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  1. Great, thank you! Can you tell me where to find spectrum shortening? Thank you again Jane.
  2. Hello everyone! It has been so long since I've been on here, that's what you get for your computer frying. Anyway, I am helping out with a convention for kids that stutter and their families this weekend (Saturday). They are planning on making cupcakes, and decorating them as well as having pizza for lunch. I volunteered to take care of people with allergies, so I need to avoid as many as possible. I would love to make it all by scratch, but I don't have time. I have found a good egg free, nut free, peanut free, dairy free, and gluten free boxed mix for the cupcakes. My/your mission: I need a gluten free, egg free, dairy free, nut free, peanut free (soy free would be nice) frosting recipe pizza idea These need to taste awesome, as much close to the normal stuff as possible. This day is for the kids to feel like they are at least normal for one day since stuttering is such a big, emotional fight for many of them, I don't want them feeling left out because of food allergies and it is important that I provide them with good alternatives. THANKS
  3. I grew up with canker sores always in my mouth. ALWAYS! My mom would bug the dentist about things to help. I was six, eight, ten, etc. and hardly had a brake from the things. Once I went gluten free, they were gone and stayed gone. I now get them if I get glutened sometimes and I also get ones that are random and far apart like normal people. It was definitely one of my symptoms.
  4. I hiked the 6000 ft. La Campana yesterday! I was incredibly proud of myself!!!! I certainly wasn't the fastest in the group, but I did it, and I did it without any serious damage to my body. I slipped a couple of times and my legs and feet are a bit sore today, but I made it and I can still walk around fine! Sorry, I had to share this little bit of self accomplishment. I need to decide today, but I am still debating Volcan Villarrica, it's a higher altitude, but a little bit of a shorter hike (about 2000 ft. shorter). My main concern is recovering enough in a two week period to do the (I'm sure much more mild) four day hike on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. What to do......
  5. I like the idea for using cookies as a crust, unfortunately this only serves me when I get back to the US. There aren't any ginger cookies here or really any gluten-free cookies for that matter (well there are some, but it pains me to spend $6 on a bag of 10 miniature cookies ).
  6. Moving Abroad

    Yeah I think studying abroad/living abroad is one of those experiences that makes you completely evaluate EVERYTHING including those things about yourself you never even knew existed. But I see it ending as one of the best experiences of my life. Although, I'm lonely at times I don't regret it. Tonight a fellow gringa and I went to a random location and found an AWESOME book fair and another feria! It was SUPER cool. I think there are some people who can meet others easily, they tend to make friends anywhere and then there are others that tend to make friends slowly. Both types have their good and bad qualities and I am not saying I regret my type; my down side is I have trouble getting to know people in a short time. I honestly am not outgoing in large groups, but very much so in small or one on on things. I believe that no matter how well you make friends studying abroad is an amazing and difficult experience. These are great tips!! Mango, where are you now? I agree with the hostel thing. When I was in Argentina, I met a lady from Australia that was traveling South America alone for a few months and an American that dropped everything, and has been skiing/snowboarding in Argentina for the past three months. The places you never dreamed your life would take you.
  7. Beverly I absolutely love the apple crisp idea. I LOVE apple crisp! Thank you for all of your ideas and PLEASE keep them coming (I'm thinking of making two deserts ) Plus there are never too many good ideas.
  8. No, I'm actually at a lower altitude here than at home. I live in Denver and here...I can see the ocean....Plus I drink a lot of water. I don't generally drink alcohol (I have had 3 drinks in the past 4 months all weeks apart). I usually don't drink caffeine either, occasionally a vanilla honey chamomile tea from Celestial Seasonings....
  9. I know there are some cooking/baking geniuses out there and I need ideas! PLEASE! I am currently in Chile and for Thanksgiving there will be a HUGE celebration with the students in my program. Each of us is required to bring a desert to the event. My problem is this: I have none of the billions of flours we have access to in the US. I can obtain corn flour and rice flour and mixes of the two, but nothing more. They have normal things like brown sugar (at least I can make it), sugar, butter, all of the other staples you can think of. The flour is my problem. I would like a good Thanksgiving recipe (something that tastes like Thanksgiving) because this is my Thanksgiving and chances are I won't be able to eat ANY of the other 60 deserts there!!!! Qu
  10. Yeah, I'm not a doctor at all. Just from what your saying and what I've learned, if it is specific to certain motions I'd be sure to check the semicircular canals (specifically the crystals in them.) And don't be fooled, just because they're in the ear doesn't mean they have to do with hearing, they have SO much to do with balance. The organs of the ear are so delicate that even small stuff can affect them, the ear is INCREDIBLE! Sorry about my fascination moment. I'd make sure that ENT checks EVERYTHING if you're paying that much. Go in with an open mind, sometimes the simple stuff is the best (a basic diagnostic test may sound stupid, but it could be the thing that gives you an answer). If this sounds stupid, just ask people here how many complicated tests they went through for gluten intolerance/Celiac and got negative results, but when they simply stopped eating it, they were better. Also, sometimes the complicated stuff is necessary and provides the correct answer. I think sometimes we have bad experiences trying to discover why we are feeling so crappy, so we become skeptics and close-minded about all tests and doctors, but keep in mind that not all are terrible, there are actually some incredible doctors out there, many incredible doctors. Be informed when you go in and be yourself advocate (no one will do it for you.) Good luck and take care.
  11. I hope everything will be alright on the volcano climb, I'm still not totally decided on it (for money reasons) plus my hike to Machu Picchu is only 2 weeks later so I don't want to tire myself out for that. At the same time HOW MANY OPPORTUNITIES ARE THERE TO DO THIS?!? I know that the shoes could be a problem (they cover special shoes and pants, crampons, icepicks, and other equipment the lay person would not have). I have some deciding to do. Does anyone have good suggestions on food I should eat (mostly snacks) that will give me more energy without gaining weight from fat (muscle weight is fine). I am in the beginning stages of pre-training, I'm mostly working on stamina right now (and doing excellent I think! ). Each day is a 30min run with an increasing distance each day (and I'm not killing my body.) I also walk at least 40 minutes a day at least, but I try not to make this too slow or too quickly (it really depends on how much time I have to get to class ) I need simple, natural food options because I don't have access to all of the pre-made foods and bars (However, I will when I return to the US and at this time I will begin real training, granted my pre-training goes well). Any suggestions about calorie intake? Current Schedule M, W, F, S: Morning 30 minute run (I think this is somewhere in between 2 and 3 miles right now, but I'm not incredibly sure, probably closer to the 2 mile mark). I am working on stamina, body and mind. T, R, Sun: Rest days (I do, however, want to do some kind of work on muscle strength on these days. Any suggestions?) MTWRF: I walk at least 40 minutes and 80 minutes if time permits. This is where I am, food, exercise, and training suggestions are all welcome. I'm looking for suggestions, so that I can consider all and design something that works for me, that is successful for me. THANKS!
  12. Moving Abroad

    I was getting to the point where I was depressed, but I decided to stop it in it's tracks (I don't want to go there.) I volunteer with English Opens Doors here, but not consistantly (because of the teacher ) Last week I spent money to go from Valpo to Vi
  13. Moving Abroad

    Hello all. I'm just putting this out there because I feel like someone has to understand. When I moved abroad to study this last July I was SO incredibly excited about everything. I had heard you go through and up and down and up process and in the end you are changed forever. I thought, "I'm STRONG, I'm not that dependent on my family, and I don't see my friends much as it is....I won't have downs." I came here so excited and I live with a family that is incredible, but I have had some incredible downs, but I have also done some incredible self-discovery. These are my downs: I don't really know/spend time with a lot of people so I am INCREDIBLY lonely. This hasn't gone away, it has just gotten better with getting out of the house for more than just school. I think this has been my biggest struggle, I didn't/don't know what to do about the emotional struggles. I am a pretty private person and not very outgoing. This is not to say I don't have friends or don't enjoy going out, I DO! I have incredible friends, most of which I consider family and have known for 10+ years (I'm not that old either, that's about half my life!) But this is also part of my problem, it has made it so I don't really make friends so well here, the people I get along with are mostly just like me and go out because of church (I'm not religious and I feel guilty going to church to meet people while other people are worshiping and there for spirituality is disrespectful). The other 90% of the Americans in my group just want to get drunk and go to clubs every night. I know I'm young, but why does 20's equate drunken party? What happened to eating out, walking on the beach (incredible beaches here), seeing the art work, getting ice cream (incredible ice cream too), this stuff? I still don't go out much, but I am feeling less stressed since I actually started putting more effort into my life (possible mini depression for a bit). I just kind of woke up and thought, WOW I'm only going to be here another 2 months and I haven't done ANYTHING! I am looking forward to a couple trips here soon. I could use some tips on how to meet people in a foreign country that does not center on getting drunk (I don't mind a drink or two at a bar, restaurant or in a backyard/patio, I just hate drunken "fun"). ALSO!!! I want this to be about sharing living abroad experiences, good and bad, stories, suggestions, ANYTHING ABROAD!!!! Keep this alive, please, because I think I feel more alone on this than I really am. Estoy en Valpara
  14. I am not trying to diagnose you, but rather give you another thought. I am a Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences major and this could be due to problems with the crystals in your semicircular canals. This is the organ in the ear that controls our balance. If the crystals are out of wack, you are too. It could explain the vertigo and balance issues. An audiologist or ENT could help out with this. (And no, the balance tests aren't fun.) It's just food for thought and another prospective. I hope you figure it out and get better soon. I know my step-dad had problems with vertigo and was miserable.
  15. This is a really bad time to be experiencing this (I'm not in the country= no doctor). I really hope it's nothing. Yesterday I drank 3-4 normal water bottles of water (16oz.). That's 48-64oz, plus a glass of milk. I was thirsty and stayed pretty well on top of things I think. I exercised in the morning (30min run) and stayed well hydrated after (my urine even thought so), I also took a small but hilly walk later (30 min). I ate fruit, puffed quinoa, and milk for breakfast, rice pasta w/ pasta sauce (shimp/vegetables) and a salad (lettuce, black beans, and leek, not a lot of leek in it either (not US leek)) for lunch and dinner. I also ate bananas, a couple rice cakes with peanut butter and a couple Larabars. Please don't yell at me for the lunch and dinner being the same. The dinner portion was smaller, but I'm living with a family here, they are really good about the gluten thing, but it is cultural in Chile to eat all of the food prepared, this means eating the same for lunch and dinner most days. My reason for posting: Despite all of the hydration, I woke up this morning and when I used the restroom my urine was a dark yellow and smelled foul. This has happened before, sometimes it lasts a few days and other times it is that once and it doesn't happen again for weeks. Any ideas? Should I be alarmed? What can I do before I get to the US (Dec. 14)?
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