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  1. I recently overlooked hair spray. It had wheat starch. Look at his personal care products carefully. He is 16? Does he get "duded" up with cologne and after shave for the ladies? Check his products.
  2. Also, just a thought........My DD was 2 when diaged, she won't know any different and know what she is missing, unlike your daughter who ate gluten all her life. If she is in school all day, and doesn't "react bad" to gluten initially ( only internally), are you sure she is not snacking in school or getting sweets/treats from friends? She is just a kid. She must miss her old diet, just something to consider. I need to have my big girl tested now, 5th grade. I can't imagine what she would have to go through to switch diets. She is a gluten lover. Also, try journaling all food, and look at the other foods she may be sensitive too, daity, eggs, soy, corn, etc.....She may have more than one intolerance. Does she have a pediatric GI doc? This doc was the most helpful to us. Also, I went back to the basics, just basic unprocessed food while my daughter healed. Check make up, hair spray, everything. We found wheat lurking in other places in our house. Do you iron her clothes with starch? Check that too. ( we had been using hair spray with wheat starch......). Check vitamins, meds, everything, not just food. Lip gloss, etc....... Hope she gets better.
  3. Honeypond, We are also going through something, not sure what. DD was diaged in MAY. we are 100% gluten free ( father in law has had the disease long term, so we understood it right away). Her poos were solid, nicely formed from June-DEcember. She has had runny poos for the past month. Going to peid GI today. I suspect 1 of 2 things. I don't think she is getting enough fiber or she may also be intolerant to dairy ( my FIL is). Start keeping a food log. Have everybody that feeds him write down every little BLT ( bite, lick, taste). See if there is a correlation to any one food item, or if someone is giving him gluten, or take a look at fiber intake. My FIL had issues with the fiber, not getting enough, and he's a grown man. His GI had him beef up the fiber, and add fiber supp.
  4. Sugar

    You said he doesn't drink milk? Doesn't drink it, or can't tolerate it? If he just doesn't drink it, I would do what I needed to do to get him on milk. It's calories, fat, vitamins, etc.....and seems like a healthier way to go on his teeth than the Koolaid, and when we were struggling to get my daughter's bowels under control, we were told to aviod the sugar beverages and push milk. The sugar would just make her continue to have the runs, we needed fiber and we needed nutrients. It would help with her weight and her poos. ( we found some gluten-free chocolate syrup and add a squirt to her milk). The sugar is empty calories, the milk will give him nutrients that he desperately needs ( our DD from 2-3 didn't gain any weight, she had the runs for a year, she wasn't getting nutrients). Good luck.
  5. Check everything everywhere. We just realized our Suave hairspray has wheat and wheat starch. That stuff goes airborn, not good. I threw it out. I wasn't even THINKING about hairspray. And spray starch, and bubble bath. It's in everything. Those wheat farmers really marketed their product well........
  6. Me too, but just because I don't want to have a heart attack. that stuff is nasty. We just order it plain and don't have them add the squirts of that stuff they call buttery topping.
  7. That's what I am doing. My 3yo DD tested positive to the the Ig tests, we had a month between that and Ped GI> Out of desperation, I hit my limit one day, after huge temper tantrums, and runny stolls for a year and just took her off gluten. It was an amazing recovery. My father in law has celiac disease, and I am almost 100% certain it is what she has. Someday I may do the challenge for the actual diag in writing. For now what I know best is doing this, she has returned to good health, has firm BM's, sleeps ALL NIGHT LONG ( no more screaming nightmares at 2am), and has gained weight for the first time in a year. To me, this is all I needed right now.
  8. I'm sure every kid is different, we had Diag in May 2008 on my then 2 year old, that WEEK she slept through the night without waking up sceaming for the first time in a year, and has slept through each night since. That WEEK her temper/disposition switched like someone flipped a switch. It took about a month to get the runny bowels under control. My Father in law was older and the disease took a huge health toll on him, it took him several months to get back to decent health, and he discovered in the process with his celiac disease it wasn't just the gluten, there were other food intolerances. He had lost a gall bladdder and they radiated his thyroid and he lost a huge amount of weight before they figured out what was wrong.
  9. Thanks for the info......GLUTEN FREE MARKET.......that crash is me falling off my chair. Man oh man are you lucky!
  10. this is a HORRIBLE epidemic in America....I have friends who teach and are facing impossible situations, every child on ineffective ADD drugs, with non-vigilant and uninformed parents who don't care much, and all the while, living on nearly complete fast food and junk food diets......and the sad thing is, not only will parents/authorities not listen to us about the dangers of their wretched diets, they can't afford to feed them properly anyway. (well - they probably could - - cutting out all the junk foods could save quite a bit of money. They just would never consider doing anything like this, or muster the discipline required to do it.) We just have to keep getting the word out as much as possible.
  11. Your school psychologist, when reporting their findings usually suggests to parents if they see behaviors that may warrent a trip to the Docs office, I would talk to them to see if you can get them onboard about educating parents. Educating, not recommending. I am a Guidance Counselor, I tell my own personal story and show bite marks. I don't tell parents what to do, but I mention that it could be health/food related, get a physical and allgery tests done. Why wouldn't you rule out health/food reactions reasons before medicating a kid. I think it's unethical for a doc to just medicate without complete blood labs.
  12. I'm a farmers daughter and my father NEVER grew wheat, so please ask. We gres Alfalfa, and all hay was made with that. A dairy farm may not have any wheat at all growing there, but a crop farm is totally different story.
  13. OMG....there's gluten-free ravioli and stuffed shells? where does everyone get them? I haven't see the chocolate dipped donuts either?
  14. I am relatively new to celiac disease, my 3year old daughter was diaged last May. I have been trying new products left and right, some good, some bad, some ugly. So, let's save everyone time and money, please rave about some of your fave gluten free products ( not recipies, I can tweak and play), actual products that you buy that are yummy and save time. Here's my RAVE: Schar basic white bread mix. We have tried EVERYONE as DD and DH do not like any of the premade bread. I have tried every mix, this is the BEST. Follow the recipe exactly, no need to tweak, make it in the bread machine. It's airy, crusty, good, no after taste. I also follow the directions on the box for pizza dough, again, it is hands down the best dough/pizza we have been able to make. ALL the kids like it, even the non celiac disease kids. They ask for it again and again. Bakes up nice on the pizza stone, crisp, airy, tasty good pizza dough. I just ordered several from the gluten free mall. Need to keep them in stock. Also, would like to RAVE about the Kinnick ( is that right) 7 inch mini pizza pre made shells!!!!! AWESOME mini pizzas. Great slightly sweet taste. Last night we cut them up, basted them with melted butter, garlic salt, and parm, and toasted into breadsticks. None we left over, all the kids enjoyed them. Two products I will buy again, and again, and again..........
  15. I don't understand how a medical professional made a Diag of " a mild case" You either have it or you don't? It's all or nothing with celiac disease, unless you are gluten intolerant, that is different? I think they meant you have it, it just wan't yet at a level where it was doing as much damage as it could, right?
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