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  1. I like Kitchen Basics for stock. I use Watkins chicken and beef soup and gravy bases in place of bouillon. The Watkins...
  2. If you're looking for natural remedies, Nature's Way Sambucus (black elderberry extract), Umcka and Nutribiotics' grapefruit...
  3. I agree with above. You could have issues with the other but if you had the positive blood test, I'd say that means your...
  4. wahmmy

    Shepard's Pie Seasonings

    I didn't know this! Why in the world ...???? Thanks for the heads up. I'm not close to Canada, but I need to go back...
  5. wahmmy

    Help Using Corn Tortillas

    The nearest Whole Foods is several hours away, so I stock up when I go. Thanks!
  6. wahmmy

    Tastes Like Dirt

    Recreating recipes to be gluten-free takes a lot of trial and error, usually. Flours that work for one may not work for...
  7. wahmmy

    Help Using Corn Tortillas

    We don't have that brand in our stores. I'll have to keep my eye out when we travel.
  8. Short grain rice is a good sub, esp. brown rice. I like to use buckwheat groats for my barley sub in stews.
  9. Try using Pamela's bread mix and flour blend, you'll have to adapt it some but it works nicely.
  10. wahmmy

    Help Using Corn Tortillas

    At the very minimum, they should be warmed. If you warm it up in the microwave between some paper towels (unless you...
  11. wahmmy

    Feeling Discouraged

    We use Bragg's Liquid Aminos in place of soy sauce. It's great! But, if you are sensitive to soy then that would also...
  12. wahmmy

    Feeling Discouraged

    Not sure about the Old El Paso brand of enchilada sauce, I make my own now and it's so much better than anything out...
  13. I'll have to try this for the rolls in the muffin tin! Thanks!
  14. Thanks! I probably will, unless I hear something different today. I hesitate to eat Hershey's, but I do let them have...