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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. It may also be a dairy allergy. Have you tried eliminating dairy from your diet so that it is not passed through your milk to the baby?
  2. Kristi, We also have a 4 yo who is not a Celiac, but at his party in June we made gluten-free cupcakes so our daughter didn't feel left out. The Chocalate Kinnickkinnick brand is really good, all the kids and their parents ate them too! What I do is always make extra cupcakes, keep some in the freezer (unfrosted) and the day of the friend's party, call the mom ask what color the cake is going to be and try to make her cupcake look similiar. It seems to work nicely. Leslie
  3. My daughter who has Celiac will be 2 in October, I am a housewife, so I don't deal with daycare, but I have friends whose kids have food allergies and have done fine. The big thing is to ALWAYS send his food and ask he be helped first. ALso ask for him to sit in the same cchair and space at the table to reduce contamination. Send his snacks and make sure they know he can't do play dough, fingerpaints and all other paints need to be checked. Call me if you want to talk. Leslie 919.852.0834
  4. The slime is probably from contamination he is getting. How old is he? Our whole family is now gluten-free to eliminate possible contamination at home. We also have a 4 yr old son who does not have celiac disease. Good luck! Leslie
  5. Our doctors are at Duke Hospital and as smart as they are, they do not seem to know much about the day to day stuff iwth Celiac Disease. YES, you need to avoid all gluten. I understand the disease to affect/damage each person to the same degree even if the Celiac is not exhibiting symptoms from gluten. I was even told that that is when it is most dangerous, b/c the Celiac may beginning ingesting gluten and not know it and be doing serious harm. 2 of the moms in my support group said their daughters complained of severe leg pain/cramps. Once they became gluten free, the pains went away. Hope this helps. Leslie
  6. I don't think celiac disease makes you more susceptible, but it is really hard to tell contamination from a virus. We thought our daughter had a stomach bug in March, but after having off and on vomitting with diarrhea for over a week, we realized it was contaimination. One of the moms in our support group helped me narrow it down to the vanilla extract in the Stoneyfield yogurt, it is made with grain alcohol. Good luck, I know it is very frustrating. Leslie
  7. Our daughter was having this also, I know it all too well, b/c even though she is potty trained, she still needs help. I narrowed hers down to the suntan lotion/sunscreen we were using. It has gotten better since we switched, now we use Banana Boat. Maybe this will help.
  8. Being from the south, I can make a mean batch of GLUTEN fried chicken. The secret is soaking the chicken(raw) in milk about an hour before you plan to fry, putting salt and pepper in the flour (or this case the gluten-free bread crumbs) and heating your oil really well before you put the chicken in, and only flipping it once while your frying.
  9. Sandwich Subsitute

    Responding to all the bread talk...our whole family is gluten-free to make it easier for our daughter and to avoid contamination issues. If you live near a Whole Foods, keep asking for their Gluten Free Bakery Items. They just opened a Gluten Free Distribution House in Cary, NC and are shipping to the all their stores in the East. Their stuff is great, pricey, but awesome. Their sandwich bread is really good, I finally had a tomato sandwich (it's a southern thing!!) this weekend!!! We just started getting shipments last Friday at our store in Raleigh, so ask your Whole Foods if they will be getting the items. I have also tried the blueberry muffins, brownies, molasses cookies and choc. chip cookies. You can not tell the difference in the gluten-free stuff and the regular. The guy who started this whole thing has celiac disease and is their Head Baker/Manager.
  10. Our daughter has just been diagnosed with anemia. Have any of you been diagnosed with it after being on the gluten-free diet? Any good ideas on how to get a 22 month old to eat more iron??? Thanks.
  11. We used Prometheus Labs to diagnose our daughter. She was breastfed until 12mos. I introduced cereal at 4 mos, fruits and veggies at 5 mos. She started showing symptoms around 13 mos. We are all gluten-free (including 4 yr old brother) and I don't feel like we are missing alot. It is inconvienent, but we still eat really well.
  12. I think it was something else, our daughter was diagnosed in January and it seems to take btwn 20 - 24 hours for her to react. Good luck, I know it is frustrating.