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  1. 2 years ago after finding out there was a history of celiac in my family (grandfather) and me having celiac symptoms (explosive diarrhea, painful gas, and infertility), my doc put me on a gluten-free diet and my symptoms went away AND I got pregnant within 4 weeks (after 7 year drought). Now 2 years later after still being gluten free, I am having severe attacks of painful gas and diarrhea. Since I have occasionally "cheated" once a week over the last 2 years with mild forms like soy sauce, or a single cookie in one day, any random attacks I've had I attributed to the cheating. But now being 100% gluten free for 5 months, there is no reason for it. I went to an allergist and was tested for all food allergies, I have NO allergies to anything else including wheat,milk, eggs, corn, etc.. (didn't bother to test for gluten since it would be negative anyways with no gluten diet). He said that he is not actually convinced I have gluten intolerance, that he leans more to IBS since I have boughts of constipation once a week the day before I have the diarrhea. He said wheat would have inflamed the IBS in the same manner as if I had GI. He suggested I go on high doses of fiber, see if the attacks go away, and then even possibly re-introduce gluten just as a test to see if it was simply IBS all along. I was hoping someone would have any experience for me with these two. Is it possible it's just been IBS (which is inflamed with wheat and dairy and stress?) Or does GI go hand in hand with IBS frequently and I may just have both? I have a few months before we do the re-intro diet..and the suspense of whether I am not actually GI is killing me, lol. Is there any way to know the difference?
  2. Susan, My husband and I had secondary infertility for the last 6 years. We had tried everything and were about to do the last step, IVF, when I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance. I went off gluten and 4 weeks later I had a positive pregnancy test (naturally)! I realized looking back that my first pregnancy also occurred after going on the Atkin's diet for 4 weeks (which is so limited in carbs I essentially also went off gluten then, unknowingly). My husband is a physician and one of the residents he graduated with was hired at the Mayo Clinic in their OB Ward. They were chatting about our success when she announced that Mayo clinic is currently wanting to give a grant to any physician who wants to run study trials about gluten and fertility. They have seen so many cases at mayo clinic of a celiac disease/fertility connection that they are willing to back it with money. My husband turned down their offer for him to run the study because we were expecting and it was too much responsibility for now, but we are hoping they found another physician to run it. All that to say, in my mind, there is definitely a connection. I hope you and your husband conceive soon and you find your own answers! Angela
  3. It certainly is a possibility. Although they haven't yet discovered the exact reason why, there is a much higher percentage of woman with celiac disease and unexplained fertility than in non-celiac. I know for myself, I struggled with every fertility treatment imaginable (except In vitro) for 6 years with no luck. I went gluten free a day after being diagnosed, and 4 weeks later I had a positive pregnancy test, naturally. My first child 9 years ago was following a 5 week diet on the Atkin's diet, which technically was gluten-free in an attempt to be carb free. Although I wasn't diagnosed with celiac until a few months ago to know THAT was why. That's my testimony. Some of the theories I have heard before are: 1. Celiac disease may effect proper ovulation 2. If antibodies present in celiacs destroy the cilia in the intestine, are they possibly damaging the cilia in the fallopian tube and therefore there is nothing there to sweep the egg down the fallopian tube to the sperm? 3. Because being in a state of celiac disease is an auto-immune disorder, the body's immune system would be inflamed. So when a fetus, which is technically a foreign body inside you, becomes present (conception-implantation) does the body's inflamed immune system attack the fetus as a threat? 4. Does the celiac disease mess with the pituitary and endocrine system causing hormones to fluctuate and fail so as to cause lack of proper ovulation or lack of maintaining a pregnancy? These are all just theories out there they are testing, take it as you will. But all I can say is that I'm a believe after my personal experience. Please let us know how your struggles go, wishing you the best of luck!
  4. Lori, So sorry you are having a rough time tracking this down! I personally take Nature's Way: Completia Pre-Natals (besides being gluten-free, it has DHA added to it). What I did was go to my local health food store. Those people know their stuff, and can immediately point out the gluten-free vitamins for you. Plus, any brand I picked up in the health food store made a point of saying "gluten free" somewhere on the bottle if it was. No need to scan the ingredients to determine for yourself. Hopefully you have a healthfood store in mind close to you? Angela
  5. I am sorry for your loss Amy *Hugs*
  6. Meredith, Congrats! I am also 7 weeks pregant after going off a gluten healthy pregnancy to you! It sounds to me like you are trapped in an Insulin cycle from all your estrogen. If you are having cravings that badly for pizza crust. One of the problems with "gluten free" foods at the store is they are very high in starches and carbs. If you are like me, you get on an insulin rush from it and your body craves it harder and harder till you wanna eat a whole bag of Soft-batch cookies. My best advice for you is to go on a 3 day fast from starch-carbs. NOT fruits and veggies, please keep eating those for your little one. But try to go off all forms of starches for 3 days. It takes 3 days for Insulin to settle down, and I promise you, if you don't cheat, after 3 days you'll wonder why you even were attracted to bread. You really can take it or leave it. I know..sounds impossible But you really are fighting your estrogen levels from pregnancy which already demand carbs, plus whatever you've been eating. It takes a drastic fast from them to break the insulin cycle. You can do it! Let us know if you have any success. And if it doesn't work, you can through a Rice-loaf brick at me.
  7. First, most major baby formulas do not have gluten. What they do have is dairy, which is more common for babies to be allergic to. Some other have mentioned that, you could pursue that with soy/dairy free formulas and your diet as well. Second, it is very common for babies to have back alignment problems from birth that cause pinched nerves to their digestive tract. Which means pain and gas. If you are inclined to try this, going to a D.O. doc (regular doc who does muscle manipulation also) or a chiropractor that works on babies, you may find an answer there. And no they don't snap and pop the poor little one's back like they do adults. Just gentle pulling and tugging on their muscles to get them to release and align. I have witnessed a host of friends and family cure colic babies by one visit to these guys. You can't argue with a suddenly happy house Third, some babies are getting too much liquid too fast either from large nipple holes in the bottle or because mom lets down quickly in the breast. The result is babies have to gulp at the liquid, creating more gas for them. Those are just some more ideas, I know it's common to feel like doctors might complicate things or do something stressful or unnecessary to your little one, but on the whole, a visit with a good doctor who has 'been around the block' is a million times better than advice from family or internet boards. they have a way of immediately ruling out "soy, milk, wheat, back alignment, etc..." by just knowing what questions to ask you in person, something we can't do here easily. Please consider just taking her to a NEW trusted pediatrician or naturopathic doc and then taking whatever advice you want from them to use.
  8. Meigha, While I'm sure each person's body is different, you may want to know that I personally went gluten-free (err..mostly free) Sept 2nd in an attempt to improve my fertility after being diagnosed with Gluten Intolerance and having 6 years of infertility. After 4 weeks on the diet, I am pregnant! And yes, once a week I cheated. I recall having one single piece of pizza one week, and accidentally ate croutons on a restaurant salad another week. Yes, each time I had bowel problems the next day. But yet I still got pregnant after 6 years of infertility! While it's hard to try to apply one person's results to another, I'm hoping I can at least soothe your fears somewhat Good Luck hun! Angela
  9. Hello everyone, I just wanted to post my story here in hopes that others will be encouraged or enlightened. I have had secondary infertility for 6 years now, coupled with PCOS. Since I only ovulate 3 times a year, our chances were obviously slim. We had attempted Clomid nearly 10 times over 4 years. Each time we had successful ovulation but no pregnancy. We had to contemplate that something else was wrong with my system to not carry a child. Then I found an ND who had great success getting his PCOS women to ovulate every month using Lugol's solution (Iodine drops that regulate your thyroid). Sure enough, it worked. Four months after starting it, I began having normal periods. Yet after 6 months of normal periods this year on Iodine, I still wasn't pregnant, what next? He did some more digging in my family history and my current symptoms, and like a bolt of lightening it hit him that I was probably Gluten Intolerant. On September 2nd of this year, I went off Gluten 100%, and noticed all sorts of benefits, my adult acne went away, my bowel problems, etc. And 4 WEEKS later, I got a positive pregnancy test! Hind sight is 20/20, but thinking back I realized my first successful pregnancy was 4 weeks after going on the Atkins diet 9 years ago. Which in that beginning phase is the equivalent to Gluten free. Yes, the lost time is depressing had we only figured this out before! But, oh, the joy we have now My greatest hope is that by telling my story to enough people, I will somehow help the Gluten epidemic be recognized that much more by conventional doctors and pursued, so that it isn't 6 years, 10 years, or never for potential parents. Not to mention the overall benefits to living Gluten free for so many of us now. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers that I make it out of the fragile 1st trimester safely, and thanks for reading Angela
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