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  1. Hi My DD is 28mths old and weighs about 22lbs The dr hasnt labelled her FTT but i feel awful that she is so underweight. She had dairy and soy intolerance, thought may be wheat was a problem so i removed all gluten from her diet about 2 weeks ago. The only issue she had was constipation or watery (not formed) stools and was underweight. Anyway, it has been about 2-3 weeks since i took her off of all gluten and i really dont see much different but i plan to try this for 3mths. I know how you feel about trying to up the weight. The dr suggested i give her duocal and neocate but i havent started yet because of not having normal stools yet and i dont know if she will tolerate this or not. I have also started to give her more fried food and continuing to add more oil to her foods. I hope we both have better luck with weight gain soon. Nitu
  2. Hi I was trying to make chicken strips for my 2year old. I used rice bread crumbs for the coating but I found when frying it becomes a bit hard, is there anything else I can use or do you have a receipe that makes not so crunchy outer layer? The inside was nice and tender! Thanks
  3. Here is a response from Ryza! Our ryza beverages are produced on dairy equipment (dairy is no longer run in these lines) and run on lines that do produce soy beverages. We have tested all of our products for any traces of milk protein, gluten or soy (in the case of ryza) and they are less than 5 PPM . This amount is acceptable by government authority to declare a product free of a specific allergen. Our ryza products are milk product, egg, gluten, soy, peanut and tree nut free.
  4. My DD is 27mths and is underweight. She also is dairy intolerant and possibly soy and like many other toddlers she is a picky eater and I constantly worry about her fat/calorie intake. Other than being underweight, she has some GI issues which seem to come and go. Sometimes she is constipated, sometimes she has normal bowel movements and sometimes they are soupy. Anyway, I couldn
  5. Thanks. I wrote to Natura which makes the "yu" rice milk that i see at loblaws chain of stores and they said the following: "All our products are packed on different lines of production. No presence of soy or milk with the rice. No presence of milk or rice with the soy". This is nice to hear because my DD has soy and dairy intolerance and i was previously using PC brand which was gluten free but run on the same line as dairy. I have written to Natura to see if they are gluten free, box says so but i like to confirm. Thanks
  6. Hi My DD has soy and dairy intolerance and recently we have gone gluten free as well. Can anyone point me to a rice milk that is free of all these in Canada. I was using the Presidents Choice Organic Frotified Vanilla rice milk which apprently has no gluten but it is run on the same line as dairy and so there might be contamination issues. Thanks Nitu
  7. I am not an expert and new myself to all this but do you know if its gluten or wheat? It could be wheat intolerance but if she is doing well on the new diet, i guess it doesnt hurt to keep her on it! Nitu
  8. I am in Canada and i buy the presidents choice organic rice milk but honetly i dont know if it does have gluten or not, will have to call them. I have stopped that also for the past week since i wasnt sure and she is on fortified orange juice.
  9. Hi There I totally understand where you are coming from, the spilliting heachache I truly still have it. My DD is 27mth and quite underweight at just 22lbs. She was 1mth premature and weighted at 5lbs 14oz. She started dropping off from her 25% (12mth) to no where on the chart now. I breastfed her till 24mth as she was a very picky eater and has intolerance to dairy and may be soy. She was colicky but only for 3 weeks and her development etc have been on tract. We also did a blood test for celiac at 12mth and it was negative. She also has awful smelling stools and for the past 6mths she goes from being constipated to normal to very loose stools that are green, yellow or sometimes orangish brown. I was becoming desperate for her to gain wait and didn
  10. She has been dairy free always, same for soy. She has been gltuen free for little less than 1 week and i am not sure if it is a problem to begin with although i plan to keep her gluten free for at least a month or two.
  11. Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum. My DD was having problems with constipation/stool consistency issues and weight gain so i decided to try the gluten free diet to see if things improve. It seems ever since starting this, things have gone from bad to worse...so is it possible gluten is not the issue? My DD was having constipation so when she did have a BM she would pass hard stools then watery stools but now she goes daily, just once, but the stool is green, mucousy and very very watery what could be going on? Am i missing something, can anyone help. Thanks Nitu
  12. Does anyone know if Gerber Tooth & Gum cleanser has gluten, milk or soy in it? Also is there a gluten free toothpaste? Thanks
  13. Hi My DD is 27mths old. She has intolerance to dairy and soy milk, was tested +ve for milk allergy via the scratch test, nothing else. She has been off of dairy and soy milk for a very long time. She is a happy kid, was tested for celiac using blood test at 12mths and it was negative. She has the following symptoms that make me feel something is not right: - Low weight gain (22lbs at 27mths) but she is a picky eater and doesnt get a lot of fat - Constipation - When not constipated, Stools are not always formed and mucousy. Sometimes she has normal stools but sometimes the mucous comes back and wont go away like now! Her diet mainly consisted of the following: - Infant rice ceral - Fruit puree - Nutrios (made with oats) and fruit loops - Chicken leg (salted with dairy free margarine and olive oil) - Rice - Fresh fruit - Potatos, carrots, and some other veggies - Some wheat products like pasta, crackers - Loves potato chips, plain - Vanilla flavored rice milk - calcium fortified orange juice - Dairy free chicken strips, occasional sausages and fries - Eggs In the last week, i have decided to take her off of gluten and switched her heinz baby cereal with healthy time which is gluten free, added salbagrain to her diet which is also gluten free. Because of her low weight gain, the doctor felt she wasnt getting enough calories and started her on duocal (Hydrolyzed Cornstarch) and also tried gluten free millet. From all this, do you think she might have gluten intolerance or is there something else I am missing? I often wonder if the rice milk is upsetting her tummy as she went 100% on rice milk stating around 24mths, she was on mainly breastmilk prior to that? I also wonder if her constipation was due to lack of drinking water, too much rice milk and the fortified rice cereal (iron)? Could hydrolyzed cornstarch cause problems? I am so confused and frustrated. I am in Canada and havent seen a GI specialist as of yet. Thanks Nitu
  14. Hi My 27mth old has some intolerances and i cannot put my finger on it. I know she is intolerant to dairy and to soy milk as she will have mucousy stool if she consumes either of these. My question is, is soy flour found in a lot of gluten free foods the same as soy milk? This last week i decided to take her off of gluten but i am finding soy flour in many of these food and i am not sure if this is safe or not. It has been very confusing to me. Thanks
  15. I found these yesterday and was thrilled because it looked like cheerios so my 2year old was happy and it was FORTIFIED!!!! http://www.perkysnaturalfoods.com/perkyocereal.asp Nitu
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