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    Have you been tested for H-pylori? It is a bacteria that causes gas, bloating, acid reflux. pylori weakens the protective mucous coating of the stomach and duodenum, which allows acid to get through to the sensitive lining beneath. Both the acid and the bacteria irritate the lining and cause a sore, or ulcer.
  3. The main thing that works for our family at home is to make a larger dinner portion and bring left-overs for lunch the next day. However, if you are not used to cooking then try these: - Roasted turkey chopped with peppers in a rice wrapper - Yogurts - Fruit - Corn Pasta - Hormel gluten-free Products (Pepperoni) and cheese with crackers - Roasted Veggies over Rice - Chile over a baked potatoe I hope some of these work for you.
  4. Hi there, I can totally related as we seem to have the same food issues - - and then some. It is very difficult and boring to say the least when it comes to trying to add a little flavor back into your food. I am fortunate enough that my husband loves to cook and has mastered: gluten free, egg free, soy free, casein free, nut free living for me. At first, we too were making separate meals for everyone, but it gets too confusing. I had my 10 yr old daughter tested for Gluten Intolerance as she was complaining of horrible headaches and stomach pains all summer long last year. Turns out she is also Gluten Intolerant. To make a long story short, my husband just wrote a fabulous cookbook, you will be able to find lots of great things to make and eat. The trick is to get creative and use alternative foods. You can visit his blog at: www.flaee.com. You can actually log in to buy the book right now at www.lovingfoodagain.com Although the website is not complete you can still order the book. Feel free to email me with any questions you have, and good luck!
  5. DinaB

    Big Oops!

    Thanks all. I am confused about sushi...I thought it was rice, rice vinegar, and basic ingredients. I knew that wheat was in imitation crab and never had a problem there before. The Bella Donna pills are prescription (generic for Donatal). I can't take Donatal because it has Lactose, but they do seem help a bit once the pain kicks in.
  6. DinaB

    Big Oops!

    Hi there. On Friday, my hubby and I decided to go for Suhsi. We haven't had it in a while and was in the mood for it. Usually when I go, I get the California Rolls with REAL crab and I am fine. Well, that is what we ordered and I ate a double order as well. I came back to work and about two hours later I was running to the ladies room. The pain was horrible, and I was told later that day that they substitute Snow Crab, which has pink in it. My husband told me not to eat it, but I didn't listen and trusted the waitress. Well I am still in horrible pain and living on Bella Donna Pills. Every time I eat I get pain like someone is twisting my intestines out of my body. I suffered throught the nasuea, the gas, the bloating, etc. The pain has ever lasted this long. I am not trying to put a time frame on the pain, but just want to know if Snow Crab contains wheat. I haven't been able to find anything on-line that will give me definitive info. Thanks all. (UGH)!
  7. DinaB

    Tattoo Question

    Hi there, I have similar issues with egg, soy, etc. However, shortly after I got my tattoo I became extremely sensative to fragrance and dyes, ink, newspaper print and other chemicals. You may to reconsider. Dina
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    Dapsone Topical Ointment

    Yes, it's rather new. And you are correct about leprosy as well.
  9. DinaB

    Dapsone Topical Ointment

    My Pharmacy is useless and I cannot trust them. They told me twice that something was Lactose Free/Gluten Free and I got sick and wound up with welts on my scalp. I asked them to flag my profile, but still they cannot be trusted. After more research this afternoon, I realized that the ointment is an antibiotic, which is why my stomach is upset with bad D.
  10. DinaB

    Dapsone Topical Ointment

    Yes. Was on Valtrex for 3 weeks and the breakouts were still happening. Then he put me on Bactroban and made it a little worse. Just started Dapsone last night. My belly has been killing me all day and bad D.
  11. Hello, My dermatologist finally gave me Dapsone topical ointment yesterday, after trying Valtrex and Bactroban. Had anyone had any experience with the ointment? I could tell it worked pretty well already, but belly has been real bad so I am confused about ingredients. Something that is for DH couldn't have Gluten, right?
  12. Thanks! I appreciate the information. I just hate when I finally figure something out and then something else goes haywire. I will make an appt with the dermatologist again!