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  1. Hello,

    I am also 17 and I have been on the Gluten Free diet for around 6-7 years now. It honestly is not as bad as it seems, it just take a lot of getting use to. These days its of course hard to start randomly taking wheat out of your diet yet it is completely worth it. Just make sure that if it is making you feel better that you dont cheat yourself and eat wheat once in a while thinking that it is going to be ok. After a while wheat wont even really look that appealing and you wont even be craving anything like that. Ok so I admit that sometimes it would be lovely to pop down a poptart in the toaster or eat some cheeze-its but I dont and in the end it is ok :) If you ever want great recipies or anything just let me know because I would be glad to help you out. It can be a scary thing not knowing exactly what you can eat and ya the hunger is just a mental thing for now because everything looks "tempting" but it will pass with time.

    Good Luck!

  2. Hello,

    I have been on the gluten-free diet for 7 years now, so I am very experienced with being a Celiac. I have been able to deal with a lot of problems that have linked to Celiac disease in the past such as joint, muscle, ADD..and other related issues yet the one I have not been able to fixed is my constant state of being bloated. The only time my stomach is not extrememly bloated is when I wake up in the morning because I have not eaten anything in a while. Can someone possibly reccomend some over the counter medication or natural remedies that will help with this? I eat very healthy and do not cheat at all, plus I am very good with staying away from cross contamination. I am only a senior in high school and I would love to have this icky part of my fixed to advoid/limit the malnurished look in the future.

    Thanks : )

  3. I have been having trouble the last couple of days. Feeling lousy, depressed, D. I couldn't figure out what had been causing it because I hadn't changed anything I was eating (or so I thought). Then I remembered that I had started eating the candy that my aunt sent me for Christmas (I checked and it did not have any gluten ingredients.) Ugh. I don't know if it is something else in the candy, or if it has CC, but I'm pretty sure that is what is causing me problems. Well I guess I will have to give it away to friends. Too bad. :(

    > Hey, just wondering if she made the candy or bought it. You can always have cross contamination. Also check the beauty products you use (shampoo, conditioner..) because believe it or not they too will have wheat in them.

    Good luck!

  4. Hi All,

    I was just wondering what your reaction is micro amounts of gluten.

    > Hey, this is very typical. I get sick off of crumbs or if it was fried in the same oils as something containing wheat. Even kissing someone who has eaten wheat, I will still get sick. I would say if you are living with someone that eats wheat, then buy your own toaster/peanut butter/butter or whatever you most commonly share..and always keep everything as seperated as possible. You can never be to cautious when trying to stay away from wheat, because in the end you will only feel better right? : )

    Good Luck!

  5. Divide out different gluten-free snacks into sandwhich baggies and figure make yourself a little lunch system so its more of a grab and go and you know then that you always have good food and also you know that you can easily grab it and not have to worry about scrambling around trying to figure out what to eat.

    If you end up trying to eat at the food court you will end up spending more money on things like a bowl of steamed rice or a hotdog without the bun or somthing like that, in which you could have a much more "rewarding" lunch if you had packed one....

  6. Hi,

    You may not know but many forms of arthritis are connected to Celiac Disease along with many other diseases/limitations. I am 17 but I also have joint pain and I am on an extremely strict gluten-free diet..so I would ask you doctor what all joint/disease/limitations are connected to Celiac Disease and if you can not come up with anything with a doctor(s) then I hopefully they will discover what else the problem could be.

  7. You should consider going into the doctor (even though I know you probably are tired of all the doctor visits), but if you really are worried, you should talk to your doctor/pediatrician (who has maybe seen you progress/decline in health) and maybe they will know whats "Normal" for you.

    Good Luck!

  8. My girlfriend and i were invited to go skiing in Colorado and stay with one of my good friends and his wife for a few days. i havent spent more than 2 days with my girlfriend in the past 4 months and there are a lot of things about me she still doesnt know...my bizarre routine with traveling and eating, all my supplements and bathroom issues. i know i cant live in a box but how am i going to manage a trip like this? my colorado friends dont even know about my issues since i havent seen them in almost 10 years. its always easy when i travel on my own for work..i can either pick safe restaurants or make my own food...but this is different....i will be at the mercy of other people and the logistics of the trip may make it difficult to find all the safe restaurants and eat what i need to eat. i would really appreciate your feedback on this one. im still not close enough with my girlfriend to spill the beans about my health issues..its too soon and i fear if i reveal anything else it will freak her out. shes totally cool with the gluten thing but i cant get into my bowel habits, constipation and indigestion stuff

    thanks & sorry for being so graphic



    I am from Colorado (Ski Town USA actually) and I would not be embarrased with your stomach issues because its something natural that hopefully she will understand. If she doesnt, it is a part of you and you can not really change that. On the traveling tips, make sure you pack a lot of food that can be heated up/"on the road food" that cant be heated up. I usually take a whole other suitcase or backpack when I travel with food and see if your girlfriend wants to pack some food that both of you can eat (gluten free pretzels,cookies, fruit, veggies, yogurt,icream..anything like that :)). Not sure what else to tell you, but I promise it will not be bad if you explain your stomach issues now instead of them finding out if you have cross contamination or such...

    Good luck though : ) and have fun skiing : )

  9. so, i was wondering if using face soaps and makeup with oats or gluten in them really cause symptoms. because it seems to me that since it's applied on the face and you're not ingesting it, it wouldn't cause problems. <_< if it does cause problems, let me know how severe they are please. i would like to know which soaps and makeups you use that are gluten-free, or that don't cause problems. :)


    ~tan celiac girl~

    I have found with me that if I do use "questionable products" that its just extrememly important if i dont get it anywhere near my mouth. I have had this problem with shampoo making its way to get on my lips or tounge. That is just me though, and I am pretty sensitive to gluten and oats. But yep, if you would like to play it safe that is always good, or else just try to advoide the mouth! Best of wishes!

  10. hi kim :) im glad u answered...i didnt think anyone would lol

    how long have u known you have celiac?

    wat do you like to do or wat hobbies do you have?

    wow sorry! I havent been on for a while!!!!

    I have known I have celiac for 4 years now!!

    And I play the violin, cello, track, soccer, baseball, basketball, and swim. haha So I am definitly the one who loves to be outside and what not!


  11. Hi, im Tabby im a sophomore in high school, and i was diagnosed with celiacs disease maybe 5 months ago.

    im curious as to who is from Colorado or maybe even from idaho srings or evergreen.

    so well i guess let me know..lol

    Hi, I am too am in 10th grade and I live in Steamboat Springs Colorado....haha so not really close to idaho springs or evergreen but Ive been there a lot. haha

    so whats up? Im Kim by the way

  12. now i am in college and was just recently diagnosed w/ gluten intolerant and was wondering now since no more beers what kind of alcohol other people with this disease drink thanks


  13. I was wondering, if there are any pancake mixes that are gluten free and also taste good. My grandmom works at whole foods and she said they have gluten free pancake mix there, but it tastes horrible. I was wondering what pancake mixes you guys have tried. I also need to know find oat meal that is gluten free, but not too expensive.

    Oatmeal is gluten-free? Well I guess it depends on if you are allergic to oats or not...I guess Im confused.

  14. My mom and I want to take a cruise (we have never taken one before) and we are both celiacs - Has anyone had a really great vaca on any of the cruise lines while being gluten free? Thanks in advance for any recommendations! :)


    Sorry this is late...but yes I have had AMAZING times on a cruise being gluten-free. I went on the Royal Caribbean cruise and had a blast! I had called ahead so the chef/waiters already knew about my situation and so litteraly when we first checked on the ship they took me around and told me what all will be gluten free everyday and ALL the different choices I could have for all meals! It was great! I had a great time and got all the food I wanted and never got sick once, and I am really sensitive. So I only wish the best for you and your mom because Im sure you will have an amazing time! Enjoy! No need to worry about food..it just may help to call ahead :)

  15. RECIPE.

    Gluten Free Pop Tarts!

    1/2 cups of gluten-free all purpose flour

    1/2 teaspoon of salt

    1/2 Softish butter

    3 tablespoons of cold water

    *Cut the butter into the flour and salt. Add the cold water and form a dough (If too sticky refrigerate the flour for about 30 minutes so its cool enough to roll out with out sticky problems) When ready, roll it out into a square/rectangle. Make sure the surface is floured or it will stick when you try to lift it! Cut the dough into an even number of pop-tart shaped rectangles. Place rectangels on a cookie sheet that is greased or floured (or both).

    Now spoon any fruity jam into the center of each rectangle, leaving room on the sides because it will spill over as it bakes if it is too close to the edge. Now top with another rectangle or square and seal the edges with a fork. You may want to poke holes in the top to prevent air bubbles.

    Bake at 450 degrees for about 10 minutes. When they come out let them cool a bit ad then spread some icing and sprinkles (if you like, which i think it makes them taste real)

    ****I would recomend toasting them in a toaster oven, because in regular toasters mine fell apart. *****

    So yeah! do this, and add a little imagination!



  16. Lets see...

    I opened up the doughnut thingy at Safeway and stuck my head in and started sniffing. Haha i had my eyes closed and this person was like, ummmm. haha i was so embarrised. here is this weird 15 year old sniffing doughnuts. haha it works though, if you imagine eating it.

    also, my dad and i made poptarts and i started crying because i missed poptarts and i was so happy. haha.

    hehe and when i first made cupcakes after 3 years (because i thought i never really liked them for some weird reason) i ate 5 in a day. my friends laughed and i was like, hey...i forgot how good they were.

    haha sorry, one more.

    i get really really sleepy when i get glutened. and once i was at a restaurant and i didnt feel good at all so i just ended up like passing out on the table. haha my mom woke me up, i used the bathroom, and then slept from denver back to steamboat. it was weird. haha. but funny that i crashed at a restaurant.