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  1. climbmtwhitney

    Possible Dh In 5 Year Old Son

    Yes! My son gets DH on his elbows and the back of his neck too. Usually just bumps as well. Sometimes very red, sometimes...
  2. Hi Polly, My children's elementary has about 700 kids. There are a few other gluten-free'ers, but none happen to be...
  3. climbmtwhitney

    Mouth Ulcers?

    Hi Kirstie, Yes! Mouth ulcers (i.e. canker sores) can be from gluten. I got them chronically (3-5 at a time regularly...
  4. climbmtwhitney

    Mixed Up The Applegate Boxes!

    Actually we're a 100% gluten-free household - for 4 years. My nanny bought them by mistake and I used them by mistake...
  5. Not sure what's more idiotic - me or the Applegate boxes. Last night after my daughter's softball game I was rushing...
  6. Hi all, So, I found gluten in my thyroid meds -- generic Cytomel (T3)!!! I have been getting progressively sicker...
  7. climbmtwhitney

    Well My Son Got A Good Report Card...sort Of...

    Hi. I think the all the other posters have great ideas. I just wanted to throw one more into the mix...... My son...
  8. climbmtwhitney

    Hotel Mini-Fridge - Cold Enough For Meat?

    Hi. I store organic lunch meat in them all the time. It's always been fine, but it is fully cooked. Can you partially...
  9. climbmtwhitney

    Making Safe Gluten Free List For Preschool

    Hi. As far as the birthday treats.....we've found it easier to keep a gluten-free goody jar at school to cover the...
  10. climbmtwhitney

    Vitamin Alternative To Flintstones

    Hi. We use the Vitalet's Children's Chewables from Freeda Vitamins (www.freedavitamins.com). They come in raspberry...
  11. climbmtwhitney

    gluten-free Foods On Hilton Head Island?

    If you can make room in the car, how about using a cooler filled with dry ice for some favorite foods? That will absolutely...
  12. Make sure you don't overlook a possible role of artificial food dye, artificial flavors and artificial preservatives...
  13. climbmtwhitney

    Hidden Dangers?

    Amy's & Rice Dream rice milk got us.
  14. climbmtwhitney

    I Need Help!

    Just a thought.....since your mom is a personal trainer.....do you drink protein shakes? I discovered gluten in a supposedly...
  15. climbmtwhitney

    Glutened Today

    I have been burned by a common grill at a restaurant. So darn frustrating when you call ahead, have them leave the chix...