celiac Disease were negative, though I have responded profoundly positive to strict adherence to the total elimination of gluten from my diet. Since I've gone gluten-free, my mother and one of my aunts (mom's sister) has gone gluten free, and I have discovered that my cousin- same side of the family - went gluten-free about a year before I did. My Mom and my cousin both experienced dramatic positive responses to diet change. My aunt seemed to have a positive response, but she has Down Syndrome, and Down Syndrome people seem to have a common hang up about believing they're healthy, she doesn't always tell us when she's feeling poorly, so it has been hit and miss with her. My Mom and I think we see a couple of big differences, but we can't even get Aunt to acknowledge the issue. Aunt recently had testing through Enterolab, and I'd really like to know what the result of her gene test means to the rest of the family, since it seems that both of my grandparents had at least one "gluteny" gene. I have no idea what I'm looking at, how to read it, or how to compose a search string to learn more about it! Would someone please help me to understand what it is that I'm looking at? HLA-DQB1 Molecular analysis, Allele 1: 0302 HLA-DQB1 Molecular analysis, Allele 2: 0301 Serologic equivalent: HLA-DQ 3,3 (Subtype 8,7) Interpretation Of HLA-DQ Testing: HLA-DQB1 gene analysis reveals that you have one of the main genes that predisposes to gluten sensitivity and celiac sprue, HLA-DQB1*0201 or HLA-DQB1*0302. Each of your offspring has a 50% chance of receiving this gene from you, and at least one of your parents passed it to you. You also have a non-celiac gene predisposing to gluten sensitivity (any DQ1, DQ2 not by HLA-DQB1*0201, or DQ3 not by HLA-DQB1*0302). Having one celiac gene and one gluten sensitive gene, means that each of your parents, and all of your children (if you have them) will possess at least one copy of a gluten sensitive gene. Having two copies also means there is an even stronger predisposition to gluten sensitivity than having one gene and the resultant immunologic gluten sensitivity or celiac disease may be more severe. Thanks in advance! Esther
  7. Thanks for your reply, Kathy. Heinz verified that, too. November 20, 2009 Dear Esther, Thank you for visiting our web site. If the eight major allergens are in the natural flavorings and spices, they would be listed as an allergen. Thanks again for contacting us. We appreciate your interest. Heinz Consumer Resource Center Heinzconsumeraffairs@us.hjheinz.com Still, I can't eat the stuff. :-\
  8. Okay, this is what I got from Heinz a few minutes ago: When I first went gluten-free, I contacted another company and gave them my list of foods to avoid and they willingly looked at their list and told me whether those things were in there. Apparently Heinz does not do business like that. Too bad for them!
  9. Thanks, both of you, for taking the time to respond. Michelle, shortly after I posted, I found this website - http://www.chkd.org/HealthLibrary/Facts/Co...spx?pageid=0364 - that says this in its condiments & misc. to avoid section: Heinz Worcestershire sauce, Lea & Perrins sauce, fermented soybean pastes (miso and natto). I, too, sent a message to Lea and Perrins, and I'll post what they tell me. Thanks again!
  10. The only thing I've had different tonight is Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce. I have had everything else that we ate today before without a problem. I ate supper and a little while later started feeling that familiar beginning-of-a-long-night sensation in my stomach. I hate when that happens!! Does anyone know if the "natural flavors" listed contain, or may have come into contact with, chicken, turkey, eggs, dairy, soy, canola or rapeseed oils, or gluten? Thanks in advance, Esther
  11. My Aunt has Down Syndrome. She was dx'd with schizophrenia some years ago and is on meds for it. Over the last several years, she has had several evaluations for dementia. A couple of months ago, she was put on Aricept to try to stop the progression of the dementia. It did not seem to make a diff at all, so they increased the dose. Meanwhile, she seems to hear voices and she is always confused. Things came to a head a couple of weeks ago. As one of her caregivers, I put my $2.02 worth in, and her guardian, the sister of the DS Aunt decided out of desperation to try eliminating gluten, dairy and aspartame from DS Aunt's diet. Today was the 2 week mark and WOW! What a difference! She acts less confused, does not seem to have heard any voices while she was with me, and seemed more relaxed. The guardian aunt said that she noticed that DS aunt was a lot more at ease yesterday. Sundays have been very difficult days for the DS aunt. There isn't the usual routine and it is much different than week days. So anyway, does anyone know anything about Aricept? Does it take weeks to finally kick in, or do you think this change has more to do with eliminating the gluten, dairy and aspartame? If it were one of my kids, I'd assume it was the food issues simply based on my own relief after eliminating problem foods. Thanks for any input you feel like giving.
  12. I'm wondering what the difference is between masa and cornmeal. I've been using masa from the "International" aisle for cornbread and haven't had problems with that. Well, no problems except that my cornbread is usually a little dense, but then I have to cook and bake egg free as well. Not sure if it's the masa or the lack of eggs.
  13. Does it make a difference if maltodextrin is derived from corn? I bought some NuStevia White Stevia Powder today thinking it was just plain Stevia. Well it isn't, and I am kicking myself for missing the other ingredients. TIA!
  14. I see! I will definitely give that a try. Stomach acid is an issue for me. Thank you for taking the time to explain that to me.
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