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  1. thanks - I thought of chili but seemed heavy for lunch! I ended up looking up Campbell's broth online and it listed it as gluten free but now I'm wondering if it was U.S. or Canada? I'll check again.. TracyB
  2. Hi everyone, I'm having my neighbour over for lunch tomorrow and want to be sure everything is gluten-free. I'm making cornmeal muffins as that's what she made when I was there last time. She made red lentil soup which was good too - but thought I'd try to make something different - any ideas? TracyB
  3. Hi Coldnight and Gemini, Good luck finding the answers you need Coldnight! It's difficult being told you have IBS esp. if you feel it is something more. I was diagnosed with IBS at age 3. Something unheard of nowadays. You comment Gemini about IBS basically being a cop-out instead of looking to find intolerances or allergies is probably true. I have 3 siblings, all with a variety of very bad allergies. I never had any of the allergies they had - and I doubt my mother did anything different in her 3rd preg. with me than she did with the other 3. She was a smoker and so was my dad. About 6-8 years ago I started having symptoms of asthma in the fall only and found out indirectly through an allergist that it was likely a mold allergy (he was testing my son and getting a family history from me). I've always wondered though about the IBS. I had read many years ago about how a doctor ought to treat a patient they believe has IBS - it made me angry to read that a doctor believes that somebody with IBS has some sort of mental issue or stress or anxiety that causes it. It was quite humiliating. So I think that I may have a food intolerance, if not gluten, than something (or an allergy). When my 3 year old daughter was an infant she had prolonged blood in her stool. Initially I had to do a complete elimination diet as I was breastfeeding her. Looking back I felt pretty darn good - hungry but good - LOL! I had cut out soy and all soy products, nuts, all dairy, can't remember the others - but I was on a basic diet of fruit, vegs, meats, etc. If my doctor ever does send a referral for me for a gastro (I haven't heard yet) and I don't have any problems with my intestine, than I will definitely go gluten free (and soy and dairy). I think you're on the right track coldnight - but I do think that you will need to be really careful about the condiments you're choosing. People in here are careful about things like toasters too - they have their own - cross-contamination with gluten can cause pain for a lot of the people in here. TracyB
  4. That's absolutely correct - and after the biopsy, I intend to go that route - at least for a road test and see if there are marked improvements! TracyB
  5. Hi Julie, I don't have my blood results with me, but I believe they did a total IGA on mine. It just said I was IGA sufficient - I don't think they gave me an actual reading. You do need a bit of interpretation on yours - call the lab and perhaps they will have somebody there to help you. I am hoping to go on to have a biopsy - even if it's just to have a look to see what's going on in there. I'm hoping it's nothing and I will just go back to living with IBS as I always have - perhaps a colonoscopy might be in order too. Will your doctor send you on for more testing such as a biopsy? They certainly can based on symptoms and family history. I understand the blood tests are very sensitive now and will detect celiac disease in almost all cases. There are exceptions, but I think they are rare. I would much rather NOT have celiac - I can't even imagine how hard it must be to follow a celiac diet AND a non-celiac diet in one household - and also because then my kids are free from the risk of celiac (which is why I ended up being tested in the first place, after a lifetime (since 3 years old) of symptoms.) I am lactose intolerant and although I don't like milk and don't drink it, I will have an occasional yogurt or cheese. My Dr. advised I take it out of my diet completely. Absolutely no dairy. That's not a huge issue for me because I'm not a fan - although cheese is something I DO like and I cook with it every now and then. I also don't seem to react as badly to cheese or yogurt as I do milk, cream, etc. Good luck and hopefully somebody in here will know what your results mean. TracyB
  6. Hi, I had asked you a question on my last post but it kind of got lost in the shuffle! I was just curious as to what your blood results actually were? The reason I ask is that you said you'd had symptoms since 17 and were essentially misdiagnosed all these years. I have been curious about blood results - and thought that because mine was fine (2.8 out of 0.0 - 20.0 scale) then I just figured if I had celiac for as long a time as I've had problems, than I would have thought my blood results would be through the roof. But in your case, your blood results were negative and your biopsy positive and you said that your blood result may not of shown much because there wasn't too much damage to your intestine yet. So really, it's similar to me should I be found to have damage - due to the fact that you had it so long apparently without a lot of damage yet - iykwim!! Thanks! TracyB
  7. Hi again - well, your story sounds much like mine. I'm 46 and was diagnosed with IBS after 1 week in hospital and pains in my gut that dropped me to the ground. My Dr. says today that would never have been the diagnosis - and they would look further today. It really could just be IBS though of course. But I'd like to know for sure. So happy to hear your son is doing better! My son had some unexpectedly poor blood results, don't know what it all means yet. So I know what it is to worry. Poor kid has always been the one with problems - from 3 months old. No growth issues though - he's 6'3" and about 163 - so very tall and very thin! Do you remember what your lab results were? How old were you when you were diagnosed finally (sorry if you've already said or it shows in your sig.!). Thanks again - maybe one day I'll find out why I feel like this - a really bad week - I'm so exhausted.... TracyB (editing this to say I see you were diagnosed nearly 2 years ago - wow, what a long time - 30 years not knowing!)
  8. Lost

    I'd encourage you to check out the pre-diagnosis forum. They may be able to help you. Some feel Enterolab is not an exacting science - others swear by it. If she has celiac and is still sick, she could still be getting gluten unknowingly - you may need to educate yourself on cross-contamination and gluten in products that you don't realize are there. You may want to see about getting a celiac panel done - go see her doctor. She would need to be eating gluten though for it to be effective. Good luck, TracyB
  9. Hi Laura - thanks for the reply. Can I ask - do you know what the blood results were - I think the TTG is the one that's 0.0-20.0 scale and is generally considered a sensitive test. What prompted a biopsy in your case, instead of the usual blood test first? And I wondered how long you may have had signs of celiac before the biopsy? I saw your signature on your son and his growth patterns. I wonder why they wouldn't do a biopsy on him when you have celiac?? That's not sensible. Has he gained weight/height since being gluten free? It was my son and his problems that prompted me to finally see about myself. I have had so many people tell me to get checked for celiac including my neighbour who has it after misdiagnosis for years of IBS. I don't know - my symptoms are something that has been troublesome since I was only 3 yrs. old. I have had worse pain in past years than lately but now my symptoms are effecting my daily life more - the headaches, fatigue are horrendous at times. It's hard to get through the day and my energy is so bad. It's exhausting...so I thought that if I truly had celiac all these years that my bloods would reflect that. At any rate getting my son checked at the same time was worthwhile. His immune system is very low (immunoglobulins G and M) and his iron and iron stores are also low as well as something else but can't remember. So need to get him to the doctor asap to go over these results. My son has ADD Inattentive Type and has what seems like the brain fog that I experience - except I don't have any signs of ADD and never have. I found a few mentions about learning and celiac and that celiac or undiagnosed celiac really, can cause learning problems due to the way it can effect the brain - foggy, unfocused, etc. Anyway, thanks for the info.! (BTW my son is 17). TracyB
  10. Here's the results - I think everything that was needed was run...? IgA T. Transglutaminase - Celiac disease is negative and the patient is IgA sufficient. This screen is only accurate if the patient receives a gluten containing diet. False negative screens rarely occur. If you still suspect celiac disease, the patient should be referred to a gastroenterologist for further evaluation prior to initiating a gluten-free diet. Tissue 2.8 (0.0 - 20.0) kU/L Transglutaminase IgA Immunoglobulin A 2.46 (0.60 - 4.20) g/L Immunoglobulin G 10.13 (6.8 - 18.00) g/L Immunoglobulin M 0.48 (0.40 - 3.00) g/L Ferritin 33 (10-290) ug/L Thyroid Stimulating Hormone 1.49 (0.20 - 6.00) mU/L Tracy B.
  11. I notice in your signature that you have been gluten free since Aug/07. If you were gluten free at the time of blood testing at Kogan CC that would skew your test results I think? You need to be eating gluten for a few months prior to testing for the blood results to be considered accurate. TracyB
  12. If it were me I would have myself and my husband tested first - because if one of you has celiac than it is even more likely your son could have it. You can then decide from there what to do about diagnosis for your son. There is a higher likelihood of somebody with celiac disease having a parent with celiac so get yourself and your husband tested (blood) to see if one of you has it. The gene test will not be conclusive to celiac - but at least a blood test and subsequent biopsy if needed, will be proof that you're on the right track regarding your son. Best of luck, TracyB
  13. I have asked my doctor to send me for a biopsy regardless of the blood results - I just want to put this all to rest. She agreed but there is no telling how long an appt. will take. There is somebody on this board in the same city in Canada as I am and even with a positive blood result it was 5 mos. before she was able to get in with a gastro. The likelihood is that somebody like me will be put at the bottom of the list for appts. But my question is - if the range for the TTG is 0.0-20.0 and my reading was 2.8 - at which point do you question it's validity? I would say that is a fairly low reading. I do have symptoms and always have (since 3 yrs. old) but have always been told it's IBS. And it could be - that would be better than celiac of course - except for wanting to know WHY I feel like I do. BUT, I feel very unwell all the time. Having D or C is not fun. But it's the headaches and body aches and fatigue that are getting to me now. I'd love to go gluten-free but until I know when this biopsy might occur I'm reluctant to do that. I figure if I have to wait many months, than I'll try gluten free for a few months and see how I feel - then still have time to go back on gluten before the biopsy. I guess I'd like to know if my range is so low that I needn't even entertain the idea of celiac. I was thinking that if it was something like 18 or 19 than I'd be more inclined to believe I MIGHT have celiac. What do you think? TracyB
  14. Just curious - you said your bloodwork was negative - do you mind me asking what range you were in - I think the tTg (TtG?) range is 0.0 - 20.0. My bloodwork was negative too but I'd like to have a biopsy to know for sure. It will likely be a very long time before that happens since my bloodwork is negative -but my symptoms have been lifelong, so who knows what it will show. It's hard to get in with a specialist here in Canada - can take a long time. TracyB
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