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  1. Hello friends! I wanted to report that my daughter has been gluten free since her biopsy in August. She told me yesterday...
  2. Hello we got her biopsy results back and they are normal. The doc is calling her non celiac gluten intolerant and lactose...
  3. My 15 yr old daughter had her endoscope today. The stomach showed signs of gastritis and she's starting some meds for...
  4. Hello, I'm sorry for all you are going through! I thought I would share that a friend of mine has a daughter with EoE...
  5. We found a great GI doc and saw her yesterday. She said my daughter's total IgA of 49 should be high enough for the...
  6. Well, a different doc is checking for wheat allergy not the one who ran the celiac test. Interesting about the lyme...
  7. So, I know I'm obsessing but...... University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center website says any total IgA result...
  8. Cyclinglady - thank you for the confirmation and support. I've left a message with her doc to see if they will provide...
  9. My daughter is really sick (long story) and she's been evaluated for Celiac. The doc looked at these results and said...
  10. sugarsue

    The Lyme Disease Thread

    Hi, I found this forum tonight, we've been members of the celiac forum for a year or two now but I didn't know there...
  11. sugarsue

    Newbie Anorexic With Neural Symptoms

    Do you have a history of strep infection? If so, please check out the possibility of PANDAS. There could be an association...
  12. The super walmart near us has a gluten free section and sells Annie's gluten free mac and cheese. We love it. Also...
  13. sugarsue

    Does This Sound Familiar

    Skigirl, I find it very helpful to hear how gluten affects others to try to understand what she is going through. I...
  14. sugarsue

    Does This Sound Familiar

    Lynn, this does sound very similar to my dd. I also have to worry about whether she is exposed to strep so this makes...
  15. sugarsue

    Does This Sound Familiar

    Jazmine, thank you for your perspective as the child. That really helps. I want to be there for her and help her. It...