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  1. Hi I was prescribed iron supplement in a syrup form (Ferrum Hausmann) and the composition says that it contains hydroxide polymaltose complex. It's the polymaltose that has raised my eyebrows... I spoke to the manufacturer (they only put me through to the marketing dpt) and the guy there said that...
  2. Rachel you could be onto something there with the sulphites because sometimes when I drink wine I get mouth ulcers which could be a prove of intolerance I guess. I also read that coconut is used as a laxative in many Asian countries and maybe some of us are too sensitive and react. Thanks...
  3. This is something I have been sort of observing on myself as well.... there are various "coconut" gluten-free cookies that I buy in Australia and they recently stopped agreeing with me. I recall drinking and eating a "young coconut" would also cause some of the common symptoms, although that was...