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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. I have a couple of links I wanted to share but I need to warn anyone who reads them that they have political undertones. Even so, this effects people who choose any alternative medications to help heal the body, even supplementation... so it applies here. Ron Paul originally introduced a bill and info can be found here: http://www.thenhf.com/codex_52.htm And while most of what you'll find isn't flattering, since an election year is upon us, Mitt Romney has a hand in support OF maintaining our right to choose in this issue- if only because he's been lobbied (I can find worse things to be connected to other than vitamins!) http://www.democracyinaction.org/dia/organ...paign_KEY=11754 http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1...vt=lf&hl=en http://www.blackherbals.com/herbal_holocau...nderground_.htm http://www.congress.org/nnfa/issues/bills/...gename=ic_codex I encourage anyone interested to sign petitions you may find and to learn about it if you can- if it interests you.
  2. I'm hoping that results will be Celiac's instead of IBD due to the constipation. Outlook regarding medication is not as bleak, that's for sure! Yes, chronic constipation and the issues that arise from such is what we're currently experiencing. Don't know from what yet.
  3. Varying Degrees Of D.h.?

    Ravenwood... If the bumps are as I described, which aren't blistered, can a biopsy even be done? Do they just scrape?
  4. Do stomach cramps come only because gluten is ingested, and only a reaction to gluten OR does gluten do enough damage to cause other foods to cause pain in the digestive process? This would be pre-diagnostic... so the damage could be there. For instance, I send my daughter with crushed fruit but the acidity in the fruit causes stomach burning b/c of obvious damage in there. Would this happen to someone who currently is eating gluten or does it only happen as a result of gluten as it's passing through the digestive tract? Hope that was clear.
  5. Varying Degrees Of D.h.?

    Thank you for your reply. It's a web I'm trying to untangle from... all the misinformation for almost 17 yrs. I'm so frustrated. I can't say that hers turn purple. What's funny is, I get like... one bump occasionally that ends up turning purple... but I'm not the one being tested and it surely isn't enough to go in there. I'm going to cling to the one time it was DH, though the ped back then said it was contact metal reaction. NO! It spread everywhere like chicken pox looked, but wasn't. Again, thank you.
  6. My daughter has had DH once- perhaps twice (maybe as a baby in conjunction with a stomach flu- on her diaper area), most recent, 4 years ago, providing what she has now isn't DH. Like I said, it has shown up more in a classic sense without a doubt- 4 yrs ago but I'm having a hard time differentiating what is on her skin now. I thought of taking a picture and trying to load it to show the forum to get feedback- but only one computer loads chips so I haven't gotten on that. She's had atopic dermatitits all her life, and an allergic skin reaction to peanut products when she was younger- this is different than that. That would look more like a ringworm patch, with a scaliness to it after a week, kind of thick. This is a bunch of tiny red bumps in an area on her forearm, but not enough to be considered a blister, and definitely not acne or ingrown hair. We tried to show it to the dr. but no response. One or two within the patch are red from scratching and they don't go away easily. (background, she has to stay glutened til the end of the month). Tiny red bumps, some a tiny bit bigger, some red and opened from itching. Not flea bites either. She has them around her knees too. Different than the rash 4 yrs ago, different from when and if it was when she was a baby. And only in small patches around her body- another place is on the back of her neck.
  7. Abc 7 News

    I'm so glad someone used the word "glass". This is similar to what my daughter has said in describing her pain, glass, or blades, but it isn't in swallowing, it's usually by the time it's trying to digest.
  8. Childrens Behaivor

    Type in keywords "The Celiac Brain". There is so much out there about Celiac and behavioral problems. It's what helped the nurse practitioner (in retrospect) to immediately look for Celiacs (mental health issue). Gluten free is big in the Autism and ADHD circuits. Start typing in key words, and use learning disability (adhd is one) but if you apply the information from the celiac brain to what you're reading and then go by a list of each disorder + gluten in a search, you'll be AMAZED at what you find. It's a neurotoxin for these poor kids. I've got a 17 yr old who recognizes this in herself now too, and her mental health issues were pretty severe.
  9. I'm definitely going to come back and post the results of the Celiac panel they ran on my daughter a month ago when I can get my hands on the test results (I didn't know they ran one, came across the paperwork, and was told it came back negative- despite not having known they did one in the first place) But to the OP (original poster) and to anyone else... Nothing showed on upper xray (video) with barium, but you cannot deny a couple of key points (rather dr's can't). Gas, bloating, burping, GERD, spitting up (not green bile, whatever is yellow). The rash on her skin is apparent though she never gets large blisters. They tend to be flatter and scab fairly quickly, in small patches, almost not noticeable. Lower area, many more problems, but I'm wondering if it's due to straining from constipation. Has your daughter had a thrombosed hemorrhoid, or had bleeding consistently with bowel movements? Anyone else? Fissures (anal), can they occur with Celiacs due to the straining involved? Anyone hear of the term "nodules" and Crohn's and believe they can occur in Celiacs as well? Remember, we haven't had the scope yet, I don't know the blood test results yet, we just have the barium and small bowel follow through to go on where larger than expected "nodules" showed up.
  10. New here too and your story is our story- my daughter s 17, and they believe it's Crohn's ALTHOUGH before being told to stay on gluten til the upper and lower scopes, I did put her immediately on a gluten free diet for 10 days and not only did we (and WE is a huge statement for a kid who fights me on every thought I have) see a marked improvement in the pain associated with bowel movements, but she also had some mental clearing as well... within a week. Unfortunately, we couldn't do it longer right now, still waiting so I can't tell you more. My daughter has what they call "hallmark" Crohn's signs, and during pre-op, dh did not confirm (just assumed) with anyone that Celiacs would be tested for. Our whole family is going to the one later this month so we can confirm prior to it being started. Blood work came back negative, except for the antigen panel where Candida was shot under her arm. Slightly elevated white blood cells. Nothing more. Nothing eludes to the problems they found on the barium video-small bowel follow through. She has many of the symptoms others here describe, including the rash, though not consistent throughout her life. I'm going to follow your story.
  11. Nightshade Questions

    I dont know if this sounds disgusting to others or not, but it makes a good paste, and could be faked for white pizza in place of rigotta. Mix in food processor chick peas and garlic to a paste, like hummus. Spread on pizza crust. I know it's not tangy, but it's a good paste.
  12. I visited my deli the other day and noticed the Boars Head sign that stated all meats and condiments were Gluten Free. Just thought I'd pass that along.
  13. Mind Fog, Anxiety

    I didn't look at the date of this post, but my daughter 17- needs to read this. All but asbergers.adhd is her.
  14. AliB Yes, he was a wise man. Now I know who I'm quoting when I told my husband to shut up and drink the aloe vera juice we had... "death begins in the gut", I kept telling him. He felt better while I had him on it. He's not the on with C issues that I can tell so far.
  15. I've been using it for about 2 weeks also. My key words were candida and crohns... what I had to go on at first. We use Spectrum organic ev coconut oil, lots of garlic, quercetin (blend it in food processor with coco oil), and a few other items that are thought to break down the tough exterior of the yeast cell wall.