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  1. Last I knew, Suave & Garnier Fructis were the two that a lot of people used...are they still fine?
  2. I need to know in a hurry so does anybody know of hot dogs that are gluten-free & CF? I've heard Hebrew National but I figured that could be outdated so I was just looking for what people use that have to adhere to both of those things
  3. Which one do you drink, Raven? Bacardi Superior?
  4. I know that about 10-15% of Celiac's react to gluten-free oats because of the avenin in it...my question is, is the reaction different than a gluten one? My gluten reactions are usually very neuro/mental so if the avenin reaction is a different kind of reaction, then I wouldn't mind taking the risk because there's been some products recently that have certified gluten-free oats that I've been wanting to try
  5. very interesting, thanks! it caught me off guard because one of their sauces says "Vinegar" AND "Apple Cider Vinegar" in the ingredients...I guess the first one is distilled apple cider vinegar and the second one is regular apple cider vinegar then
  6. I called back and the woman said she wouldn't recommend trying it because the flavorings might contain it. She said the suppliers only have to tell them if there's wheat in the product so they're not sure if it has other forms of gluten or not. I don't know, I use Kraft products but both responses surprise me, I was under the impression that if it has gluten, it'll say it, but if their suppliers only have to tell them if there's wheat then that seems like it could be risky. At least with the BBQ sauces, obviously there's a lot of products like Oscar Meyer and such where there's nothing to worry about. If somebody else wants to ask, they can, the bar code is 21000 67916.
  7. Like a lot of you, I've always been one to trust in Kraft but this message I got earlier surprised me. I've been feeling terrible recently and the ONLY thing I've had differently is Kraft BBQ sauce. They all say "vinegar" but Kraft says that their "vinegar" is distilled vinegar which means it could be from wheat (and I'm one of the sensitive ones) so I decided to call and ask. The guy asked me for the bar code of a sauce, I gave him a recent one and he said the vinegar is fine but "there's gluten containing ingredients in the spices"...it's not like he said there COULD be in the typical CYA response, he actually said the spices contained gluten...there's nothing suspicious on the label, your typical BBQ sauce, but I even double checked with him and he said it was coming up as containing gluten in some of the ingredients...I've seen a LOT of gossip and talk about Kraft on the delphi board recently and didn't really think much of it but that surprises me Maybe it's just this BBQ sauce, maybe it's others too, but for somebody to firmly say that it contains gluten, after I give him the bar code and he looks it up and everything, surprises me. I know about the whole "we can't guarantee our sources etc etc" but that's a whole different story, this is actually coming up as not gluten-free and there's nothing on the label about it. I don't really know what to make of it but I guess be careful.
  8. Like you said, "Vinegar" is different from "Distilled Vinegar" but what Kraft is saying is that whenever it says "Vinegar", it's distilled vinegar...I'm one of the people that reacts to distilled things and I was under the impression that since the sauce says "Vinegar", it's definitely apple cider vinegar like I've read so many times...but they're saying that their "vinegar" is a distilled vinegar, which means it could be from wheat I've been feeling sick recently so it just made me curious...I thought the single word "vinegar" was without a doubt apple cider vinegar but that quote from before shows it's a distilled vinegar
  9. I've read MANY times on here and other places that when something says "Vinegar", it HAS to (legally, it seemed) be "Apple Cider Vinegar"...is that not true? because on Kraft's website this is what it says: "Vinegar listed in the ingredient statement of Kraft products means distilled vinegar is used. Per our ingredient suppliers, the distilled vinegar we use does not contain gluten." many people have always said that if it's distilled vinegar, it HAS to say distilled before it but is that now the case now or something?
  10. well none of the rice's have soy or milk ingredients but they always had that message saying soy and milk were used in the facility so i figured it was a shared facility of some sort...obviously now that it's gone, that could either mean that whatever had soy and milk isn't made there anymore OR that it's made at a different facility (especially since the marketed by address is different now)
  11. it's a brand that's has boxes of frozen rice (3 packets in a box: brown, white, jasmine and I think a pilaf) anyways, I've used their rice for a VERY long time without any problem but when getting a recent box, I noticed that allergen statement was gone (before it said 'processed in a facility that uses milk and soy as minor ingredients')...I also noticed that the "marketed by:" address was a different one I've e-mailed the company and they're very slow so I was just wondering if anybody has had a recent box without a problem the mixture of that allergen statement being gone AND a different marketed by address at the same time kind of caught me off guard, I guess it worries me that it might be made in a different facility now which could change everything
  12. here's their response: I would like to inform you that the source of our distilled vinegar is from Corn or Grain. It is triple distilled, there For the supplier considers it to be GLUTEN FREE. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me. Thank you and you have a nice day. I'm not sure if triple is good enough or what (for people like us), hopefully somebody here who reacts to grain alcohol/vinegar can answer if they've had this with no problem
  13. I was wondering if any of you knew the source of the vinegar because I'm one of the sensitive ones who reacts sometimes to a vinegar/alcohol even when distilled...so if somebody ALSO is sensitive and hasn't had an issue, or knows the source, let me know (already e-mailed and such) I noticed quite a few of their sauces used to say Vinegar and now say Distilled Vinegar and obviously some of us have issues still if it's from a wheat source so I hope it's fine
  14. anybody notice the difference with them? on the package I got recently, it there was a "now softer" logo on the package and sure enough, they're a lot better before it felt like they could be in the microwave for minutes and still be hard, these are soft are like 30 seconds and they actually STAY very soft while you're eating them...much better than before
  15. I like the occasional cigar and I've only seen them mentioned once or twice on here (with people usually saying that they're fine)...I like to be cautious though so if there's any that you have with no problem, post it here (a lot of those type of companies seem to never reply to e-mails and I have no phone at the moment)...thanks!