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  1. Sorry, Sweetie...I go back to my first post: use TEA TREE OIL! Because HELLO: it kills viruses. bacteria. goofies. doofies. Gargle with it and put it directly on the sores as they begin to devlop. Put it on your tooth brush to kill the goofy/doofies that live there. Change your tooth...
  2. If it's a virus, which it almost certainly is, the tea tree oil can't hurt anything. I've used it on just-emerging canker sores and they never mature. SO SORRY, Kathleen.
  3. Great news! This could have turned out so much worse. I can't wait to read your next topic. When are you going to start writing your book? There's gotta be one here.
  4. My husband and I, together, (he DOES NOT DO COMPUTERS) just read this entire topic and he's shocked by your experience. We are going to bed now. Kind of like "Sound of Music." Tomorrow I'll see if you are better. Gargle with tea tree oil. It cannot hurt.
  5. Sounds like he's got a lot to lose. Also sounds like he "should know" what he "doesn't know." How are you doing? Is the Emergency Doc's treatment working?
  6. This guy sounds dangerous. And the reaction of his receptionist to your complaints sounds like she knows it! I'm wondering if it would give you some relief from the outrage you must feel to complain to any administrators of hospitals where he might have staff privileges. Or check with the ER doc...
  7. I CANNOT believe you first posted on this awful problem yesterday and here you are with a solution! Double congratulations. Keep the tea tree oil in mind as a preventative. Can you cut the pain meds in half?
  8. I must state my credentials to answer your question: None. I have always cured the horrible beasties with Australian tea tree oil. Directly on the sore full strength and then as a mouthwash. Use both constantly through the day until the bad beasties are gone. Usually a couple of days. I do...